Rama rama kya ye drama!!…..OS by ‘Anonymousaa’

Hello everyone..this is Anonymousaa back with an OS.Sorry friends for not replying to my previous post.I will try to reply ASAP.Let me move to the plot first then my bakbak at the end.

Sanchi-I don’t wanna talk with you .You r soo bad.U don’t care for me at all.

Sanchi seemed miffed with her dashing loving husband.Their perfect couple was always the talks of the hospital as the perfect jodi only,the godgifted jodi.Yet today Sanchi seemed cross with Kabir.Lets know why.

Kabir who had just begun serving tiffin seemed clueless why his wifey was angry with him.

Kabir-Sweatheart what is the matter?Why are u so angry today?Come have tiffin.U might be hungry.

Sanchi-No Kabir I won’t eat anything.U have committed a crime today.I cannot stand criminals.Remember??

Kabir tried to remember.He remembered.

Fb shows Kabir pulling curtains down to let his beautiful wife sleep a little more.He was admiring how innocent and cute his angel looked when he found he was not the only one looking at her.There was someone else too near Sanchi’s bed.No doubt that was a male only.He thought something needs to be done without disturbing Sanchi’s sleep.So he pulled the spying creature by hand and threw him out the window stealthily….fb ends.

Kabir-But Sanchi that was a cockroach only.U know that I know that u are soo scared of cockroaches.So I threw the cockroach out the window.If the cockroach died then what can I do?Don’t call it crime yaar..

Sanchi-Uff..patidev..I am not cross for that reason.Instead I am always impressed by how u care for me.But today..u know what u did at morning?

Kabir-What did I DO?

Sanchi-Today u wished that devil Riya a good morning..why???

Kabir-???Sanchiiii…afterall she was my student.She wished me good morning first then my morality bid me to wish her back…Wait wait why did u give Veer chocolates in ur birthday?

Sanchi-Becoz he also offered chocolates in his bday.

Kabir-So the same case is here.Ria wished me good morning so I wished her back.

Sanchi-Ohk I understood.

Kabir had a breath of relief.

Sanchi-Today we have to go to my friend’s birthday party.Hope u haven’t forgotten.

Kabir-Of course not.

Sanchi-U mean u always remember my friends’ bday?????


Sanchi-Oh u look so cute.I was just kidding yaar.We have to go at 6 pm today.

Time skips to 6 pm.Sanchi is wearing a navy blue dazzling saree with a love-cut blouse at back.Kabir is wearing a bluish black suit.


They move.

At the bday party,they dance and do masti.Sanchi gifts her friend Mitali her bday gift, a ROLEX watch???!!All the TU members are present there.Everybody wishes mitu a happy and prosperous life.(Yeah its Mitali aka our dear KHAMOSHI’s bday )After the party,they depart.

Sanchi and Kabir’s car broke down.They got off.Kabir called a mechanic on the place while he asked Sanchi to sit on the armchair nearby.What he didn’t notice was a gang of bad boys all with prying eyes on Sanchi.While Kabir waited for mechanic,the boys/goons started flirting with her.Sanchi slapped one of the men.The goons were so enraged that they came to hold Sanchi by her hair.They were stopped by a pair of strong arms.Sanchi ran and stood behind Kabir’s back.

Sanchi-U do their ramdhulai.I will wait in that seat there and watch this movie.

She smiled and Kabir nodded.

Kabir(handing his appointment card):U people take this.

A goon-Now what is this?

Kabir-My visiting card.I regularly go to gym and I am a Karate champion.If I started to beat u then u will be beaten black and blue.After that u may need to meet me.Anyway u will be brought to me only.So…

One of the goon(Goon 1) looked at the card.He exclaimed”Dr.Kabir Kapoor”

Goon 2:What?Don’t tell of SDCH!!

Goon 1:Senior neurosurgeon of SDCH!!

Goon 2:OMG!!He is the same one who operated on my son who had been suffering from brain hemorrhage.My son was back from the dead!What have we done?We are sorry sahab.We didn’t know u till now.We will not attack on u..infact we will not attack on anyone else too.You reminded us the cost of a life.Let’s go guys.

