Ramayana- retold (episode 10)

Vishwamithra ,Ram and Laxman stays there was almost five days.They didnt gets so trouble from any of the demons and rakshaks.Vishwamithra and other sages starts the Yaga with the courage that the Dasharath’s son would protect them from the evil demons .blood strained head of animals being to fall on the ashram place.Ram takes out his bow and arrow in his hand ,he runs towards the direction where the things are starting to fall.Lakshman follows his brother Running with him.both of them sees tadaka shouting “I wont let anyone to live here happily “.Ram takes out the arrow but he stops on seeing her being a women.Lakshman fights with tadaka’s son subahu and shouts “brother don’t waste time,kill her ,kill her “,ram tries to kill tadaka but he finds her in the roop of kowshalya and stops the arrow.Tadaka sees Ram stopping and tries to hurt him while lakshman shouts “brother,she is not a human,a women cannot hurt anyone “,Ram took a arrow and hit her with it .

Sita sits thinking about her sisters with tears in her eyes from leaving them.Sunaina sees Sita very much worried and sits near her,she understand the feelings of Sita ,she tells”every people who are born as women should go one day to her husband ‘s house leaving her family “,she hugs her mother with tears.Janak comes inside the room with a bright smile tells about sending the swayamvar invitation to many kingdoms.urmila comes running with a portrait of sita and gives it to her.she asks sita to take it along with her to her sasural.Janak says about the swaymvar going to be took place in two days.

Ram cannot believe his eyes,he walks in the forest along with vishwamithra and lakshman,suddenly when he steps on a stone ,it turns into a lady .he sees vishwamithra and finds him smiling gently towards him,the lady falls on the feet of vishwamithra,Ram asks her “mata,could you tell me the reason that you turned into a stone ?”.she begin tells about her
story of converting into a stone.

” I am aghaliga, the manasa putri of lord bhrama who was my father.my father kept many tests to select a husband for me.at last the sage Gowthama married me and brought be to this ashhram.(she shows the ashram which is totally dirty and unclean nearby ),we lived here very happily and my husband does the yagna for world wealfare.one day my husband went out to bath in early morning when I was still in bed.lord Indra who always thinks to marrying me but couldn’t decide to utilise the situation ,he took the form of my beloved husband and came there.I thoughts that he is my husband and allow him to take advantage with me.my husband returns from the river and shocks seeing us in such a position when he returns

He curses lndra to have million eyes all over the body and curses me “you lady couldn’t identify difference between your husband and other,a ant can identify her partner.are you stone? Yes you must be a stone,turn into a stone until ram gives you free from my curse “.

Ram prays to sage gowtham to come there and take his wife along with him.in mithila,sita stands near the balcony of the palace enjoying the people’s happiness there for the swaymvar of her.she sees a sage coming inside followed by two young persons. She feels very much attached to him ,while in the same time the young man sees her.he also cannot move his eyes from her.Lakshman notices Ram standing in the middle of mithilaa’s street and sees the place where ram is seeing .Sita runs inside ,she gets tears filled in her eyes and shouts “no ,I am the pride of my dad, he is doing the arrangement of swayamvar but I am feeling related to the man,”.Sita goes towards the temple with tears.Ram also thinks “it is wrong to fall for someone when guru brought us here “.They also goes to the same temple.

Urmila sits in the stone doing the painting of the temple with great difficulty.Lakshman stands near the painting in the entrance and feels very much impressed before he comes out to realty and sees ram missing,he searches for ram and steps on the drawing of urmila.she sees someone standing there and hides behind the stone.Lakshman apologises for disturbing the beautiful art work of urmila.she sees him from behind the pillar and says”no problem,I hope you don’t get affected by the fall on colour, wash it Sir “.Before lakshman could search for her,she runs without seeing his face in light.Ram sees lakshman and calls him to come.

Precap:swaymvar starts.

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