ram and krishna a contrast yet similar

Ram and krishna both stood for dharm but for ram the means was as important as the end but for krishna the end was important
each yuga or era was imperfect than its predessor for eg parashuram beheaded his mother renuka while ram freed ahilya of her curse
So after ram a krishna was needed and now kalki is needed
ram was a king so he had to follow rules accept responsibity
but krishna chose responsibilty
there are many relation between the avartars too but there are lot of differences too for instance ram was born in palace while krishna in jail. A perfect king like ram is needed but a perfect kingmaker like krishna also needed to make many perfect kings
Maryada purushottaman ram was incomplete without sita
whereas leela purushottam accepted his devotees his wife and was the leela purushottaman
ram was personally unhappy whereas krishna had no personal tragedy as such
ram and krishna were leaders in their own way
but sacrifices was main in ramayan whereas revenge seems to occupy spotlight in mahabharat
But both ram and krishna were kind they give chance of forgiveness to the enemies but fate had something else written
ram accepted destiny but krishna was ready to change it and both seems incomplete i mean we too should accept destiny as well as act against it if needed

And i want ur opinion
draupdi wanted a flower and when bheem went to bring it for her he meets hanuman
a blessing for her husband and she was the medium
sita wanted a deer and ram goes to bring it
she becomes the motive strength and medium of fulfilment of her husbands aim
its so contrasting right
share ur opinions

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  1. Krishna is called purna purshottam
    He follow rules but also break it for dharma he didn’t do leela for himself but each and ebry leela has a motive
    Ram and Krishna both have certifice their love ( seeta & radha)
    I have heard that if u want a kwality life do what had ram did and do what Krishna said because it is way of dharma

    1. Wow Di I respect ur opinion
      I loved the last 3 lines especially Di

      1. Dear I said it but the reality is I m doing only what Krishna said anddid
        Because he is my everything
        My love my bro

  2. Please pardon my mistakes of so.& gr.

  3. Very well written Sanju…..
    yes, Ram n Krishna were same but different… like u said both stood for dharma, but their ways were different. Ram is always the one with rules n discipline n Krishna is always seen as tge naughty one, natkhat but in one line to sum it up i can say that one was ‘seedhi ungli se ghee nikalna’ n one was ungli tedi karke’….

  4. Supreetha (Soups)

    In my opinion Krishna also had a personal tradegy of losing his family with the Kuru kshetra and the war between the Yadavas. Only thing was that he didn’t express his pain and suffering and approached this as a law of nature that every creature that takes birth must leave its physical format on the Earth one day…but I agree with the fact that Krishna did bring a lot of change in the society with his leela s….both gods are equally placed in their respective domains and we find both positives and negatives in their behaviour. All we need to do is take a combination of the values of the two to live a peaceful life

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Sorry not format 😛 I meant form

    2. Agreed Di they transformed their society

    3. I agree
      Krishna also sacrifice so Much in his life
      First his own parents and his birthplace than gokul end went to vrindavan than he left all his fronds gopis band & yashoda and his love radh he went mathusharp
      Otee his parents and went to dwarica
      In Mahabharata betal he sacrifice his own nefw abhimanyu he know if Arjuna went kaurav will surely kill abhimanyu but still he took arjun with him
      And last he vitness of his kul’s destroy due to gandjari’s shrap
      Its very difficult to know about his suffarnce its difficult to know him its just impossible

  5. krishnai aka ww

    agree with u sanju……. especially with sita and draupadi…… both born to destroy adharma and were the medium……….. but they suffered a lot for that……..

    actually following rules is must but one should follow a rule which is useful for all….. one should know the reason for following the rule….. and if the rule is no more valid one has to change it……… i really love this dialogue by krishna……..

    he would have stated in the 134 episode to bhisma…… just remarkable………

    1. Yes di during arjun subhadra wedding right

      1. krishnai aka ww

        ya dear

  6. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Great work sanju di

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