Ramprasad Ki Love Story (intro and promo)

Ramprasad Ki Love Story

Chalo guys, ajj Gina sab ko bataigi Ram ki Kahani…..

Hello guys this is my first Fan Fiction based on Swaragini, well Ramprasad (RP), most of the FFs are based on the main characters but doesn’t anyone wanna know the past of some characters? Well in my case it’s RP. I find him cute and sweet, I was thinking about how Sujata and Ram got married so I thought why not write an FF based on Ram…. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Introduction of Ram:
– Ram was not the same as he was shown in the original track, Swaragini.
– Ram was cool, friendly…..let’s say how Lucky was before he got married.
– He had the same attitude and was exactly like Lucky. But he was Ram.
– He used to be loved by many girls in his past years.
– He used to act bad……like a modern day gangster.
– He loved annoying people and going against what they had said to irritate them.
– His own father was scared of him

Wanna know why his own father was scared of him and how he changed and what had happened? Then do read Ramprasad Ki love story.



A deserted area is shown, then a man is shown in the middle of the sand, some men surround him, he beats all of them up and kicks a person out of his way, his face is shown. He says,

‘Kya Parna Chenge aap meri Kahani?’
Would you want to read my story?

Just then someone rushes to him with knifes and he punches him, his zoomed face is shown and he says ‘ Toh Parna bhuliye ga mat’

Don’t forget to read it.

He then turns around to leave but turns back and says “By the way my self Ram….” He smiles and walks with attitude.

Aisa Kya huwa Ki basal Gaya Ram?
What has happened that Ram changed?

Ramprasad Ki Love Story


By the way I’m not too good in Hindi, I hope I don’t make mistakes. Any ways bye and hope to see you guys soon, do comment.

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