RaJi FF – Devdas ep 2

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Jigar and Rashi recollect the moments they spent with each other.

Kasturi had slapped Jigar for bunking the school and spending time with Rashi. He had decided to send him abroad for studies so he won’t have any contact with her. Rashi had lit the lamp for him day and nght hoping that he will return one day. The song is
Mausam ney lee angdaayi aayi aayi
Lehraake barkha phir chaayi chaayi
Jhoka hawa kaa aayega aur yeh diya buj jaayega
Silsila yeh chaahat ka na maine bujhne diya…(2)
Oh piya yeh diya naa bujha hai naa bujhega
Mere chaahat ka diya mere piya ab aaja re mere piya
Oh mere piya ab aaja re mere piya…(2)
Is diye sang jal raha mera rom rom rom aur jiya
Ab aaja re mere piya oh mere piya ab aaja re mere piya

Faasla tha doori thi faasla tha doori thi
Tha judaai kaa aalam intezaar mein nazrein thi
Aur tum wahan the tum wahan the tum wahan the
Jhilmilaatey jagmagaatey khushiyon mein jhoom kar
Aur yahan jal rahe the hum…(2

Phir se baadal garja hai garaj garaj ke barsa hai
Ghoom ke toofan aaya hai par tujhe bujha nahin paaya hai
Oh piya yeh diya chaahe jitha sathey tujhe yeh saawan
Yeh hawa aur yeh bijliyaan
Oh mere piya ab aaja re mere piya..(2)

Dehko yeh pagli deewani duniya se hai yeh anjaani
Jhoka hawa ka aayega aur iska piya sang laayega
Oh piya ab aaja re mere piya
Silsila yeh chaahat ka na maine bujhne diya
Oh piya yeh diya
Silsila yeh chaahat ka na maine bujhne diya
Oh piya yeh diya
Aye piya piya piyaa

Immediately after coming from London, Jigar immediately goes and meets Rashi.

Jigar: I’ve come. Do you care to meet?
Rashi: You need to come and see me.
Jigar: Really?
Rashi: You have hardly written any letter ever since you’ve left. I have got only 6 letters in 6 months. Now we all of are villagers in your eyes. So why will you care for us.
Jigar: Well, I didn’t have time to keep writing letters.
Rashi: You could have written at least once in a week.
She grinds the wheat with the help of a grinder. Jigar comes for help but he is unable to do that.
Rashi: No matter how much ever educated you are, you don’t have knowledge about these. Though I’ve studied here, I’m better than you at least in this.
Jigar: This much arrogance is not good. Even the moon is not that arrogant.
Rashi:Oh really? What has the moon got to be proud? It has got lots of craters which looks like pimple marks on its face.
Jigar: So you mean to say that you are more beautiful than the moon?
Rashi: You can take it as that.

Jigar sees Rashi coming to him. He asks, “You’ve come so late in the night. Don’t you get scared?”
Rashi: As long as you are there with me, there is no need for me to fear.
Jigar: That is what my people don’t want. They are against this relationship.
Rashi: What is your wish?
Jigar: I want to spend my life with you but the path is very difficult. Do you have any self respect that you’ve come after your mom got insulted?
Rashi: If our love is true, we can overcome all the difficulties. It can move the mountains. Waves will always to to its destination no matter what it is. They don’t think about self respect. River serves people without expecting anything from others. Even that does not think about self-repect.
Jigar: This is all theory. We will talk about it tomorrow. I will drop you to your place.

As he was about to drop her, Kasturi comes & insults Rashi saying, “You are not able to meet my boy during the day. So you have come to him at the middle of the night. I suggest you mother & daughter to open 24 hours p**p house..”
Jigar cuts his statement & said, “Enough! You’ve got no right to insult her. She belongs to a decent family.”
Kasturi: No decent girl will meet a guy in the middle of the night.
Jigar: You people forced her to do that at the middle of the nght.
Rashi leaves.
Kasturi: Bear one thing in mind. Your marriage cannot take place with that girl. My decision is final.
Jigar: If I marry, it is only Rashi. My decision is final.
Kasturi: I will not allow this relationship as long as I live.
Jigar: If she is not there, I’m also leaving the house.
He packs his bags & leaves. Sheela said, “Please don’t leave us.”
Anuj: Don’t leave the house. I will speak to dad about your relationship with Rashi.
Jigar does not heed to anyone. He goes to the hotel room & stays there.

Meanwhile, Urmila confronts Rashi for meeting Jigar against her wishes. She said, “You have made a grave mistake. You have not gone alone. You have taken the family prestige with you. Had you asked me, I would have allowed you to spend a night with him. Now, listen carefully. If Jigar comes tomorrow to take you, then I will get you married to him. If not, you have to accept whatever I decide for you. I have a plan to avenge our insult from these people.”

Rashi reluctantly agrees.

Next day, Urmila learns that Jigar left the house. She tells Rashi, “Jigar has left his house. Wait & see whether he comes here to take you.”

Jigar writes a letter to Rashi which reaches them. Rashi opens the letter & sees the content.

Dear Rashi,
I have always loved you & still do the same. but the path is difficult as our backgrounds are different. My parents are against this relationship. I’m leaving that house & going far away from everyone. I will come to you once I establish myself.

Urmila reads the letter & said, “Jigar won’t come as of now. I cannot wait till that time. Now, you have to do what I say. one plus point is that he has not told no. So you keep in touch with me after marriage. I’ll work out on the plan & tell you what to do. Panna get Rashi ready. Anupam’s baraat is going to come.”

Rashi is getting ready. Jigar realizes his mistake & comes to her. Urmila said, “Rashi is getting married. Meet her once.”

Jigar goes to Rashi to meet her & convince her to cancel this wedding.

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