My first ff
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Its morning
And it is seen that laksh and swara on one bed and alarm clock rings …
Laksh: behnaa, kya abhi 8 baje hain???? [sisi is it 8 o clock now???
Swara : yes bro it is . Come on now get up!!![Actually when the alarm rang swara got up] Laksh : yes . I have to go to college
Swara: to see that ragini righttt
Laksh: and I too know abt aadit [sanskaar’s other name] ,who fights with u daily in the academy for the same blue guitar!
Swara: don t u compare that cheaper with your ragini
Laksh : first of all , i don t love that ragini , but I do know 1 thing “to cheat u by going to the bath room first”
Scene 2 –in ragini ‘s bed room
Sanskaar is showing pics of swara in i pad to ragini

Ragini : wow!!!! Adara[swara’s other name] is so cute yaar
Sanskaar: Di ,she must be cute after she is my gf . and what about Lucky ?????????
Ragini: don t u talk abt that saddu .he always goes behind girls n the college
Sanskaar : and that makes u jealous
Ragini runs behind sanskaaar while he goes in to uthra ‘s room .ragini dashes with dadi.
Dadi : aditi [another name of ragini] take care of yourself and now go to the bathroom and bath .
Scene 3 – In the college

Laksh : hi, aakansha
Akansha : he is soo cute yaar { after laksh moves out of the place to ragini}
Ragini : to your kind attention he is your best friend ‘s bhai
Akshansha : i and swara “broke uppp”. That’s all I could say on this matter
Ragini : what!!!! U and swara “broke up”
Akansha : yeah! Bcoz she loves aadit { i thought sanskaar could have another name }
Ragini : so what about Lucky ??????????
Akansha : i know ragini I m wrong .but both of them are equal to me .but no probs . tomorrow is your bhai ‘s birth day rightttt.
Ragini: yeah! And I am so excited

Precap : sanskaar kneels down and says “ I love u adara”

Credit to: Roshini

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  1. Awesome yaar but don’t keep names for everyone it is a bit confusing sorry if I hurt u

  2. Interesting…

  3. i am confused with their other names….

  4. Why are you changing there names ?

  5. akanksha is my name

  6. nice…..bt y other names for swara sanskar ragini????

  7. just name confusion overall plot is nice

  8. Names r confusing bt storyline z grt….. gud strt

  9. Nice but why another names for them

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