Ramayana- retold (episode 8)


Vishwamithra leaves his new born child and starts his very hard penance with a determination to get the title Brahma rishi this time but lord Indra has other plsbs,he asks the beautiful ramba to disturb the sage’s penance with her beauty .ramba starts to dance and sing while the tapas didn’t stop and vishwamithra gets the title of maha rishi this type.he opens his eyes after completed the penance and sees the ramba there trying to stop his activity acting herself as a obstacles.he curses her”you ramba would become like a stone for 10,000 years from now “and goes from there.ramba turns into a stone.

King Trishangu is one of the famous king of raghu dynasty.he loves his physical appearance more than his peoples and everything in the world.suddenly he gets a fear and discussed with his guru vasistha.it is about going to heaven along with his physical body.vasistha doesn’t like that particular idea and denies helping him to achieve it because he considered one must leave every bond with world before reaching the heaven .trishanku sees the magarishi vishwamithra and seeks his help.though the sage knows the dharma but he decides to help the king only for the reason that vasistha denies it .

He does a very large yagna which is attained by many sages who are afraid of the anger of sage vishwamithra.trishanku at last of the yagna began to go towards the heaven with his body.Indra gets angry on seeing a human coming inside the heaven with his soul and body.after knowing that it was trishanku ,the lord Indra thinks not to let him inside because of the jealously of Indra on king trushanku due to his able rule in kingdom.

He pushes and kicked the king from the heaven.trishanku began to fall down from the heaven upside down shouting and pleading to sage vishwamithra to help him by some means .vishwamithra used the power which he gained from tapas and stops trishanku in mid air and creates a new heaven for trishanku.after that he feels powerless and starts his tapas once again.this time every rishi and lord comes and greets him “bhrama rishi “but still vishwamithra is not satisfied .he want to hear it from vasistha .vasistha comes there and calls him by the name “bhrma rishi vishwamithra “,he smiles victoriously (after this only people used to say “vasisthar vayal bramarishi /it means getting credit in your enemies wordswords,it tells about that one much become abd achieve a good position so thatthat even his enemy would respect him ).after that he goes to many places and does many yagnas.

The soldiers completes the story about sage vishwamithra.the sage sits in the royal chamber equal to the seat of vasistha.Dasharath asks him “what do you want swamiji,how could I help you ?”.sage vishwamithra tells about doing a yaga in the forest and asks the king for a favour Dasharath says”it is my pleasure to help you Sir ,could you show me the way to help ?”.vishwamithra asks “I need you to send your son rama along with me to the forest “.Dasharath stands surprised and shocked,he asks the sage”I will come with you,he is very young ,I with my soldiers will come with you “,vishwamithra was sure that his son must come.vasistha asks the king to act per Vishwamithra ‘s wish.Dasharath accepts half minded to send his son along with the sage.

Kaikehi hears about Dasharath’s decision to send ram along with the sage and goes to enquire about the need to vasistha along with sumithra as both the ladies couldn’t accept sending the 16 year old boy to kill demons in forest ,both of them sees vishwamithra and request him to tell about the demons in the forest. Vishwamithra asks them to sit and listen to his words ,and tells briefly about tadaka and her sons ,but kaushyala who enters the place shouts “ravan’s family ,I won’t send my son near to that ravan’s family “.sumithra asks her the matter,she tells about the happenings,”once ravan reaches bramaha and asks him about by whom will his death will be caused and gets answers about “the son born in the womb of kowshalya would kill you “,he decides to do something and kidnaps the princess kowshalya.and puts her in a wooden box and put her in the water ,Dasharath with his soldiers begin to search for the princess on the insistence of Narda and kowshalya’s father but he loses in the fight with king ravan and while escaping ,he finds a box in water and opens it.all the devas appeared there in the water surface and completes their wedding .
Sumithra asks kowshalya not to worry for anything.Lakshman sees ram getting ready to go with sage and determines to go with his brother by any means.while ram leaves with sage,lakshman also assures that he will.both the princes go along with the sage vishwamithra.
In videha ,the girls are playing with each other using a wooden ball called ammanai.and the ball falls under a box kept in Janak’s room.the girls tries to take it.mandavi tells about the details which she has learnt in the books.shruthakirthi asks her not to talk And thinks about a solution.urmila apologises to sits because she only throws it away .sita asks the soldiers to lift the box but no one can do it.janak reaches the place and asks them to stop the process because no one can lift the box.mandavi begin to cry because it is her ball.sita asks her to be calm and she walks near the box .she touches the box and lifts it easily every soldier and king janak stands shocked on seeing the scene.the reason is that that box only contained the holy sacred shiv danush .

Precap:janak asks the minsters to do arrangement for sita’s swyamvar.

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