Ramayana- retold (episode 7)

Dasharath and kowshalya rushes to the entrance of the palace of ayodhya and gets surprised on seeing Sage vishwamithra standing there like a majestic male lion.sage vasistha comes out of the royal chamber along with his pupils and sees vishwamithra there.both the sages feels the past bitter fight in their eyes.Dasharath falls on the feet on sage followed by his wives.vishwamithra comes inside the palace along with king .one of the soldier sees vishwamithra and questions his fellow soldier about the sage.the soldier sees him with surprise and begin to tell

King kaushika was one of the able administratator and the best king if his people.once he left to forset for his hunting hobby accompanied by his 100 Sons.in the way they are welcomed by vasistha the humble rishi.he serves them delicious food according to the wish of the king and his army.kaushika thinks “how could it be possible for this sags ?”and the same to the sage.vasistha shows him the Holy cow Sabala.he adds about the speciality of sabala being the daughter of the cow of Indra named kamadhenu.king kaushika thinks to ask for the cow for himself because he feels in heart that it will help him more as a king .he expressed the wish to vasistha.
Vasistha tries to explain the king but he was adament in his motive to get sabala by any means or any extend,he takes about trade of giving money instead of the cow sabala.vasistha asks the king not to talk about sabala and goes from there .kaushika orders his sons to catch sabala ,and goes from there in his kingly pride that he will achieve the cow.he hears the shout of his sons when he crosses half of the distance and runs towards the sage’s asthram and sees his sons died there with the bhrmathanda of vasistha.he gets shattered on seeing the dead sons and tells “sage vasistha,I will become more powerful than you and win you “,he goes to the Himalayas and begins to do tapas for millions years.Bhrma gives him a many talents and gives him the title rajarishi.vishwamirtha thinks in mind to become a bhrmarishi by any means.his anger gets increased in theses years .
Vasistha leaves his ashram to do his bath. he feels something bad in his sense and rushes to the ashram and sees his thousand son dead due to a sage.he recognises him as kaushika.vasistha uses his shakti and makes vishwamithra’s powers nothing.he again starts his tapas towards Shiva when it was disturbed by the Indra with the help of a celestial beauty called menaka.she interrupts his tapas and they lived a happy life being together for many year.suddenly vishwamithra finds his deviating life and leaves from there to continue his tapas.menaka gives birth to girl child and abandoned it and went to Indra’s court.

Precap:vishwamithra helps thrisangu.

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  1. Nice epi janani……. Interesting story of vishwamithra….

  2. And one doubt janani….. On last epi u told that precap as story of ravan but u updated the story of vishwamithra……. But it is awesome..

    1. Tomorrow sure about ravan

      1. nyc epi janaji di. waiting for the next epi

  3. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    nyc epi janani di..waiting fr next epi

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