Ramayana- retold (episode 6)


Guys I referred to many books and gets confused on the age of sita during her swayamvar,so you people think whichever you like as their respective age.I was totally confused so only sorry friends.
Mandira comes into the room with basket full of fruits which she has picked from the best of best for bharat.she stands shockingly on seeing ram eating the food in kaikehi’s arm and lakshman watching the beautiful paintings in the room.she almost shouts “kaikehi”,she turns happily and gives the fruits from the basket which mandira was holding while in the same time in sumitra’s room.king Dasharath discuss his wish to be with his forever till his death to his wife.sumitra asks him to happily smile to see his family together after a long time.Dasharath nods yes ,they get up to see the sons.
In videha,urmila comes running with a a wooden board in her hand shouting “papa”,king janak and kushdwaja talks about some royal affairs and turns on hearing urmila’s cry .shruthakirthi comes behind her shouting at urmila to give a ear to her advise.janak asks them the matter,urmila shows him the portrait of sita .both the fathers gets so much happy to see the developing skill of urmila while shrutakirti tells her advice of using yellow for jewels instead of the green for her cloths.janak praises her knowledge .they smiles seeing the talent.kushdwaja tells ” our daughters poses individual skills ,sita knows to cook well,urmila is master in drawing,mandavi in Good scholer who reads many books, and our little shruthakirthi is a good advisor “,janak sees them playing in distance and smiles seeing them .
Kowshalya sees sumitra coming along with king Dasharath ,she sees him very happy and signs bharart to see his father’s happiness .shathrugan says “see now father will first ask for ram bhai,then you,and at last me”,bharat asks him to be quiet.Dasharath comes inside shouting “ram,beta ram”,shathrugan smiles.but he sees shathrughan and hugs him tightly.he says”my little shathrughan thinks that I love my sons partially but actually when ram is fine,he will make his brothers also fine”.shathrughan apologises for his activity ,Dasharath asks him not to and smiles hugging both bharat and him.
Sits sees some plants getting dry in the sun and questions the gardener about it.he tells about lack of nutrient in the soil.sits sits near the plant and touches it with more affection.she talks with the plant to fight in the life and achieve success.urmila asks sita whether trees can hear us.mandavi tells”yes,urmila.I have read in rig Veda it is mentioned about the trees having food,that is the reason why karpaga vriksha can give whatever people ask,and when we talk with love even to stone does as per our wish”.janak stands so much impressed by her words.
Dasharath happily sits seeing the portraits which the Royal artist drawn in his insistence. He thinks about two years passinv very fastlt and hugs the picture of ram.Kowshalya comes inside and asks him about the matter,before he could say something.sags vishwamithira enters
the palace calling the name of king.

Precap:story about ravan.

Credit to: janani

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  1. Nyc janani ??….. U done a gud job…. And shatrughnan words are nyc and even dhasarath also answered well for that ???

  2. vanshika arora

    Sita’s age ws 16 & ram’s 23.they stayed at ayodya 2 years..skr’s writer hs mentioned ds in his Twitter. Even in valmiki it’s 16 years & when she went 2 vanvas she ws 18.& she married at 5 it’s totally wrong. Cz it’s written in vapmiki ramayan dwa dash dat means 2 years at dasrath’s house.bt people take it as dwadash that means 12 years.

    1. She stayed in ayodhya not for 2 years but actually for 12 years.it is mentioned in kamba ramatan.di it is nice.

  3. Nita D

    Nice update!!

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