RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to Marriage (I still remember you ) episode 3


Two Young Man in their 20s standing at the waiting area looking for one special person who is coming after two months from London, just then one man get the call “Bhai “name flashes
“What happened Aku? “ask another Man standing beside him but his eyes still on entrance
Aakash look at his NK Bhai with fear -NK Bhai.. Bhai is calling I don’t know what to say. He even don’t know that we are in public airport waiting for London flight.
NK chuckle and said – Give me your mobile I will love to irritate Nannav!!
Aakash – no way NK Bhai!! It’s my mobile if Bhai come to know that I made you talk to him then he will make my life hell in office.

NK shoved off and grabbed his mobile accepting the call before he could say A HELLO!! another side has already barked making him taken aback “What the f**k Aakash Singh Raizada!!! Where the hell are you??!!! In twenty minutes Mr Harry would be here for finalise the deal!! I want you in office NOW!!! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NOT SAYING ANYTHING DAMMIT!!! Shouted angrily ARNAV Singh RAIZADA with his famous anger!!

NK literally made Mobile two feet away from his ear so that he can still hear as normal man and when he heard his shouting finally over he said beaming with smile “Nannav mere Bhai how are you?? ”
“What the!! NK is it Aakash Mobile what are doing with it!! Give to Aakash!! “said frustrating ASR
” Nannav shont shont take a deep breath in and out “said NK with chuckling
“you fool it’s SHANT NOT SHONT!!! and where the hell Aakash is!!!spitted ASR Trying very hard to control his anger on his foolish brother

“Nannav woh.. Ya me and Aakash has come to my friend Bidaai his name is lucky, he is very crying so don’t wait for Aakash “said NK staamering hard to lie infront of Nannav
Aakash started coughing trying to snatch his mobile before his NK Bhai do more damage. And he have to be throw out from office by famous ASR!!!
“What the!! Are you lost it!! You stupid NK stop lying to me and give the mobile to Aakash or I think you should be sleeping with “TORNADO “tonight!!!said ASR amuse with his brother lying..
“NOOOOOOOO!!!! “shouted NK in horror making everyone to look at him with frown while ASR was having a devil smirk

” No way Nannav mere Bhai you can’t do this to me. “pleaded NK feeling to much scare
“then give Mobile to Aakash NOW!!! “SAID ASR making NK to fetch the mobile in Aakash palm who is already sweating very hard.
“He.. He.. Hello “said hesistatly Aakash waiting for his Bhai to bark at him
“AAKASH Singh RAIZADA WHERE ARE YOU “barked ASR totally frustrated by his Both brother making him show them hell!!
” Bhai actually.. We.. I and NK Bhai.. Woh ” trying to think any lie but like always poor Aakash trapped in own words

“Aakash I am warning you both tell me where the hell both are otherwise I don’t think you should consider yourself as PEON NOT CEO!!! threatened ASR with his dangerous voice knowing well how to made his brother to spit it out their doing!!
“Bhai we both came to receive princess “blurt out Aakash while NK stared at him shockingly
“WHAT “utter Arnav not believing that his sister is coming and he still don’t even know after two months..

And then Aakash heard a beep sound making him indicating that ASR is going to wipe their body…
NK smashed Aakash face making him groan in pain “What did you said Aakash!!! You know more Nannav.. Laddoo will not going to leave us!!! ”

“WHY I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU NK BHAI ?” said in Arrogant Polite voice

NK and Aakash turned only to mouth “WOW “seeing their sister entry looking a diva RAGINI SINGH RAIZADA stand infront of then wearing beautiful bussissnes outfit clutching her luggage with sweet smile.
NK and Aakash shouted happily – LADOOO!!!! jump on her hugging her tightly their sister who is more than happy and hugged back
After breaking a breathing treatment hug..
Ragini happily beam” I missed you both too much!!!! ”

