Ram-Leela jaisi ek swasan ki kahani O/S


Ram-Leela jaisi ek Swasan ki kahani O/S———————————————-

a girl is sitting on the steps of the abandoned lake with a boy of her age.she has put her head on his chest n he is holding her from her shoulders.she is continuously crying.
girl-sanskar how unlucky we are na…….we love each other so much but our family hates each other so much……we cant even expect our family to get us married but i also cannot live without u………….
saying this she cries vigourously.

sanskar-don’t cry swara……u r my brave shona na……we’ll talk to our parents about us.we’ll try to convince them.if they still object then we’ll run away n get married…..then we’ll start our new life with a fresh beginning.
she then stops crying n looks upto him.he then wipes her tears lovingly…she smiles a bit n hugs him..
swara-i love u sanskar…..i love u infinte……

he smiles n hugs her more tightly.
sanskar-ok…..now we’ll go home n try to convince our parents…..n remember if they don’t agree i don’t care.i promise i’ll always be with u n i’ll never leave u in any circumstances……
they then kiss each other n leave to their respective homes.
the gadodia house-

swara enters her home tensedly.she sees noone in the house n heads to her room upstairs.she had just started when someone calls her from back.it wa sher dadi.she had taken care of swara after swara’s mom sharmishta had died.
dadi-swra wait i have to talk to u about an inportant decision of your life.
swara began to get nervous n tensed.

swara-y…….ye….yes dadi.
dadi-swara a boy’s family had come to ask your hand for marriage..they saw your photo n they liked u instantly.we too agreed for the relation n they decided to keep the engagement tomorrow.
hearing this swara started crying immediately.
swara-how can u do this dadi.how can u take this big decision of my life alone without asking me….what if i loved someone….

dadi-swara whom do u love…..i’ll try to speak to your dad n arrange your marriage with him.
swara got happy that atleast there is one person who would support her in marrying her love.
dadi got bewildered hearing that name particularly his surname.then both heard someone shouting swara’s name angrily.they turned back n swara was shocked to see him.it was her father shekhar.swara had never seen her father so angry so she got scared.
shekhar-didn’y u get anyone else to love

swara turns back n cries.then shekhar pulls her facing him.
shekhar-did u forget what that family did with your mother.
*FB starts*
it was when shekhar gadodia had married sharmishta maheshwari.they loved each other n got married secretly.when their family came to know about it they became furious.dp maheshwari who was sharmishta’s brother hated shekhar.dadi too hated sharmishta but got adjusted later when swara was born to them a year later.

after swara’s naming ceremony,dp came there with boiling anger.when shekhar asked what had happened he put a gun on shekhar’s forehead.
sumi-what happened bhaisa.why r u doing this.
dp-u ask your so called husband

but he was cut by dp
dp-don’t even try to shout.i too know how to shout.u don’t have the status to shout at me because you have done another marriage.
sumi n shekhar both are shocked.
sumi-you are mistaken bhaisa.shekhar can’t even think of another woman other than me.he truly loves me.
dp-i’m not mistaken sumi.it is you who is mistaken.this man doesn’t love you.he just acted to get all the property.it is better t kill him.

when he was about to pull the trigger,sumi came in between but he pushed her n shot the bullet towards shekhar.but the bullet wasn’t taken by shekhar instead sumi had taken it.both the men were angry n blamed each other for the death of their beloved.dp didn’t allow shekhar to do sumi’s last rituals n shekhar promised dp that he wouldn’t even let dp’s shadow fall on swara.thus both the families shared n hate relationship since then.
*FB ends*
the same scene takes place in maheshwari mansion.swasan both weep thinking about each other in their respective rooms.
tum hi ho plays in the BG.

at night in swara’s room:
swara is crying.her eyes have swollen up n had become red due to continuous crying.she then sees sanskar coming into her room.she runs n hugs him tightly n tells him about her engagement.he hugs her n consoles her.
sasnskar-swra get your bags packed we sre going to run away today n get married.
swara did oject him coz she wants to spend her whole life with him n she knows that this is the only way left.
she immediately packed her bags,wrote a apologising letter to her family n left with her love.
they went to a temple n got married.they then took refuge in sanskar’s frien shrivatsav’s house.
swasan room in shrivatsav’s house:
swara was searching something in her bag when sanskar came inside n locked the room.
swara looked at him shyly coz she knew what was coming in her way.she continued to search.when was about leave after gettinh what she wanted,sanskar pulled her n pinned her to the wall.
sanskar then puts his finger on her lips.

