raman & ishita’s love story (Episode 2)


the episode ill be showing each day are full comedy and romance
the episode continues with the ishita finding the missing idli.

ishita: raman!!!
ishita: raman some one has taken the idli plate.
raman: what rubbish u must have eaten it and now saying it gone missing.
ishita: what??
ishita: i’d never eat it and see the plate gone missing and the pots and plates are all over the fall and window is fully open.
before raman could say a word both of them here a really loud scream from next door and both of them run to see what has happen.
Ishita: what happen?
raman: bad news
raman: or ur idli has even been missing just like the madarasan ??
ishita: ohh just ssshhh ravan kumar
ishita: tell me mihika what has happen
mihika is shown with a red and blue salwar kameez
mihika: my laddoos are missing
raman: what
raman: laddoos are missing
raman: hahahahahahahaha??
raman: what a day first idli and now laddos ??
raman continue laughing while ishita and mihika worry about their idli and laddoos.
ishita: it not funny raman theres a theif here in the building and ur there laughing like a gorilla ??
mihika: hahaha gorilla
raman: oh really and u two are donkeys ??
raman phone rings and he answers it
raman: yes mihir
mihir: bhai come quick ur late for meeting
raman: oh no i forgot about the meeting
raman: im coming
raman goes to office while ishita and mihika sit and think about laddoos and idli.
at office mihir is shown with a brand new suit and both of them walk to the meeting room as they enter raman looks shock
raman: what this idli and laddoos doing here
mihir: because we has a deal with the MR D
and they make best laddoos and idli ??
MR D is a food company with tasty food
back at bhallas and iyer house mrs iyer is shown with mrs bhalla and are planning for a theif hunt.
mrs iyer: my laddoos (crying)
mrs bhalla: waahhh my bahu yummy idli and crys more loud.
and now they are joined by mr bhalla mr lyer bala vandu romi and simmi to find the missing laddoos and idli.
all of them go crazy and run around the house finding the idli and laddoos.
As they are running mihika and romi collide in to each other and mihika falls in to romi arms and they stare at each other and its interupted by ishita.
ishita: awwww how romantic
ishita: love is in the air
romi lets go of mihika and she falls flat on the floor??
Mihika: ouch my bum
romi: sorry mihika for throwing
ishita: soo the romance ended in a minute
mihika and romi walk of in different direction.

precap: raman walks in the house and see the bhallas and iyers going crazy.

Credit to: Simmy?

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  4. Superb. Can’t control my laughter. What is going to happen for minor if family knows he is their?????

  5. Plz yaar ….don’t make it this way……be serious….sry if I hurt u…..but its my opinion

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