NK and Aakash smile while Ragini eyes turn moist and immediately NK hug her again..
Aakash -LADOOO stop it you are acting like you are going somewhere!! After long time you are infront of us so stop acting foolish
NK admire both of them and said – where is my hug??
Ragini pulled him to come again in group hug!!
” IF YOU ALL A BIG HUG IS OVER CAN MISS RAGINI WILL TRY TO MEET ME “SAID ASR with happiness and also admiring his siblings whom he love to much
Three of them look at ASR well NK and Aakash were sweating but Ragini is with frown
Ragini said angry – Who told you to Mr ASR go and grab your deal!!!
Arnav chuckle and walk to his sister while giving a look “Wait -I -am -not -finished -yet ” to his both brothers who gulped down in horror

Arnav pulled her in hug while she protest – I am sorry Ladoo.. You didn’t forgive your Bhai?
Ragini smashed on his arms playfully said in childi
sh tone – because of you Nannav Bhai I have to spend two months with those FIRANGI who eat my brain with their blabbering next time if you send me to any bussissnes trip then!!
Arnav laugh while Aakash and NK also join him laughing listening their sister complain
Arnav hold his one ear – OK Ladoo Maaf kar do from next time it would be Aakash not you!!!
“yipppeee”shouted in happiness Ragini while Aakash was literally dropped his jaw but NK and Arnav were enjoying..
ASR turned only to show his rage and anger filled eyes knowing this jerk very well
“How dare you LAKSH MAHESHWARI!!! “BARKED Arnav Singh Raizada
Laksh MAHESHWARI smirk at them and said – Don’t be So much angry Raizada!! Think about your blood.. It would not be normal because everyone don’t have Maheshwari blood!!
RAIZADAS fumed listening his nonsense knowing well what the heck he wanted to say..
” You are right we RAIZADA don’t have that dirty blood in our veins otherwise we also should be behind the bars like you Maheshwari “said RAGINI making LAKSH clench his fist tightly in anger before he come to her NK stand infront of him

“Dare you to show those owl eyes to my Ladoo then you will repent for your life!! “said NIKHIL Singh RAIZADA making everyone amused well he is too Raizada
Laksh angrily – you.. You will made me repent OK.. Come..
NK clench his fist was about to punch when Arnav hold his hand made him stop and said “Nikhil leave it we RAIZADA have class not like these goons type family ”
Laksh have enough of their and next moment he blown a punch on Arnav but too late Aakash hold his hand tightly making him to aware that Aakash Singh Raizada is also ASR!! Pushing his hand making him stamble back
” You are still alive because of my Bhai who don’t want us to dirt our hands in your blood Maheshwari!!! “said dangerously Aakash
Laksh greethed his teeth in anger but he felt someone hand stopping him he turned to look at his brother who was standing with him giving cold glare to RAIZADAS
” Dare you to say a word against my big B and then you will knew what hell means “angry KUNJ MAHESHWARI SAID
” BECAUSE OF YOU RAIZADAS my cousin Shyam gadodia is behind bars. Wait how I show you to what will be the consequences scratching LAKSH MAHESHWARI family “said in anger Laksh
Both RAIZADAS v&s MAHESHWARI glaring each other with hate and anger filled eyes and fuming face!!!!

“mere samne waaali khidki mei chandsa tukra rehta!!!
Afsos hai vo humse ukhda ukhda rehta!!!!!!! ”

“What the “was only ASR can say to this great Callertunes!!

Two Mobile same ringtone ringed making everyone amused and astonished by the choice of song and the great two people were “NK Raizada ” and “KUNJ MAHESHWARI ”

NK and KUNJ look at each other with shocked expression like knowing what is this ringtone means and then they look around only to feel embarrassed by whole airport crowd..
Showing thirty two teeth in his mouth NK take his call and the same goes to KUNJ grinning wide he also took call… And then..

