Raksha Bhandhan (OS)- A beautiful knot between siblings


I really don’t remember my childhood how it went on till my 5th class, these stories were told by my parent and granny when I grew up, how I used to bother my sweet elder brother Laksh Gadodia who is 1½ yr elder to me. He is wheatish in colour and I was milky white. When I was born he used to ask my mom and dad how could this little girl can be so fair. From that day he started to stand in front of mirror and take long time to groom himself if he is going out. He used to apply lot of powder which made him dust allergist finally. He was too young at that time to understand what’s the meaning of it and why does it happened. He never gave up to become fair, that was his ultimate goal till he was a graduate.

We used to stay near a sea shore when I was 3yrs old, I used to cry a lot if Laksh was not beside for me even a moment. He had his group of friends with whom he used to enjoy. I was just a doll for me, so he never wanted me to come out along with him. My mom used to ask why he is not taking me out. He used to complain mom that all his friends are pouring sand on my little sis and she doesn’t resist them, I can’t see her in such state.

We moved to a new place when I was 6yrs old. I wanted Laksh beside me all the time, which can’t happen as we are in different stds, I made his friends as mine. Always used to hang out with him. I can barely count my friends. He is my best friend and I started to call him Lucky.

Lucky and I had different choices. I loved Shahrukh movies but he liked only Amir when we were young. When both of their movies get to release at the same time, he always used to get compromise just for me.

When I was in 9th class my menstrual cycle has started, I used to cry a lot due to pain. My mom used to come late due to her job. He used to make me sleep in his lap after giving me medicine. I used to vomit on him but he never complained. He became my mother.

When I was in my graduation, I fell in love with a boy, he was the one who identified my changes and questioned me back on the same. He guided me if it was an infatuation or is it love

I was recruited in a reputed company after my graduation. I was tortured by my superiors and some of them used to talk nonsense with me. Lucky was the one who found that I was disturbed due to some reason while we were talking in the phone. I was in Mumbai and he was in Delhi. Distance never became barriers in our life. He supported me as a father.

When I had a breakup he held his hand on my shoulder as a sister and made me come out of the circumstances.

I was not ready to get married after my break up, everything around me seemed to be as a void, I used to cry for little things, I was very sensitive, but he became my mentor saying that life is not giving up, u always have 2nd chance, never come to a conclusion just looking at one person. I was married finally to Sanskar Maheshwari who was my Lucky’s choice. I agreed as I trusted him more than myself.

I feel very compatible with Sanskar, all the credit goes to Lucky as he is the one who taught me about life. I call him every day, he never used to neglect my call though he is busy.

This was my first Rakhi after my marriage, I couriered him the Rakhi and called him every moment to knew if it has reached or not and it reached a day before. I was happy but I missed him as this was the first time we were away from each other.

Sanskar observed me and he asked me shall we go to Delhi, I said no. Next day morning I woke up early took bath and prepared all the favourite dishes of Lucky, I don’t now why I did it, but something made me do it. I was preparing breakfast when there was a door bell ringing. I asked Sanskar to see who it is. He was behaving weird and said me to open by myself. It was Saturday, early in the morning maid would not come I murmured.

I opened the door and was stunned looking at the person. It was my Lucky who was standing in front of the door and smiling. He question me, are you not going to tie me this beautiful thread made by you. I had happy tears, hugged him tightly.

I tied him and was crying like a baby after seeing him. He tasted the food which was made by me for the first time ever. He praised me that it was the best food that he had ever eaten. I was surprised and I believed and when I and Sanskar had the first bite, we spitted out as it was very salty. He told that he can just find love in it.

Now I became old and he passed away, today is Raksha Bhandhan for which I would eagerly wait every year. I prepare Rakhi with my hands. I can feel him in everything I do.

When I go to his place, I can feel his presence in the air, surroundings. The places we played together becomes alive when I look at them. When I step together with Sanskar, it reminds me of him as he is the reason for our relation. He is the one who is still staying in me and beside me as promised though he left to paradise. I, Ragini Gadodia will meet you soon where no one can separate us as u told me in our childhood that the two end of Rakhis thread would represent both of us who are completely different and would become one when it is tied. Our relation has always stayed strong as this knot wherever you are my dear brother.

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  1. AWesome os how u describe this beautiful relation its just…… no words for that just loved it brothers are our best friend mother father sister every relation they play beautifully and make us happy when we are sad help us in every problem fight with us but atlast we are same like before they care for our small small wishes u describe many things that siblings share its really an amazing experience reading the os just loved it u tell many things that is there in this beautiful relation everything u write make me smile as i remember my times with bro loved it ??keep writting and happy rakshabandhan?

  2. I thought that girl was swara chalo chado nice nd a bit emotional os

  3. Rafeee

    wow nice ff…

  4. Pammy

    Omg omg its jz fabulous….dammm good dear…i have no words to explain….nd happieee raksha bhandhan dear

  5. Oh god ashritaaa!!!wt cn i say after readng dis…my eyes get moisted.. 🙁 .. it ws soooooo emotionalll..thanku soooooo very much for writng dis on such a special occassion..hope evry grl had such a bondng wid her brother…loved it dear truellly loved it!!! It ws fantasticcccc…keep on rockng dear 🙂

  6. Snehahari

    superb dear no words to say

  7. Balaji


  8. It is really nice di. I have realised the importance of my bro thanks .

  9. Angel_Swalakian

    OMG!!! Love you

  10. Wow, you’re amazing

  11. G.Chandu

    awesome…!! Loved it..!! Sooo emotional..!!

  12. Sherin

    awesome epi….very nice….cute brother sister bond….

  13. Love it awesome.

  14. Heart touching

  15. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome ?? but u made raglak bro sis ?? and it is very emotional ??

  16. Ragz_teju

    Awesome superb amazing


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