Ramayana- retold (episode 5)

Shiva sees ravan comes running with tears and asks him the matter which makes him cry.devi paravati smiles seeing Shiva’s act as if he don’t know anything about the matter.ravan tells the incident which happens in the way to kailash.shiva consoles ravan and says”nothing will bring defeat to you until your heart and soul is filled with darma and truth “,ravan leaves little bit satisfied.he says to himself “I am the son of sage kashib,I won’t do any mistake in my life and my heart is always full of Shiva’s thoughts and bakthi”,paravati sees shiva with shock,she asks him”if he lives with good heart then the reason for rama avatar won’t get fulfiled ji”.Shiva asks her to wait and see.

In the country of mithila,all of the people are worrying due to famine and without even a single drop of rain.rajarishi janak sits in the temple with tears,he thinks of the happy days of his country and cries seeing the problem which his country people faces every day .great sages who belong to janak’s kingdom tells him to plough the land ,he does as per the idea of the sages and in the middle of the field the ploughing stops due to the sound made by the instrument .janak asks the soldiers to dig the place.everyone gets so much shocked to see a little girl child inside the soil.janak’s breath almost stops for a moment on seeing the heavenly beautiful young child.the rain drops begins to fall on the soil.he shows the baby to his wife and says”our daughter,sunanina”,she takes the baby in her hand.they smiles happily on hugging the child.ram is playing with his brothers and bharat shows mandira coming there into the garden.lalshman sees her hump and asks ram to make his well.ram throws soil balls attached to his arrow ,he thinks that may be it can cure her.but mandira shouts at ram and goes from crying “kaikehi”.bharat and lakshman sees this with tension.Ram runs behind her with arrow and bow.the brothers follows her.Dasharath was sitting in the royal chamber discussing about starting the gurukul of children.

Janak names the child as bhoomija,sits and many more names ,all the people who sees the child was mesmerized by her calm beauty.sunaina sits playing with the child .janak’s brother Kushswada comes with his wife chandrabhaga to see sita.paravati sees shiva smiling on seeing the beautiful child of janaka.paravati gets a doubt and stops without asking him.he finds her hesitation ,he tells”what is the matter,parvati?”,she express her doubt “lakshmi mata is born as sita but what about the wives for other raghu princes.”,shiv says “the videha will get three more princess “.same time, sunaina faints in their room.one of the talented the lady tells “she is pregnant”.

Kaikehi sees mandira very much angry and tries to console her with her words but she shouts about the insult happened to her.kaikehi sees ram standing with his brothers without entering the room.he lifts ram in hand asks him the matter.he tells incident and apologises to kaikehi.kaikehi kisses him ,tells”you didn’t do any mistake ram”and leaves with her sons.mandira fumes angrily.Dasharath decides to send them for the gurukul.sumitra asks him”but four of them only just around 4 to five years of age and your are sending them now itself”.Dasharath says about the need for the rajkumars to learn arts in young age.sumitra pleads him not to send them now ,dashrath asks her the reason “I feel like my sons are going to far from me maharaja”.kaikehi enters with ram in hand says”yes,they will go to gurukul after atlest one years ,my ram is now only calling me ma”.Dasharath hugs ram happily .lakshman sees sumitra crying and walks towards her,he cleans her tears with his dress and says” a mother should not cry in front of her son,it is a sin for the son,isn’t it ram bhai “.sumitra sees him always with ram and remembers the incident when the children were born.

Ram was sleeping in his cradle,lakshman and shatrughan in one ctadls,bharat in next.the twins begins to cry shouting and pushes each other.vasistha who comes to meet the children notices it and leaves lakshman in ram’s cradle and sshatrughan in bharat’sbharat’s.they stops crying.
Kaikehi praises the wit of lakshman and says”sumitra,your son is a jnyaani “.sumitra smiles and hugs him.bharat sees this and says”shatrughan,go and tell something to sumitra ma and she will hug you”,shratrughan goes and tells”a mother should not eat without her sons isn’t it bharat bhai”,everyone laughs.

Kaushyala comes inside and says”why are you laughing,he is correct “and feeds her fruits.he runs and shares it with bharat.

After ten years,in the kingdom of videha.all the servants are searching for the rajkumaris who are missing from the morning,all the four girls sits in the temple praying to the lord to keep their family happy.sits hears the shout of everyone and says”urmila,mandavi,let’s go and begins to walk with holding shrutha kirthi’s hand.urmila asks her the reason but sita remains silent.they reaches the palace and sees sunaina sitting tensed while Chandra shouting at the soldiers.they hugs their children on seeing them.sita apologises in the behalf of her sisters.Sunaina asks sita not to apologise and takes them in.

Ayodhya was very much happy to invite their princes after the completion of their studies from the gurukul.kaikehi decorates the room and asks to make special food .mandira sees the decoration and asks “for whom are doing all this ?”.kaikehi says”to my son”and goes from there.the princes comes in the chariots inside the kingdom.ramlaxman in one chariot and bharat shathrugan in other.the peoples shouts the name of princes in happiness.in mithila,Queen sunaina asks to arrange for the swayamvar of sita .janak asks her to wait until the twelfth age of sita.

Precap:vishwamithra enters the kingdom.

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  1. nyc epi janani….?

  2. You didn’t mention, the incarnation of sisters mandavi, urmila, shrutakirti as lakshmi chakra, sheshnag’s wife vimala devi and lakshmi shankha respectively.

  3. And plz write their traits sita mata cook,urmila mata painter and scholar,mandavi mata reader,shrutakirti mata advisor.

  4. Bala Krithika

    At which age sita mata and her sisters got married?

    1. It is 12 and 11,10,9

  5. I read Sita was 16,her sisters -mandavi,urmila,shrutakirti were 1 year younger each so 15,14,13 respectively.

  6. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    nice epi janani di..awesome work

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