Raksha Bandhan celebration with your siblings.


Raksha Bandhan celebration with your siblings.
Let’s celebrate the Raksha Bandhan full day with our siblings in a very stunning way.
Raksha Bandhan is a festival which is celebrated on full moon day (Purnima) of Shravan Masa. As per the Gospels, this festival is not celebrated in Bhadra (portentous) time of Shravan and Phalguna Asterism. According to a belief, King in Shravan Asterism and tying of thread (Rakhi) In Phalguna Asterism, is harmful to the public. Hence, while tying Rakhi, it is necessary to memorize the welfare time.
At the time of tying thread, Bhadra is kept in mind. Rakhi is not tied at the time of Bhadra. In 2016, Bhadra (inauspicious time) will stay until 17 August. Therefore, this day, tying of a thread will be congruent after this time only. Before tying Rakhi, let us know that how this day can be a memorable day till next Raksha Bandhan.

Preparation for tying of Rakhi
On this day, Sisters, after having a bath etc. in the morning, prefabricate variety of dishes. After this, the plate for worship is decorated with an appropriate manner. After this, the plate used for worshiping is decorated. In concert with Rakhi, saffron, turmeric, rice, a Diya, incense sticks, sweets and some money is kept in the plate. A convenient place is chosen for brother, to be seated.
First and foremost, God is worshiped by the whole family. After that, the ceremony of Raksha Bandhan is started and in that firstly, Brother is seated at the chosen spot. After this, saffron Tilak is interpolated on brother’s forehead turmeric and rice, Akshat (rice used in worship), scattered about the head, Aarti is performed. And then, Rakhi is tied on the right wrist of brother and sweets are also offered to the brothers. Money is moved around his head (as an act of removing evil eye) and distributed among the indigent as well as in return brother offers gifts or some amount of money to his sister.
On this occasion, the Sisters have food, only after tying Rakhi to their brother. As like other festivals of India, on this festival also, gifts and dishes have their exclusive importance. On this festival, the meal is taken after lunch. At this time, girls come from their ‘in-laws house’ to their Parents home, covering long distances, in order to tie Rakhi and meet their brother. This day the priest and Acharya (spiritual teacher or guru) reach their host (Yajman) home to tie Rakhi, and, in return, they accept money, clothes, and some other items.
Mantra of Raksha Bandhan
While tying Rakhi, Sisters should chant this following mantra for the long life of their Brother:
Yen Baddho baliraja, danvendro mahabalah;
Ten tvamanubadhnami, rakshe ma chal ma chal.

The aloft given mantra is considered favorable while tying of a thread. It describes that the safety thread which was used to tie dynamic monster, Bali, I am tying you the same protection thread, and this thread will keep you safe.

Points of Consideration on Raksha Bandhan
People who want to celebrate this festival, should take a bath early in the morning and wear new clothes for this day. And the whole family should get together for the worship of God. Along with this, Rakhi is also worship. Remember your ancestors and take the blessing of elders.
A color thread can be taken as a Rakhi. This thread also is of silk, Gold, saffron, sandalwood, Akshat and grass is kept on the thread, and worshiped. While worshiping, the person should fully concentrate on Puja, for whatever time, he is sitting in it. After worshiping Rakhi (thread), brother is applied Tikka (auspicious mark on forehead) of saffron, Rowley and Akshat should be used. Rakhi is tied on the right hand.

Recipes of Raksha Bandhan
India is incomplete without delicious dishes on festivals. Some special dishes are prepared for every festival like, on Raksha Bandhan like Mithi Seviyan which is also called Sweet Vermicelli it is a popular dishes made on Raksha Bandhan day and other dishes also there like Ghevar, Shakarpare etc. are made. Ghevar is used as the main of Shravan Maas which is very delicious sweet. As it is eaten, throughout the month, in northern India. Additionally, Kheer and Puri are also, famous food of this festival.
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