The goon folded hands and hasted away with his gang.

Sanchi-What was that Kabir?U let them away so easily.What about me?They flirted with me.Tried to manhandle me.

Kabir-Sanchi..fight isn’t the solution everytime.Look if we had fought then there would have been bloodshed.Anyone would have been hurt.And we r doctors..we TREAT injuries,we don’t CAUSE them .We should wish there weren’t patients.Do u want the heap of injured victims tomorrow in hospitals?

Sanchi nodded in negative.

Kabir-Then lets go.The mechanic has repaired the engine.

He was stopped by the word ‘Kabir’ from Sanchi.He anticipated another trouble which vanished and instead a smile crept up immediately when….

Sanchi-I am hungry.I want to eat golgappa.

Kabir smiled and nodded.He could feel his unborn baby too craving for the golgappa like his pregnant wife did.

The End!!

Author’s note: I dedicate this post to my TU friends and my dear(Sanyasin???)Mitu aka Khamoshi on her bday.I was just fed up of imagining the SDCH plot as per the present track so I thought of going somewhere else.Funny it seems but my posts are coming on the occasion of my TU friends’ bday.If anyone else has bday nearing then do inform..who knows I might come up with another post that time??.

So friend if u liked it,press the ? button,if u didn’t press the ? button.I would be glad if u commented? as well.

So bye I sign off. Take care.Love uh all!!

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  2. Bibu dea kya khati ho jo itna idear aate hai….os was o7m super mindblowing zbr10 n 11hr in kashmiri language….luv u loads…..n happy bday 2 my dea frnd mitali …luv bth of u…

    1. Anonymousaa

      Bas daat hi jyaada khati hoon…Nyway thanks..love uh too Sana!

  3. Swethaa

    soooo nice..awesome…

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thanks sweetie❤❤❤

  4. Ziyarasheed

    Lol?what a Dumbo. Thought she was Miffed for killing a cockroach…???
    Anyway , that was a sweet little moments of our lovely couple. Thanks dear☺

    1. Anonymousaa

      Yeah???…thanks ziyu…I am so glad

  5. So cute. It’s amazing dear.please write something more about kanchi whenever you get time. Take care

    1. Anonymousaa

      I will try to…thank uh so much!!

  6. Anee

    Wow bibu really amazing Yarr apni mitu ko avashya pasand aayega…he he…OK bye tc…and luvv u dear.

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thanks Anee☺☺☺…mitu ne sayad nhi padha abhi tak..anyway love uh a lot Anee

  7. So cute…. Loved it very much… And happy birthday mitali

    1. Anonymousaa

      I am so glad u like this❤❤❤

  8. Too cute yr…funny bt vry enjoyable plot…loved it…come somethng like ths asap…

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thank uh Sanju

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  10. Anu88

    So so amazing and outstanding and superb and wonderful story yaar…… Please yaar post another beautiful story……..tc dear……????happy birthday mitu dear????

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thank uh Anu..lots of love

    LOVELY ….

  12. Dhruti

    so lovely os……………..post next one asap…………….tc………………love you………….

    1. Anonymousaa

      Thanks Dhruti dear..I will try to..and love uh too

  13. Riyarocks

    haha………..bichaari vampu……..sanveer ka pic lagne par case mat kardena dukhi hoke……….hehe………..yaar, hasi rukne ka naam hi nhi le rahi hai………maa ne toh ye bhi poocha ki kya hua……….maine kaha nothing(soch rahi hogi, uski beti paagal hogayi hai……..but kya karoon, apna raaz thodi bata sakti hoon)……….zabardast………mast mindblowing……….luv u bibu………..gud nt

    1. Anonymousaa

      ???Sanveer ka pic gaya hi nhi …aunty ko pata nhi ki unhone paagal ko hi paida kii hai.Ab kya kar sakte hain…Anyway shukhriya…love uh too brahmu!❤❤❤

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