Ramayana- retold (episode 3)

All the three queens are sitting in theur respective place with many dreams about the children who will be born to the.kaikehi sees the pandit who are coming from a across the world to participate in the yagna.she sits praying to lord shiva to fulfil all of their wishes.she turns on hearing the hard footsteps and sees Mandira standing there with so much anger in her eyes.mandira shouts “why do all the three wives should participate in the yagna ,it is enough if you “.kaikehi asks mandira to shut her mouth and walks from there with irritation that was created due to her talk.all the three ladies assembles in vasistha’s place.vasistha asks them to pray whole heart to the god.

In the same time,all the devas in amaravathy nagar(the headquarters of inderlok)comes running to lord Vishnu with tears. Vishnu wakes up from his sleep and acts like he is surprised to see all of them together.indranni tells about the immense thapas of ravana and the boob given by bhrama that he won’t die to devas,lords,animals,yakshas,rakshas,.lord Vishnu smiles gently and says”don’t worry I will take birth as a human and kill himbecayse he foeget asking about humans in his boon.devas

shouts “vishnuji ,vishnuji”.vishnu begins to think something .

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