Ramayana- retold (episode 4)

Vishnu thinks about something with a smile in his face.lakshmi mata asks him the thoughts .he says”I am going to born as the elder son of king Dasharath to fulfil the wishes of devas”,adushesha and sudarshan chakra sees each other with sudden shock.before they could tell something to vishnu.Lakshmi mata tells “you are always doing the avatars without me ,adishesha,chakra and your sangaa but this type we will also accompany you”.vishnu nods yes.

veryone sits in the yaga salai,kaushyala eagerly waits to see her daughter shantha who would come along with sage rishyasringha.sage enters with his deciple and wife shantha.kaushyala gets so much happy on seeing her daughter after almost 12 years.shantha stands there very calm .rishyasringha greets Dasharath and begins to do the yagna.kaushyala cannot move her eyes apart from shantha,rishyasringha turns towards his wife and says”don’t make the mind of a mom cry for you like this “,she didn’t give any reply walks towards the place where kaushyala along with other two Queens are sitting.she takes blessing from there and hugs kaushyala with happiness but still express it in a calm manner.kaushyala feels like hugging her new born child before 12 years.she remembers the day when the palace was happy to enjoy the birth of their new princess but the royal chamber was very much dull to see their princess without both legs as a lame.

kauahyala prays to the god to give her daughter a new way of life .devrishi narad enters and says”there is way if you give your daughter for adoption then it is possible “,he goes from there.Dasharath asks his cobrother king lompada to adopt his daughter.he agrees and hugs shantha.after some times of giving adoption,her legs began to grow and she become without any handicap.

Kaushyala asks shantha to stay with her for sometimes or days .while she says”no ma,that is the right way for a rishipatni to enjoy this wealth, I just need your blessing “and falls on her legs.

All the sages who are present praises the lord and does the yaga.a devaroop comes out the yagna salai and gives a golden pot full of amrita like milk payas to king Dasharath, he gets it with shaking hands.the deva says”give this to your wives “and vanishes in some moments,he comes running towards kaushyala and gives her the payas.she drinks and gives half to sumitra.next kaikehi drinks and gives the next half to sumitra.all the three queens seeks the blessings of great sages and pandits.

After few months,kaushlya gives birth to rama ,kaikehi to bharat and sumitra to lakshman and shatrughan.the king happily enjoys each and every moment of his life along with his children.mathira sees everyone giving importance to ram and feels bad on seeing bharat without not much importance.kaikehi sits playing with ram even forgetting her own son bharat.Dasharath prays to the god to keep his happiness all through his life.

Ravan goes walking to the kailash ,he sees nandi deva standing in front of the route without leaving ravan not to enter into the place according to parvati’s order because she was enjoying the happiness of birth of ram with her husband Shiva.ravan stands in front of nandi deva with controlled anger and seeks permission to enter into the kailash to meet the Shiva .nandi asks”who are you?”.ravan says”I am ravan,the brother of kubera and the son of rishi kashyab “,nandi still was not satisfied and blocks the wat.ravan shouts in anger”are you a vanaradon’t behave like this nandidev like a vanara “.nandi feels insulted and curses ravan that “you called me nandi,your pride fall by a powerful vanara sena”,ravan stands shocked with the curse.he turns shouting parmeshvaraa with tears filled eyes.

Precap:janak’s treasure in land.

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  1. Gud epi janani… I know his co brother will adopt his daughter but she is born as a handicap ah? I didn’t even heard this…. quite different…. Pls explain me…?

    1. Yes padmaja in some version they haven’t even mention about the girl child of Dasharath, in the version which tells about shantha also in different words.
      1.one version says that lompada didn’t have any child so kaughyala gave her child for her sister and brother in law
      2another people says that the girl was born without two legs.the pandit says to the king that if he gives away her for adoption then her illness would vanish.
      (I read about it in net,you search Dasharath’s daughter Shanta and can get more information and even other versions)

      1. Her name was shanta or shantai

      2. Thank u janani for clearing my doubts…???

  2. Her name was shanta or shantai

    1. think both,Shanta only my granny said.

    1. Yes,I thought to bring this story later.

  3. Guys I am adding some scenes of my imagination but it is not in the way of insulting any character.you bring a liveliness I need to bring some new scenes, sorry if you don’t like it.

  4. Awesome work janani

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