raman & ishita’s love story (Episode 1)


As each episode starts it will have a quick summary of the episode and rest will be scripted out with dialogues.
The episode starts with a ishita having a beautiful smile on her face and shes opens the curtains and walks towards raman and waking him up for offices.
I= ishita
mrb= mrbhalla
mrsb= mrs bhalla

I: wake up raman ur getting late for work.
I: Raman wake up
I: oii Ravan Kumar
R: what jhansi ki rani early in the morning u give me a sar dard uff.
i: okay get ready and today im making shambar and idli for breakfast.
ishita walks out of the room and raman be’s in a shock
R: aaj phir say Madarasan ka khana kana hai
r: i better be ready before she comes in as world wars 5 ??
mrs bhalla and mr bhalla munching away yummy idli ?
Mrsb: yummy idli aaj madarasan achi idli tum ko sikaya hai maaza aiya ?
Mrb: haan ishita love the idli
and both mr and mrs bhalla much away and enjoying ?
Raman comes to the breakfast table and makes strange faces at the food and gets caught by ishita??
i: oh finally u have come for breakfast now sit and ill serve it to u.
r: mera mood nahin hai
i: plz raman eat something because this is ruhi’s favourite and now u have to eat it for her sake.
r: for ruhi i have to eat this idli okay fine.
and raman eats the idli and in his mind he keep saying
R: just for ruhi
r: ruhi tumhare liye
as every one is in the eating breakfast raman ask ishita about ruhi and adi.
r: listen where are adi and ruhi
i: both gone school as u was sleeping in bed for too long and notice the time
and mr and mrs bhalla get up and go and ishita takes the plates in the kitchen. some comes sneakly in the kitchen and takes the idli plate while ishita is busy cleaning up.
i: raman chor chor someone taken my idli plate
r:what rubbish a chor runs off with idli and tum pagal hogi hai kya
i: really the plates missing
r: shhhhhh
r: u have finished the idli and now saying it been stolen ?
episode ends on ishita shocked confused face.

precap: whole bhalla family and iyer family go on a idli hunt and the scene be really funny.

so tune in tomorrow to know what happen with the idli plate and also the rest characters intro will be tomorrow.

Credit to: simmy?

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