RaJi FF – Devdas (Part 1 and Teaser)

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This is dedicated to all RaJi fans & is the first individual FF about this couple. I hope you will enjoy this FF. I had a burning desire to rewrite this movie as I felt bad for the leads in that movie. I came to know about this forum only when the SPA online polling website was mentioned in which there was a form to write our views about the show & the characters.


Jigar belongs to a rich zamindar family living with his parents & siblings. His father Kasturi Modi is a big landlord who is in real estate business. He buys & sells the land.

His mother, Sheela is assisting her husband in land business & looks after the house as well.

Jigar & Rashi are childhood friends who later on become lovers after going to college. Jigar’s parents send him to London for further studies.

Both the families are aware of Jigar & Rashi’s friendship. Sheela had promised Urmila to get Jigar married to Rashi. Urmila is happy that Jigar’s parents accepted Rashi as their DIL without caring about the social status. Their eldest son Anuj is married to Menka. Anuj is interested in his brother’s happiness whereas Menka is only interested in herself. She is very much against Jigar-Rashi relatonship as Rashi does not belong to their class.

Jigar returns from London after completing his studies. Rashi is surprised & happy to see him. Both go to the poolside & spash water on each other for fun.

Part 1

Jigar and Rashi are spending time near the pool.

Rashi: You have got my anklet.
Jigar: Yes, I had taken it so I could always see your face thinking about you.
Rashi: I think it shouldn’t be hard for us to become one as everyone knows that we love each other.
Jigar: I hope that our parents will agree for this relationship.
Meanwhile, Menka poisons Sheela’s mind saying, “Rashi won’t fit in our family as she has no class. They supply girls to rich families and are gold diggers. They are taking advantage of our Jigar’s innocence.”

Kasturi changes his mind and decides not to get Jigar married to Rashi while Sheela thinks of a plan to humiliate Urmila.

Jigar and Rashi are still spending time at the park.

The background song is
Bairi piya bada bedardi ishq
Oh bairi piya bada bedardi
Dil ka dard na jaane
Saudaai harjaai zulmi ram duhaayi
Kaise kaho kaha se kaho haay ram dil ka dard na jaane
Na jaane na jaane na jaane jaane jaane jaane haay
oh Bairi piya bada re bedardi bairi
Bairi piya bada re bedardi bairi piya bada re ishq

On the other hand, Sheela and Urmila are discussing about their children’s relationship.
Sheela: I want to make Jigar and Rashi’s wedding memorable.
Urmila: I had always prayed for your son’s welfare and today he successfully completed his education abroad and is back.
Sheela: I know that you have a strong faith in God. Having a samdhan like you is really great

Tu door jo tha to paas yeh tha
Ab paas yeh hai to door hai kyon
Na jaane jaane jaane jaane jaane
Tu door jo tha to paas yeh tha
Ab paas yeh hai to door hai kyon
Aa paas to aa pehna bhi de yeh kangna
Na sata ab maan bhi le yeh kehna
Kaise kahun kaan se kahun ram kangna kehna na maane
Na maane na maane na maane
Yeh kangna bada bedardi oh yeh kangna bada bedardi
Kangna kehna na maane deewana aawara sangdil ram duhaayi
Ab maan bhi jaao na na na na
Tum pass to aao na haan haan re haan
Urmila: How about calling the panditji and fixing the engagement?
Sheela: Of course why not? Rashi is like our daughter. But what can you give from your end?
Urmila: Means?
Sheela: Nothng to worry. I’m not going to ask dowry from you. We know that you are very good at dancing. I would like to see you dance.
Urmila agrees.

Behki behki baaton mein teri dheere dheere aane lagi
Jugnu ne mujhse kaha aisa hai yeh tera piya
Le hi jaayega tera jiya
haan Pyaari pyaari baaton pe teri chaandni bhi hasne lagi
Taare muskuraane lage hawa ghunghunaane lagi aasman bhi jhoom utha
Kaise kaho kaha se kaho haay ram ram ram ram ram ram
Pagla itna na jaane na jaane na jaane jaane jaane jaane haay
ishq ishq
Urmila goes home happily. Jigar & Rashi too take leave. At home, Rashi is dreaming about Jigar. Urmila comes in & said, “Sheela is going to announce your engagement tomorrow.”

