Ramayana- retold (episode 12)


Sita sits praying to the god to help her father to choose a good suitor for her in her life.King ravan enters the place .Janak gets stunned to see Ravan there as janak knows that “He us a great worshipper of lord shiva and has the power to lift the shiv danush”,Ravan greets the king and sees the beautiful sita sitting in the balcony .he thinks”what a beauty in her face,I will win her today”,he begin to walk towards the center of the chamber where the bow is kept .

Parvati asks Shiva “what next will happen ?”,he smiles seeing her question and says”it is my duty to help the people who pray me,let’s see”.Parvati understands the idea of Shiva.she begin to keenly see the happenings in the videha kingdom.Sita prays”please ma,help me”,Parvati decides something in her mind.Ravan tried to lift the bow but it falls from his hand in a moment, Shiva turns seeing parvati,she smiles “it is even my duty to help the needy swami”.Ravan cannot accept the defeat and goes from there angrily.

Urmila sits nail hitting near Sita to see the best suitor for her sister.Ram enters the chamber along with vishwamithra and Lakshman.Lakshman sees urmila sitting in the balcony and thinks”she is the one who ran in the temple”,Urmila also sees lakshman with surprise.Vishwamithra asks the permission of janak to give opportunity to Ram.The kings laughs loudly,they tells”great wariours couldn’t even lift it,how could this boy do it”.Ram seeks the blessings of Vishwamithra and begin to walk towards the bow. sita prays to the God to give victory to Ram.Ram takes the bow very easily without much difficulty and ties the thread to the bow.The bow breaks into two pieces.all the kings were shocked and begin to praise “Sri ram ki jai”,Sita happily smiles seeing ram winning in the task.

Dashrath recieves the letter written in silk cloth with the portrait of the princess of mithila.Sumitra likes urmila at the first sight itself.Kowshalya gets very happy to know that Ram won in the task Shatrughan sees the portrait and tells”all the girls are very beautiful like heavenly bodies like goddess ma”,he sees kaikehi for the reply.she nods yes and teases him by telling”the last girl in pink dress is shruthakirthi,she is OK for you ?”,shatrughan leaves from there without giving reply.

Precap:the marriage.

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow janani the epi is awesome and eagerly waiting for next epi

  2. Super excited for the marriage e.g..keep it up di.all the best????

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