Ramayana- retold (episode 13)


Ram sits in the room and thinks about seeing sita first in the road then now winning her in the task.he prays to the God to make even everyone in Ayodhya like sita.Lakshman sees Urmila coming towards the room of Ram and smiles seeing her,but she doesn’t notice him.she greets Ram with folded hands.Ram smiles seeing her simplicity,he sees Lakshman standing near the door without making any noise and seeing Ram with a broad smile in his face.Urmila tells”I came here actually to meet you and your ,your brother,I need to talk with both of you,will you agree?”,Lakshman sits near Ram and says”Ram bhai,ask sita ma’s sister to talk ?”.urmila smiles hearing the words ,she says”Prince,I am very much satisfied today on hearing you calling my di as your mother,I have nothing to talk now because you won’t let her cry “,she runs from there with so much joy in her face.

King Dasharath comes to mithila with his royal peoples.Bharat enjoys the scenario in videha and tells sharthrughan regarding the same,they are welcomed very much happily by kushadwaja and janak.Lakshman happily hugs mata kaikehi and sumitra on seeing them.Kaikehi asks him about RAM ,she eagerly goes in search of him to find him.Sita falls on the feet of kowshalya on seeing her.everyone likes sita when urmila enters the place,she sees sumitra seeing her drawings.she tells about the time when she draws the painting to sumitra.Kaikehi sees Ram sitting in the room seeing the garland which sita put in his neck

kaikehi teases him and praises his skill of winning the task with so much happiness.

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