RAM…Fatherhood! part-1

HI,Guys….I’m a Big fan of SIYA KEY RAM…like u all….! just thought to write a small ff[ few shots]…About Ram and sita’s family…..The bonding which every family shares among themselves…! I just want to show..u all…If this would have happened in past..then, Ramayan will be different..!

RAM….A Brave warrior…! An Obedient Son to Father..! An Ideal Husband..! An Inspirational and Ideal Character in our History…! what happens if we say Ram ..A great Father!
Yes, Lord Ram is an Inspiration to all of us..But, He had faced many difficulty and worst situations in his Life..! He had lost a Life with Happy Family..! He had lost his Fatherhood..!

Ram obeys to Kaikeyi’s words and get’s ready to Vanvaas…! After a lot of convincing..Finally, He allows Sita to Vanvas with him…..! Lakshman with Urmilla also Accomplices with him….The Newly Wedded 2 couples leading to Vanvaas…All people in Ayodya was sad and in tears….[ In my story, Kaiketi didn’t put condition ….That RAM has to follow Sanyasi’s life..!]

IN FOREST: Ram and Lakshman reaches with their wifes and starts working to built a Parnasala…! Both Brothers were building a hut while Sita and Urmilla helps them …..Finally, After struggle of 4….They made an Beautiful Hut…which they have to spend their Livelihood..!
Everyday, Sita and Urmilla..get’s ready ..Soon they end their prayers and get’s busy in Their Food preparation..While Ram does Meditation and Lakshman is busy in his security works…he helps in arranging some items..but he always keeps an eye that No one will harm them…
Lakshman holds urmila’s hand and say’s” Thank u so much! Thank u very much for everything…..U have came with me for Vanvaas…! I know how much u have to face now..!
Urmilla see’s him lovingly and say’s” Swami! till ur there with me…I’m ready to face any difficulties….and One more thing is, I really didn’t find any difficulties becoz, I’m with my Family….Sita didi, Ram bhaiya and U….U all their with me..then, hw can i feel difficulty here? Living with family is a very happy thing…!
They shares a Hug..! Lakshman slowly broke the hug and say’s” Urmilla! I have to say something to u..!” Urmilla signs him to say…..Lakshman say’s” U know, I’m here to serve Bhaiyya and Bhabhi..To look after their Safety..! so,Plz don’t feel sad if i didn’t give u any attention…..We r together..but, Now, my first Duty is to protect u all…so…
Urmilla understood his In tension and slowly say’s” U plz don’t worry….! I will be very happy if u involves in your Duties…! I will not feel any inconvenience …That’s my promise..!
By saying this, they shares a Hug…..Night passes like that……!
Next Morning:
Everything is fine….Urmila and sita starts enjoying their life in Vanvass ..mostly enjoys each other’s company….! They didn’t feel alone for a movement too..becoz, of the utmost care and love of their Husbands..!
Ram and Lakshman continues to fulfill their duties of kshatriya..! they protect the people in near Ashramas from Rakshasas…! All the people who have been saved by Ram starts considering him as a very special guest….They always there to do anything for Ram…Most likely, Ram got many friends from Ashramas…!

Sita is doing puja while Urmilla is busy in watering the plants…! Suddenly, Sita feels dizzy and get’s un conscious…! Ram and Lakshman get’s worry seeing sita..!
Soon, Urmila and some Ladies in near Ashramas takes sita inside….!Ram feels very worried for sita and her health..!
After sometime, Lady comes outside and say’s” Congratulations…Ramji! Sita is kk..don’t worry..!” she said smilingly and about to leave…Ram stops and say’s” Mata..! what happen to sita..? Lady smiles and say’s” Congratulations…Ramji…! U r going to become father!” Ram get’s super happy … he smiles and hugs lakshman….! Soon, all ladies left from there…Ram enters inside and sit’s beside sita…! Sita blushes and see’s him with a smile and holds Ram’s hand…! Urmi and Lakshman left from there to give them privacy..! Ram slowly kissed sita’s forehead and say’s’ Sitay! I’m so happy for u..! this is the happiest movement in my life..!” Sita blushes and hugs ram with a smile..Both shares an Emotional hug and smiles at each other….
Urmila hugs Lakshman and say’s” Swami! I’m so happy for sita didi! I’m going to be mausi..!”Lakshman stares her and say’s” I’m their kaka..! they loves me so much..!” Urmi say’s” so..what? They loves me only..!” Lakshman say’s” We will see..in an teasing manner..Urmi say’s” will see..!” they both smiles and hugs each other with happy faces..!

Thank u very much….! Plz drop ur valuable comments…so that i have to continue or not..plz ..Sry if i bore u all with my episode…!

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  1. Sai vaishnavi

    Nice story.plz update next episode soon……

    1. Adhya

      Thanku..vaishnavi….! i will upload soon..

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    Nice idea and good epi… pls continue it..

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      Thanku..Padmaja…Akka !

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        Adhya can I know in which class r u studying??? If it is personal then ignore it. And I am studying 11 class. And I am from chennai.

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      Hi,….Nabanita..! yes, i’m a fan of skr..i’m sorry…but i used to be as a silent reader for ur all ff…! I will definitely comment on last episode…Thank u for ur support dear

  4. Plz continue it’s very interesting plz! I’m impatient right now???

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