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! “BOTH NK AND KUNJ look horror..
Ragini – NK Bhai what’s wrong??? Said totally unexpected condition of another person is same.. While Laksh also asking Same to KUNJ but like both rooted at the call was disconnected a while ago.. Aakash was trying hard to make NK spoke.. Laksh was literally gave in and call SARAS MAHESHWARI his bro.. Who said is coming in few minutes…
ASR has enough of all nonsense and he shouted at the top of voice ” WILL YOU NK SPEAK WHAT’S WRONG DAMMIT!!!!! ”
his voice make everyone starlted KUNJ and NK come back to sense …
“marriage….love…. No… “mummered NK having horrible expression…
KUNJ was totally shaken up..
Laksh – KUNJ will please say something !!! KUNJ what happened??? KUNJ!!
“KUNJ you OK? Ask very worried A man in black toxido and blue shirt come running towards KUNJ and LAKSH while Raizada look at another MAHESHWARI… So called SARAS MAHESHWARI making his presence to whole world!!!

KUNJ look at SARAS Bhai and hugged immediately trying to be OK!!!
ASR turned towards his brother asking softly ” NK what is the problem tell me I will go to any extent to make it right for you!!! Tell your Nannav ….NK!!???? ”
NK Now was looking vulnerable and said in low voice ” Nannav. ..
I am sorry ….I should told you all this before.. I.. I… I love one girl but now I got to know from her that she is going to marry in few hours… I really love her and I live without her she also die if I didn’t gone in time..and I know you all will not like these love.. But …”
Arnav, Ragini and Aakash are shocked listening all this…

Meanwhile SARAS finally made KUNJ to spoke simply..
SARAS ” listen KUNJ you know I love your happiness and will do anything for you baby brother ….please tell me why are you looking afraid… I will make everything right tell me!! ”
Laksh ” KUNJ share with us whatever problem is it!! We are your brothers dude ”
KUNJ finally look at his both brothers and said looking down now ” woh.. I am in love.. With one girl… You all know about it already.. But today.. His family is forcing her for marriage.. She told me that she will die if I didn’t turn up ”
SARAS and LAKSH look at KUNJ with shocked and stunned face..
“Who is she? “ask both SARAS and ASR looking at their brothers
Loudly that enough for both Raizadas and Maheshwaris to look at each other really shocked and stunned..
Scene shift of MAHESHWARI MANSION evening
Durga Prasad Maheshwari read again the file only to dissapointed by his niece Shyam gadodia doing! And his children think it’s mistake of Arnav but they don’t even know that Shyam gadodia is not at all trusted person. Reading the file he proud at Arvind Singh Raizada(arnav Father) upbringing .it states :SHYAM GADODIA IS LEAKING IMPORTANT BLUEPRINT OF MALL TO RIVAL COMPANY OF New YORK!! “he got this file before ten minutes and now Laksh , KUNJ already board for flight he helplessly sitted their. He heard knock. He look up to see Annapurna Maheshwari standing with his cup of tea and sweet smile. Coming inside she place the tea on table and throw that file sideways glancing it one time. Dp shook his head known her reaction.
Ap – Suniye Aap Ne bataya nahi Sanskar kab vapas aa raha hai?
Dp face become hardened – Annapurna knowing very well where your Sanskar would be why you are asking me!!!

Ap – Why you are saying like this and this sudden anger on Sanskar? He is also work hard like you, SARAS, Laksh, KUNJ and Khushi then why you are so much strict towards him,? I don’t understand!!! Said impatiently
Dp – I am very well known by his hard work and about being angry on him. It is his mistakes that today Laksh and Kunj has gone to New York for Shyam bail!! If he would have not send Shyam to see our company in New York knowing well about his frowd nature !!?then Arvind son Arnav don’t have to be make us again his kindness on us by sending these files and proof!!!
Ap – He has name ASR!!! Arnav Singh Raizada, he is not only Arvind son but also a well known personality of world!! Why can’t you forget all that if we have loss our beloved then Raizada family also loss their everything!!!! Angrily she left.

