Ramayana- retold (episode 1)

Guys I like to share you the Ramayana which I have read and learnt from childhood ,this is the pure Ramayana without any misconception from any of the serial either in Tamil or in Hindi,I am just sharing my thoughts if you wish you can read it.

The country of ayodhya was beautifully decorated ,each and every persons are happily praying to the God to give their king dasarath a long life.all of them shouts”long live king dasarath “,it is not a new scene in ayodhya,the people will always be happy ,every day is celebrated as a festival there it because they are blessed with a king like dasharth who haven’t done any mistake or injustice according to the peoples

.king dasarth isis shown in his palace sitting in thoughts ,he is blessed with a good pupils who considers him as their own father ,endless happiness ,money,jewels etc but still he has a desire left in his mind ,Dasharath hears the strong sound of someone’s arrival and gets up in atmost respect .the person who is entering the room was dressed in saffron .his eyes are shining due to the knowledge which he gained from the life.he gets so much surprised to see his student dasarth in great sorrow.he calls him with affection.”what happened Dasharath?”.Dasharath didn’t utter any words and seeks his blessing.the man blesses him to have long life and very wealth.Dasharath says in a mild voice “how could I be happy when I don’t have a child ?”.rishi smiles gently.

He gently lifts Dasharath and consoles him and assures him of getting a heir so soon.

(Please give it atlest a try )

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Janani di it’s toooo small… But nyc u should control.. My ff next in siya ke ram also is the version of Ramayana I know not from any serial.. U did nyc job continue..

    1. If you wish you could continue it.

  2. I mean not to stop your idea because mine will be different and just the basic plot.

  3. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    janani di its small bt its interesting plz I like ur ff can u extend it

  4. Janani its is very small but it is nyc dear pls continue it…but in nxt epi u should try to extent it ☺☺☺

  5. Supreetha (Soups)

    Nice Janani! Same suggestion as the others….make it a little longer 🙂 otherwise great going

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