Rashi: I’m excited about it but at the same time, I am nervous as well. They have a high status. I hope they have not asked for dowry from you.

Urmila: No, all they want is to see my dance. Your happiness is more important to me.

Next day, Sheela announces Jigar-Rashi engagement & sends an invitation to come to their house. Urmila and Rashi come to their place. Jigar and Rashi are spending time in the park and having romantic moments. Urmila dances on the song,

Aasman ki baahon mein chand akela thehra tha hey hey hey
Raat ki jawani pe chandni ka pehra tha hey hey hey
hey Runjhun runjhun hawa ka jhoka ughli ughli raat
Taaro ki doli mein aayi jhilmilaati jugnu ki baaraat
Sab ke hoton pe thehri thi aake koyi baat
Dhol manjire bajne lage padi dafli par thaap
Aur dhumak dhumak kar naach rahi thi meri radha pyaari
Dhumak dhumak kar naach rahi thi meri radha pyaari
Jaane kahan se raaz rachane aaya chaila girdari

A thorn pricks Rashi’s heel. Jigar takes it out.

Morey piya darrta hai dehko mora jiya
Oh Morey piya darrta hai dehko mora jiya
Morey piya… hey hey hey…
Na bahiyaan dharo aati hai muhje sharam
Haan chhod do tumko hai meri kasam
Na na zid na karo jaane do mujhe baalam
Dekho doongi mein gaaliyan bawre chalo hato sataon na Morey piya
Morey piya Morey piya darrta hai dehko mora jiya
ohh Morey piya darrta hai dehko mora jiya
Morey piya

Jigar takes out Rashi’s anklet & kisses her foot while Rashi pours water on him. Kasturi is looking at Urmila’s dance from upstairs. Jigar & Rashi are still spending time in te park.

Jamuna ke teer baje mridang kare krishn raaz radha ke sang
Kare krishn raaz radha ke sang…(2)
Artho ke geet mann mein umang
Kare krishn raaz radha ke sang…(2)
Saason mein pyaas tan mein taran
Kare krishn raaz radha ke sang…(3)
Isse dhak dhak duniya hai tang
Kare krishn raaz radha ke sang…(4)

Everyone looks at Urmila. Sheela comes & stops her. She said, “Ladies & gentlemen, Before annuncing the engagement, I would like to introduce my would be samdhan to all. She is a very good artist & a dancer though they are poor, they are very good at heart. My son & her daughter are childhood friends. Both mother & daughter are aspiring to become millionaire overnight taking adantage of our hospitability. But she has forgotten one thing. A tenant can never join in a zamindar family.”

Urmila: Sheela, be within your limits. So what if we are poor & don’t belong to your level. We are self-respected persons. We are capable enough to take care of our needs & don’t take dowry. But you people take dowry. You all get the girl & money as well. But we lose both. After this incident, I myself would refuse to give my girl to you. I’ve a heart & my girl’s hapiness is most important to me. That is the greatest wealth I have but you don’t have a heart. Your class & status is more important to you than your own son. if I don’t get my girl married to the person richer than you, my name is not Urmila.

She breaks the relationship & leaves. Jigar & Rashi goes home too. Jigar learns that Urmila has been humiliated before the public & asks Sheela, “What happened? Why have you rejected the proposal all of a sudden?”

Kasturi: They don’t belong to our level. Rashi cannot become the DIL of our family.

Jigar: I love her & will marry only her.

Kasturi: Nothing doing. My decision is final.

Rashi asks Urmila,”I hope you have fixed our engagement.’

Urmila: No, that family is not suitable to you. They have insulted us. Forget Jigar. I will get you married to the family richer than them.

Jigar is awake. Rashi gets up at the middle of the night & meets Jigar.

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