Dp look at her retreating figure then taking his mobile he call his son “Sanskar ”
” Yes Dad I am coming back in few hours deal is our!! “said cheerful SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
Dp signed up and said “I know lavanya has already told me but your Mom is making me mad saying I send you somewhere tell her where are you!! ”
“take chill pill Dad take Mom for candle light dinner her mood would be fantastic in few seconds “chuckling Sanskar advice his dad
“No thanks I know how to made my wife mood good and talking seriously because of you our company in New York is sealed what would you say about it!! “anger was on nose of Dp
“off Daddy in next one hour everything would be fine signature by Sanskar Maheshwari!! Chuckling Sanskar cut the call making Dp to again get headache looking at lord Krishna photo think “Kaha phas Gaya hu Mai indono maa bete NE mughe migraine ka patient bana diya hai”
scene shift of MAHESHWARI resort Mumbai
Cutting the call Sanskar turned towards his left only to be attacked by hot and bare women on his broad chest. He shrugged off and grabbed her arms pinned on wall to make her scream his name after an hour he left her and wear his clothes.. That passionate s*x.. After one hour
“baby it’s just an hour and you are leaving?? “ask seductivly Monika kapoor ,super model
Sanskar turned towards her “you didn’t satisfy me Monika. I thought you will be good but let it be darling. So your service is over! “said dissatisfied making her shocked at his outburst
“but Sanskar how could you say this I mean make out only one hour then how?? And about satisfaction I am satisfied with your tantrums!! Now no more we are in relationships from past six months and I have tried everything to make you happy but looking like you are finding any “princess “.I have changed my life for you and for your company!!! Like always I am the one who have to think about our relationship!! And you only have to think about your satisfaction. I am your girlfriend not sl*t!!! It’s over SANSKAR MAHESHWARI!!! Angrily shouted Monika taking her dress she walk in bathroom banging door behind him.

Sanskar still was there only then his eyes fall on bed which is now crumbled because of his wild need and that unbearable paining desire.. But then what he was!!! Yes he is Sanskar Maheshwari and no one can never hurt his ego striding towards bathroom door he walk inside fuming in anger.. Monika look horrified seeing his anger gesture and red eyes.. Stammering she ask “Sanskar.. Please.. Please leave.. “grabbing her wrist he pulled her towards him harshly whispering dangerously in her ears ” so darling you want to satisfy my needs.. Wanting to make this your one sided love relationship work right ” Monika trembling in fear.. ” Sanskar.. I am.. Sorry.. I was.. Just. …”he slammed her lips roughly in his wild needs making her moan loudly in pain and when she tried to hold his neck he jerk off her and pulling it behind her making her eyes teary in pain he was still chewing and biting her lips too hard she was wiggling in pain trying hard to release from this beast.. Finally he pushed her back.. He has his smirk at her condition while she is like passed from burning fire.. Intolerable!!!!

No one can pass it.. He said looking straight in her eyes ” it is just a trailer of my s*xual satisfaction which made you feel a real hell if I show you a real animal of mine you will never able to breathe Miss Monika kapoor and about relationships it is over now.. And never show up infront of me again.. “passing a devil smirk he walk out leaving shattered and fearing Monika kapoor.. “Who he is.. Beast and then a prince.. Last six he never did this with always be like normal person but now what I experience it is like a craving beast who is finding his hunger.. Like a lion.. And I tried to just awake him.. Oh god I safe my life otherwise because of my so called love which is for his handsome face and fame would have kill me.. Runaway from here asap “mummering all this Monika kapoor really runnaway….

Hoping his black Mercedes Sanskar on his Bluetooth headset connected with his iPhone6 he connected his call ” Hey darling Liza!!! How are you… Yaa I am all fine thinking about launching as my new resort in Capetown so would you pleasure to be with me in tonight party on that occasion… Well you got first news about being me single baby!! OK then be ready for your most beautiful night with Sanskar Maheshwari “cutting the call he threw his Bluetooth headset aside and close his eyes resting his head on driving seat mummering “blo*dy hell SWARA SINGH it’s been four years and I am still living in frustration!!!! I thought when I will have you then this damm frustrated desire would be finished but f**kING off!!! I am now become a teenager horny after four years I still remember you each day!!!!!! Why dammit!!!!! “!!!


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