ramachandra – the seventh avatar of lord vishnu


we all are well aware of shree ram who was the seventh avatar of lord vishnu. he is always considered to be the central and most important character of the hindu epic ramayana. he was born as the son of maharaj dashrath and rani kaushalya, the king and queen of ayodhya. he was known as maryada puroshattam which means “the perfect man” or “lord of self-control” or “lord of virtue”.

he was married to devi sita who was the avatar of devi lakshmi. his three brothers were the chaturvyuha expansions of vishnu (sankarshan-lakshman, pradyumna-bharat and aniruddha-shatrughna). ram was determined not to leave dharm despite of harsh tests, obstacles and painful time.

for the sake of his father’s promise, he abandons ayodhya’s throne and leaves for 14 years of exile alongwith lakshman and his wife. in the period of the exile, sita was abducted by ravan and after a long search, shree ran fousght a colossal war with the lankans and rescued sita.

having finished the exile, the trio returned ayodhya and prabhu shree ram was crowned the king whereas devi sita was crowned the queen. both of ruled with peace, prosperity, happiness and justice- the period which came to be known as Ram-Rajya.

Jai Siyaram
Jai Siyaram
Jai Siyaram

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