Ram’s brothers


incarnation of sheshnag,fierce and exellent worrior and loving brother,killed many sons of Ravan,including Meghanad who was the most pawerful among them.Ram decided to die when Sita was kidnapped but he consoled him saying it doesn’t suite a raghuvanshi.At swayamvar,when he got angry the earth started trembling.He left his wife to serve his brother and even ended his life to keep his words.Lakshman means-signs of auspiciousness.

incarnation of panchajany shankh.loving brother,exellent worrior.He left his wife and lived as a hermit for 14 years,rejected the throne,When Ram and Lakshman died ,Bharat also followed them along with Shatrughn.Ram says-you are greater than me in virtue.Bharat means-who nourishes the world.

Shatrughn means-destroyer of enimies.incarnation of sudarshan chakr.When 3 brothers were away,he looked after kingdom,mothers,sister in laws,wife.He killed Lavanasur’the evil nephew of Ravan and ruled Mathura.He also followed his brothers and ended his life submerging in saryu river.
Their wives and sita’s sisters are also great pativrata patni.
According to uttar kand,Adhyatm Ramayan,their wives followed them and ended their lives with them.

Credit to: Aman

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