Raman and Ishita-A new life (part1)


guys I wuld like to change something in the bhalla characters.It is that aniket is not raman’s bro but his jiju and nisha is his sister

scene1:In the big bhalla mansion
nisha:neelu!Make it fast yaar!
toshiji comes there
toshiji:oi nisha!Wht r u doing early in the morning?
nisha:arrey mummy!raman is coming back from London today na?so making his favourite butter chicken masala
toshiji:raman went to London
akash cmes there
akash:nani!u r forgetting everything.mamu went for his best friend mihir’s wedding
toshji knocking her head:oi!i forgot!
akash:mom make me a cup of tea pls
nisha:cme make yourself!Iam preparing for mamu…
sanjana comes there(I forgot to tell that she is bhaarat’s wife)
sanjana:gd morning guys…
oshiji:i am going to temple.Will u guys manage at home?
akash:dont worry nani!mamu is coming so full of masti at home!
nisha:just to a limit
sanjana:shall I make u a cup of tea akash?
akash:nahi mami!U r pregnant so don’t do anything
sanjana:aww…so sweet

akash:instead I will get yamini!
sayig that he leaves and sanjana get shocked
nisha:y wha happen?
sanju:that girl is mad bhabhi!Bhaarat broke her favourite paper weight yesterday!
nisha:its just a ppr weight
sanju:now bhaarat’s cheek is swollen!
nisha:bhaarat is her mama!
sanju:nothing matter to her!
they go to stop akash

scene2:in Khanna mansion
pratap Khanna comes there
shagun:gd morning papaji!how was ur jogging?
pratap:as usual but where is ashok?he didn’t cme with me
shagun:ashok went to the airport
shagun:ishu is coming home today
shagun:thats y im mking her favourite chole bhature
adi:ishu bua is coming today?
adi:and so is sharman mama?
shagun face changes upon hearing his name.Shaun does not like her brother as she thinks that he is the reasn for her parents death and also that he is useless.
adi:great!i wuld play video games with him!
shagun to herself:if adi mingles wth sharman,then he wuld b like him too…I need to tlk to ashok abt sharman!

scene3:in the airport ishra is wating for their luggage.they r far apart from each other
raman is as usual in his black coat suit and ishita in shirt and jeans…
raman:hey aniket jiju!i arrived just wating for luggage…
aniket:raman,i am waiting for u outside the airport
raman says ok and turns.he sees ishita for the first time and falls for her.
raman to himself:what a girl raman!
ishita runs towards him and suddenly raman hugs her.ishita gets shocked.
raman:i know that u will cme to me!
ishu hell shocked:oh hello!Leave me!
she struggles and finally steps on raman’s shoes brnging him to reality
raman:what did u do tht for?
ishu:y did u hug me?

ishu:becos of u I left my luggage!
raman:which is urs?
ishita ponts to it and raman runs.He takes t and smles.
raman:1st impression is the best….nono!2nd impression is the best!
he turns and sees ishita thanking a man
someone taps his shoulder and he turns.
the person:thanks and that’s my luggage!
raman gives it to him n finds ishu but she is gone
he gets sad and notices a bracelet stuck to his sleeve buttpn
raman:oh!easy piecey raman puttar!
he smiles and leaves from there

sceme4:ishita s looking for sharman.Sharman cmes and shu scolds him
ishu:u were not there!where did u go?
ishu:u went there without helpng me and some idiot hugged me!
sharman angrily:who!?who dare touch u!?
ishu:stop acting!he must b gone cme lets go!
ishu leaves and sharman thinks to himself:u r mine ishita!do u think I will let anyone dare touch u?
he smiles looking at her leave and follows her.

scene5:akash is abt to knock on yamini’s door when nisha pulls him
akash:what mom?
sanju tells the whole story to him
akash:she hurt mama?she is exceeding her limits!
nisha contros him when he goes to her room
nisha:let aniket cme and deal with her
akash:u r gving her all this love!Let me go and c mamu
he leaves and nisha scold yamini in her mind
yamini in her room had broken all the things
yamini:how dare he broke it!It was gifted by raman mama!
she goes to the cupboard and takes raman’s pic and kisses it
yamini:i love u!
she smiles thinking abt raman

shita and shagun r looking for ishu’s bracelet when raman is looking at her bracelet.yamini comes there.raman and yamini argue when akash comes there and slaps her.Sharman decides to gift ishita something.

Credit to: Divani

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  1. wow, nice but who are your characters, what show are they from?

    1. Not from any shows but aniket and Bharat are from banoo mein Teri dulhann
      The rest are just made up

  2. Oh god so cute yaar

  3. Very nice yrrr…please don’t stop writing…

  4. Why are u not continuing ur story?

  5. Plz continue if u r reading the comments

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