Ramayana- retold (episode 2)


Dasharath mind was fully filled lots and lots of questions which he couldn’t ask his guru Vashishtha.vashishta sees Dasharath ‘s face and understood the prime question that is pestering in the mind of his beloved student.He knows the question very well,and the question is “I want a heir to the throne but by him,with the help of whom”.Vasistha tells “it is possible with the help of sage rishyashringa “,Dasharath has heard of his name several times by great peoples but haven’t seen him in his life till this moment.Dasharath asks Vashistha”is he the son of the great saint vibandaka and the deer ?”.vasistha nods yes and adds “the one who was brought up without even the odour of female and married to the daughter of Lomapada”.kaushlya walks into the room where the conversation was going with the basket full of flowers.the word lompanda shocks her and she says”my daughter shantha “with lots of tears.Dasharath says “kaushya”and runs to see her.she sits in the floor with tears and says”I need to meet her,guruji”,vasistha makes her stand from his feet and says”if you give adoption,it doesn’t mean she is not your daughter ,you can see her but not now “,vasisth goes from there after promising Dasharath about the putrakamesthi yaga.

Kaikehi sits in her special palace which is decorated by pearls and rubies.she sits in front of the 6feet mirror and sees her reflection in the mirror with a little pride but her pride goes in a moment when she finds herself living a life without a child.she feels bad and being to cry.the tear falls from her cheek but Dasharath hold it without touching the ground and sits besides her with love and affection.kaikehi tells her fear of being a infertile.Dasharath closes her mouth and tells her the news which sage vasistha has said to them.she happily smiles on hearing the news of getting the child.she thinks in mind “surely kaushya deserves the child “and smiles.both of them turns on hearing the calm laugh of someone.sumitra stands there in with a simple attire and so much beauty.

Kaikehi herself being the more beautiful of all have a bit jealously on sumitra because her calmness brings her the most beauty of all.Dasharath leaves the ladies after giving them time to spent.he goes to do the preparation of yagna.sumitra teases kaikehi about the King’s love even after this much years.Kaikehi gets so much surprised and says”how could you be happy to see your husband with his another wife?”.sumitra gives back her smile as reply as usual.she says in her mild voice”why should I worry on seeing you with king,everyone in ayodhya knows about his love for you is purest than the love of a mother?”.they laughs unitedly.

Precap:putra kameshiti yagna.

Credit to: janani

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