RaJi FF – Devdas ep 3

Part 3

Jigar goes to the dressing room where Rashi is dressing as a bride.

He said: I’m very sorry that I didn’t come to take you with me. If I knew that your mom is getting you married to someone else, I would have taken it seriously.
Rashi: I understand but it is too late now. That is the mistake you have made. You know my mom very well. Once she gives her word, she will do it at any cost.
Jigar: You know very well that your Jigar does not take right decisions at the right time but even now nothing is lost. You can still talk to your mother and stop this marriage. I will also talk to my parents and convince them.
Rashi: My mom is getting me married to an aristocrat and your parents are just landlords. She won’t listen to me now because your parents have insulted us.
Jigar: If you cannot talk to your mom, I will talk to her.

Rashi calls Urmila. She comes in.
Jigar: I apologize to you on my parents’ behalf for insulting you. I further apologize to you for not coming and taking Rashi with me. Even now nothing is lost. Please cancel this wedding otherwise it will become a diasaster. Neither she will be happy nor I will be happy nor will the person whom she has married be happy. I’m ready to live a simple life.
Urmila: That is a chance which you’ve missed. Now, I have to show your parents what we are. I have to avenge my insult which will be a tight slap on their faces. I have given my word to the Kapadias. They are big shot people. I cannot take back my word.
Rashi: Mom, what Jigar says is right. Please let us marry.
Urmila:Fine, listen. I cannot take back the word which I gave but yes, I have a plan for both of you.
Rashi: What plan?
Urmila: Divorce can take place after marriage. The person who you are going to marry is too old for you. So once he dies, you will definitely get your share. Once you achieve that, Jigar’s parents cannot refuse. That will pave your way. Till then you be nice with him but he should not know about your meeting Jigar.
Jigar: No, that is not a good idea. There is no need for her to change for anyone. I accept her as she is.
Urmila: You are ready to accept her but what about your parents? You had a fair chance to take her away but you’ve goofed up. So now, this is the solution. Now baraat is coming. You bring her down.
Urmila leaves.
Anupam sits in the mandap. Jigar brings Rashi down. The background song is
Aayee khushee kee hai yeh rat aayee, saj dhajke barat hai aayee
Dhire dhire gham kaa sagar, tham gaya aankho me aakar
Gunj uthee hai jo shehnayee, toh aankho ne yeh bat batayee

Hamesha tumko chaha aur chaha, aur chaha chaha chaha
Hamesha tumko chaha aur chaha kuchh bhee nahee
Tumhe dil ne hai puja puja puja, aur puja kuchh bhee nahee
Naa naa nahee -2 nahee nahee nahee nahee
Kuchh bhee nahee (ho kuchh bhee nahee – (2))

Khushiyo me bhee chhayee udasee, dard kee chhaya me woh liptee
Kehne piya se bas yeh aayee – (2)

Jo dag tumne mujhko diya, us dag se meraa chehra khila
Rakhungee mai isko nishanee banakar, mathe peh isko hamesha sajakar
O pritam -2 bin tere mere iss jivan me kuchh bhee nahee nahee nahee…
Kuchh bhee nahee

Bite lamho kee yade lekar, bojhal kadmo se woh chalkar
Dil bhee roya aur aankh bhar aayee, mann se aawaj hai aayee

Woh bachpan kee yade, woh rishte woh nate woh sawan ke jhule
Woh hasna, woh hasana, woh ruthke phir manana

Woh har ek pal me dil me samaye diye me jalaye
Ley ja rahee hu mai -2 ley ja rahee hu

O pritam, o pritam, bin tere mere iss jivan me
Kuchh bhee nahee nahee nahee nahee nahee, kuchh bhee nahee
Hamesha tumko chaha, aur chaha chaha chaha

Aur chaha chaha chaha – (2)
Han chaha chaha chaha, bas chaha chaha chaha
Han chaha chaha chaha, (aur chaha chaha chaha -2)

Rashi gets married to Anupam. Jigar is heartbroken but decides to stick to Urmila’s plan. After the marriage rituals, Anupam’s mother Reshma introduces her to the entire family.
Anupam introduces her to his sons & daughters.

He shows her his wife’s photo frame & said,”She was my wife. Her name is Sabha who became Shanti after marriage. She is no more in this world but is very much alive in my heart. No one can take her place. You look so beautiful that I dont have a word to say. I want to ask you one thing. Are you happy with this marriage? Before that, I want to tell you one thing. I can tolerate everything but not lies. I also hate divorce. If you divorce me, you won’t get a single pie as alimony.”

Rashi: I’m happy with this relationship.

Anupam tries to get intimate with her. However, Rashi said, “I’m tired. I want to sleep now.”
Anupam: Fine.

Jigar goes to his friend’s place for refuge.
Vivaan: Hi Jigar. It’s been a long time we have met. Both of us studied in London.
Jigar: Yes, I do remember.
Vivaan finds Jigar pale. He asked: What is the matter? You are looking dull as if you have failed in your love life.
Jigar: Yes, you are right.
Vivaan: Shall we have a drink?
Jigar: Sorry, I don’t drink.
Vivaan:No problem.
He then introduces Jigar to his friend Paridhi who immediately gets attracted to him.
Paridhi: You can relax for some time. If you need anything feel free to ask.
Vivaan & Paridhi discuss about spliting Rashi from Anupam such that Rashi somehow gets her share in the property.

Next day

Rashi calls up Urmila.
Urmila: Yes, I was waiting for your call.
Rashi: Where I have got trapped.
Urmila: What happened?
Rashi: That old dog tried to get intimate with me but I said that I want to sleep. He also said that if I divorce him, I won’t get a single pie.
Urmila: You don’t talk about separating. He should talk about it. Only then he will give your share. Just be your normal self & do as I say but don’t let him get intimate with you.
Rashi: He told me that no one can take Shanti’s place.
Urmila: That is even better. I’ve a plan. Tomorrow is your pak phera rasam for which you have to come to my place. Even Jigar will come so both of you can spend time.

Rashi is happy.
Jigar is happy as he is going to meet Rashi in pak phera rasam.
Vivaan: Congrats dude. For this happiness, let’s have a drink.
Jigar: No I don’t drink.
Vivaan: Just little bit. Your love should know how much depressed you are so she will leave her husband.
Jigar drinks a peg.

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