Ramayana- retold (episode 9)


Janak asks his ministers to arrange for the swyamvar of princess sita.sunaina comes there from temple and shares the happenings that how a flower fell on the ground ehentheu did the puja in the name of sita,janak tells her about his decision to do the swayamvar of sita in up
coming days .sunaina agrees to the idea and sits near the king seeing his very worried face.she asks him to share the matter if he could like.he tells her about sita lifting the shiv
danush box just with one hand.sunaina gets so much shocked on hearing the matter,janak tells”she possess some powers ,sunaina.we need to get her a groom with such good powers
“.sunaina agrees to the matter.he expresses his idea to bring shiv danush into the frame.

The princes stays near the forest area while. Lakshman was very much interested on knowing more about the demons in that particular area.he asks his question to Ram while Ram have same questions in his
mind.both of them asks the sage vishwamithravishwamithra
to explain about the bad demons in this area.
Lakshman:please guruji I am very much
Vishwamithra:sure ,once there lived a Yaksha
Vishwamithra: yes ram,yaksha they are neitherneither
devas not rakshas .
Ram:oh .

Vishwamithra :yes,a yaksha king does tapas to
get a powerful son but he gets a daughter who
is the most beautiful one in the world among all yakhas.her father suketu was very Happy and makes arrangement for her wedding with The greatest asura king sumali and she has three childrens namely kaikesi,maricha,once due to a curse of sage agasthiya,they turns into demons.
Ram:but killing a women is very bad
Lakhman:guru,my brother is also correct.
Vishwamithra: no my sons, she is not a women just a demon.

They reaches the place where ashram of sage is found and Sage teaches them some of the new techniques of athras.

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