Ram he held Sita in heart but had he lost her forever????? Part 1

Disclaimer: this is purely fictional not meant to hurt anyone. If it is related to something already written it’s purely a coincidence. Pls don’t copy
This is after Sita Haran when ram comes to ashram the turmoil of emotion he goes through and how laxman brings him out of it and reminds him his duty towards Sita and how ram doesn’t lose his soul and fights back without losing his virtue and vindicating Sita now and forever
This will be episodic updated whenever I feel like sorry about it but I need to get into the role to write it
All tamataars and chappals welcome but pls do comment

Ram and laxman reach the ashram only to see their worst fear come true there is no Sita. Ram holds the soil and breaks down remembering his words in mithila he will stand by her. He had failed to protect her. He tearfully recalls their marriage , swayamwar and moments spent. He knows in heart she is alive but was she safe ,he had no answer to his heart and mind.
Laxman is shocked and he knows blaming himself will not remove Rams woes yet he can’t help cursing himself and misses his bhabhi who was his motherly figure and the arguement they had about protection if only he could have convinced her.
Ram cannot feel angry on fate or anything he just gains strength from her faith but what should be his next move…..
He understood nature by understanding bhoomija he speaks to trees, birds who were trying to console him in their own way but his only consolation was Sita. Emotions tried to conquering him yet deep down he knew good will prevail. He knew she wouldn’t be scared but he was worried and so was laxman helpless as he couldn’t help his brother.
The darkness of night dawns only to increase their sorrow the compassionate ram stood helpless. Did he? Not at all
Here comes mahavishnu
Lankesh be warned
The flowers which bloomed beautifully when Sita was there seemed to wither
They didn’t eat or sleep just like Sita but ram will rise to the occasion the call of duty and save his Siya. He wipes his tears yet it is hanuman who has to show the way
He knew Sita would be waiting her trust was ur breakable and mind could never be imprisoned.
This separation increased their love

Precap: laxman decides to speak to ram. Ram realises Sita is in his heart. They meet jatayu and understand Sita is in Lanka they proceed to save Sita. Born from her faith is their strength

I didn’t want u guys to be sad after reading this I tried my best to keep raghunandar emotions in
Hope it’s ok

And Sita feelings will be highlighted from next ff she will tell about ram and what ravan is in front of ram to the rakchas woman in Ashok vatika

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  1. omg………this is full of emotional…….thanks for your writtting……egaerly waitting for next…..plz post soon….

  2. Hey ur ff is fabulous but I m confusing who r u , I think u r…..vanshu r priya di r sanju di r Krishnai di rrrr,….hey I think its stuti naa???? Oh noo I m confused !!!!

  3. Chetna sharma

    Plz itna modern mat bnao ram ji or sita mata ko… kuch to simple rehne do

  4. I think it is sanjana di…nice emotion

    1. Yes right

  5. Sure Chetna will make it better dear
    Sorry it was not up to ur hopes sure dear

  6. I think u r shruthi sister

    1. Oh whatta comparison feel honoured but di is much better dear
      She can really bring out essence with her devotion
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