Ramayana- retold (episode 11)

Lakshman goes along with Ram to pray to the God in the temple.Sita comes down after praying with a relieved heart and crosses the.both of them feels something in the mind but doesn’t see each other.Ram prays to the god to keep everyone in the world with so much happy and no pain.Vishwamithra asks both to come so that they can go and meet the king videha,King Janak.The princes begin to wak towards the palace.Lakshman still feels guilty of stopping the beautiful painting by the lady,he sees similar strocks of paintings all over the palace.He sees one of the painting of king janak,which is very much realistic and stops near it with surprise.

Sita sits dressed in a red dress with lots of jewellery in her body,she sees herself in the mirror and feels something very much happy and smiles to herself on seeing the mirror.Sunaina comes along with other ladies and takes her to the royal chamber where the swayamvar is going to happen.the princes sees sita and smitten by her beauty. Janak asks the princes to listen to the rules of the swayamvar,”you must take the shiv danush in your hand and must tie the bow”,each of the princes laughs thinking it to be very simple task.the swayamvar begins.

Precap:Ravan enters the place.
(Sorry for small update,because the college is reopening today,so a bit busy)

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  1. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    its OK di no sry.u should see ur college work also naa…thanx fr d ff…its simply superb…

  2. Padmaja

    Super epi janani dii it is awesome… waiting for next epi

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