Ram ke siya

I am actually trying a poem all kinds of comments are welcome first time in my life I am trying my hand at poem whatever I feel in TAMIL I will type in ENGLISH as Tamil won’t be accepted. And since it is first time I will use a few basic themes. Pls pls do comment especially people I know
Do u remember the woman who was ploughed out of the earth
Do u remember the pride of mithila and bride of Shri ram
Janak ka putri ram ke patni
Do u remember the one who chose vanvas with her beloved
Do u remember the one whose body could be imprisoned never her mind
Do u remember the one who gave agnipariksha to prove her chastity
Do u remember people said Agni was a brother of her mother
Do u remember she could give up her her life for ram and she did just that
Do u remember the one who lifted the shiv danus and blushed when ram did the same
Do remember the Kul vadhu of ayodha who lifted the pride of the Jul to great heights
Do u remember the beloved sister of urmila mandvi srutakirti
She who protected dharma
Do u remember her questions which were thought provoking for even the wisest
Do u remember the heroine who walked away with applause tears and cheers
Do u remember ram ke siya who was never the victim but the epitome of chastity
Do u remember the woman who led her life with held high and trusted her husband more than the world
Do u remember the one who loved Shri ram and saw the toll of culture on her husband with silence
Do u remember the one who was light in everybody’s life
Do u remember how ayodha lost their happiness by questioning janaks daughter

Just a simple attempt just what we basically what we know about but she was a lot more
But I would bore u if I type on
Forgot to mention the mother of luv kush

So how is it

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  1. Simple attempt but great attempt…nice sister…

  2. Supreetha (Soups)

    Nice yaar! Good going…but sorry I’m hopeless in understanding poetry. If you’re going to write something complicated, I’ll try my level best to understand 😛

  3. Sanju it’s awesome dear I love poetry but never thought like this dear just awesome awesome awesome????

  4. Sanju that’s so sweet and awesome dear ……u written the complete character sketch of sita in ur poem …
    ???great attempt I just loved it can u write one poem on urmila too……

  5. Suprr sanjana…your attempt was great dear…. its really a great one….

  6. superb dear ! 🙂 loved it 🙂

  7. Super… sanju di good one

  8. thejashri aka brindha

    Sanju its awesome dear…. Just loved it….

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