sanskar-shhhhhh……….today u won’t speak.i want to just see my wife’s beauty completely.
swara understands what he meant n blushes.she looks down as she doesn’t want her hubby to see her blushing.he then lifs her face n she closes her eyes.he stares at her face for sometime n then puts his lips on hers softly.she hold his neck at the beginning n then starts to play with his hair when it becomes harder n passionate.they then break the kiss due the lack of air.she then turns back due to shyness.sanskar was enjoying her shyness n opened the dori of her blose n started kissing her bare back.swara had got gooesebumps on her hand when he slid the the sleeves of her blouse n started biting n kissing her naked sholuder.he then picks her up n puts her on the bed.he takes off his sherwani n her blouse.he stared her her upper naked body n started kissing her neck.he then draped a comforter over themselves n switched off the light.
thus the two souls became one on the night before dusshera.
next evening:

it was the last day of dusshera n everyone were buys with the arrangements of ramleela.swasan were apending some private moments together when shrivatsav bangs on their door to inform them that dp,shekhar n some men were asking about them n that they very well knew that swasan were staying there.swasan were shocked n escaped through back door.some men see them running n inform dp n shekhar about it.while running,swara slips n gets hurt on the sole of her foot.she was unable to stand up.so sanskar lifted her in his arms n started running as he saw the men chasing them.after few minutes they reach the cliff where ramleela was to be held n they had nowhere to go.dp,shekhar n the men see swasan n go towards them.

swasan-stop there itself.do not move a step forward.
all men stooped at their place n were confused about what swasan were going to do.the boy who was playing ram shot the arrow into the tummu of the dummy of raavan.fireworks lit up the dark sky.
swasan-noone can separate us in this life or in any life even if it may be god himself…….
they held their hands tightly after saying this n jumped off the cliff.
the whole world stopped for dp n shekhar as they saw their children die.they again blamed each other for the death of swasan.suddenly they saw dadi coming there running.
shekhar-ma see na coz of this dp n his son my shona died.he is a murderer……first sumi n then shona…..

dp-i have not killed sumi.it was an accident.i was to shoot you but she came in between.actually you are the murderer.had you not done that marriage which was never seen,both sumi n my sanku would have been alive.
hearing their fights dadi shouts…..afterall she took care of her shona like a mother…now she is dead …..n she felt guilty that it was coz of her her shona died.

shekhar-but ma….
dadi-I SAID ENOUGH.i’ll reveal a truth to you today due to which shona,sanskar n sharmishta died.
shekhar n dp look on.
dadi-i was the one who rumoured about shekhar’s second marriage coz i hated sharmishta……
saying this she falls on shekhar’s feet.
dadi-pls forgive me……pl.sss….fooorrrgggiiiivvvveee mmmmeeeee.
saying this she collapses.shekhar gets shocked n tears come out of his eyes for losing his ma afterall she was his ma n she had taken care of his shona n him even though she was the reason for the death of his loved ones.
the men who came with them took dadi away to make the arrangements for her last rituals.now only dp n shekhar were left there.shekhar fell on his knees n cried vigourously.dp hugged him n shekhar to responded in the same way.

aftre crying for an hour or so they both separated n dp strated talking with him.
dp-shekhar i’m sorry for what all i did.
shekhar-don’t be sorry coz i’m also at fault.
dp-today we both have lost our children……for their sacrifice for each other ,for their inseparable love n as the inspiration for the other lovers,i have decide to build a sculpture of swasan ……i don’t care how much money it would take but i would do it.i want to make it grand.i want people from far away to know the story of our child.our village didn’t do anything for ram n leela who died in the same way.they died for their love n so did ours but our children’s story was different.so i want u to help me in that.will u?
shekhar-i will surely……
they then left to complete the last rituals of dadi.

true love means not leaving our love alone in any situation even if it meant dying for each other.in this story swasan might have died but their love neve died because it was true.true lovers cannot be separated in how many ever births thry take.believe in destiny and it will bring true lovers together how many ever birth they take.

Credit to: swetha

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