Ram ke Kikeyi


Greetings to everyone who are present here. I’m duty bound to thank you for every thing you did for me. You sacrificed your happiness and everything else just for me. Whatever I did I do and I will do it can neither be compared nor be equalised to the selfless love you have for me. I know very well that you love the royal family members more than your family. But still I heard that you hate ma Kikeyi because she sent me Sita and Lakshman to van. As her son it’s my duty to wipe off the black mark in her name. Ma Kikeyi loved me more than her own son Bharat. She always chose me whenever it came for her to chose between me and Bharat. Then also she asked for those two boons not to trouble me but to save my life. Once pita shri went to forest to hunt for animals. He shot an arrow targeting a sound thinking it was a deer. But it was shravan Kumar who was taking water for his blind parents. Pita shri was shocked when he heard Shravan Kumar’s scream. Even while breathing his last Shravan asked pita shri to quench his parent’s thirst. When pita shri met Shravan’s parents his dad at once knew that he was not his son. When he knew that his son was killed he cursed pita shri that he too will die of putra sog (sorrow about his son). But pita shri was not at all worried because he did not have a male issue by then.

So if the curse has to be fulfilled then it’s confirmed that he will get a male issue \heir in future. Pita shri came back and told ma everything. From that day mom was determined to save the child at any cost. Years passed by and all three mothers got their children. I was brought up by ma Kikeyi when Bharat was with ma Kaushalya. Mothers loved us all equally but ma Kikeyi always loved me more than the other three. When the time for the curse to come true came it affected the throne of Ayodhya. That is the son who would take the throne after pita shri will die and pita shri will loose his life mourning over his son’s death. From the time mom knew it she pondered over as of how to save me. Then pita shri announced my coronation. Ma decided to make pita shri get worried for me So she decided to use her boons to keep me off the throne and to fulfill the curse. Thus her first boon of making Bharat the king kept me off the throne and her second boon of sending me to forest gave pitaji the pain of separation.

She knew very well that if her first boon is granted then Bharat will die for sure and by her second boon will make her life in Ayodhya will become hell. But still she asked for those boons. It was evident that those boons will affect her marital life. Even after pita shri said that he will break his ties with her she didn’t get her boons back. She did all this just to save me. Nothing is important to a woman other than her family but she chose me over them. Now she is bearing all the pain alone without claiming that whatever she did was for the benefits of Ayodhya. Ram gets emotional. Sita speaks Once Lanka waged war on Ayodhya. Kikeyi Maa went to the battle field with pitaji. Ravan insulted ma and she cursed him to die by her son’s hands which means the one who kills ravan is Kikeyi Maa’s son. By sending Raghunandhan to forest and changing his life’s destiny to kill Ravan Maa announce to the world that Raghunandhan is HER son. Sumithra who was startled by these words begun with a shaking voice didi you did all this to make everyone realise that our swami is not getting off the word he gave to Maharaj Ashwapathi by coranating Ram. To let him know that Ram is also your son?

Didi please forgive me . The words I spoke are fire arrows and to bear them after all that you did for us. I heard you and our swami fighting the other night and thought you asked for those boons with selfish motives. I’m not a good sister please punish me. I don’t deserve to be a part of this family anymore. Kikeyi says don’t say like this sumithra. You dedicated yourself for serving the elders and always found happiness in doing so. You brought up your sons in the same way. Lakshman always remained dedicated to Ram and Shatrughan to Bharat. Your only advice to your sons was to remain dedicated to their brothers and to obey their orders and nothing else. No one can be selfless like you. Whatever you spoke was because of the love you have for Ram.

Kaushalya who was standing blunt without understanding what sumithra said asked her what was all this about. Sumithra explained her the fight that happened the other night. Kushalya was startled she hugs Kikeyi. Why didn’t you even tell me?. She says didi I didn’t do any sacrifice whatever I did was just my duty when I came in this house I promised that I’ll protect the prestige of the kul. As a mother I had to save my son. And as a woman I had to show the result of humiliating a woman to Ravan. Lakshman Bharat and Shatrughan fall in Kikeyi’s feet and asks for her forgiveness they cry. She makes them stand and says we are blessed to have sons like you I pray to God that the bond you share should remain the same for ages. She blesses them that they will be taken as example for brotherhood. The people of Ayodhya ask for Kikeyi’s forgiveness too she says I’m very happy seeing the love you have for MY Ram. Always give Ram your selfless love and blessings. They all chant RAJAMATHA Kikeyi ki jai. They all smile.

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  1. Dear Thanmathi,
    isn’s Kaikesi Ravan, Kumbakaran, Vibishan and Surpanakha’s mother. Then how come you wrote that Kaikesi is actually Ram’s mother. I have never read ramayana and I don’t know anything about Ram-Sita’s story. I only learned few things through this amazing show! So if Kaikesi is Ram’s mother then is she also Lakshman’s mother. Are Lakshman and Ram biological brothers?

    Dear Thanmathi, I just wanted to learn something about Ram-Sita so please don’t feel bad about my questions. Please anyone answer my questions and clear the questions going on in my mind.

    Thank you all!:)

    1. Aman

      sis, itskaikeyi not kekasi ☺

  2. Padmaja

    Wow tanu dear it is more than awesome…
    I just loved it ❤❤❤

  3. Padmaja

    And u told kaikeyis thought in a superb way….

  4. Aman

    nice, kaikeyi thought superb ☺

  5. Nice…… Enojoyed reading…

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