RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to Marriage (I hate myself ) episode 5




PREVIOUS – Arnav, Ragini, Aakash, Laksh and Saras made plans to kidnap the bride’s for NK and KUNJ meanwhile ANJALI, Khushi and SWARA mission succeeded in London tracking gangster RUBBINERS in London but because of DARIN gang leader trying to touch Swara he loss his life in painful way by Swara and then ANJALI announced that they have got holiday which they have to take not disobey.. And on others side Sanskar talk with his Mom and dad spend good time but we got to know that MAHESHWARI family didn’t know about Khushi being Agent K!! And back to kidnapping track Saras and Arnav fight with villagers and also help each other.

Here we go.. NEXT DAY… .

“hello hi bye bye whatz iz hapening Hari prakash!! Ask MANORMA Singh RAIZADA coming back from her jogging looking whole mansion being decorated..
” bhabhi Ji woh Dadii Ji NE Kaha hai ki aaj kuch mehmaan aa rahe hai toh Ye sajavat “replied HP being old servant of this house
Manorma think “kaun guest?? “being lost in her thoughts she bumped with her Arnav bitwa who also came from jogging “ouch “sounded Arnav looking at his Chachi lost state
“Chachi you OK? “ask Arnav concern (oh Yaa they return back from that HOSHIYAAR village adventure in night without getting anyone notice and also drop Mathur on their way and same Maheshwari)
Manorma come back to earth and look at Arnav “yes yes Arnav bitwa hum alright hai ”
Getting reply Arnav was about to walk away when Manorma stopped him “hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa youz any guests coming? ”
“No Chachi.. I didn’t anyone! “came a straight reply from Arnav making Manorma confused..
“Manorma Humare Mehmaan aa rahe hai “came a strong voice of DEVYANI Singh RAIZADA in that time Ragini also return back from market to get Pooja stuff, Aakash and NK came downstairs for Pooja all look at DEVYANI Singh RAIZADA confused..
” but who Sasuma? “ask with curiosity Manorma..

” RAGINI ko dekhne k liye ladke waale aa rahe hai MAHESHWARI family “came a exploding bomb on Raizada family staring in disbelief all family members on DEVYANI they couldn’t get over it..

” What the!! Dadii what wrong with you… Are you lost it “came angrily raised voices of Arnav Singh Raizada
” watch your tone Chotte!! You are talking with your Dadii not a office employee “said in sternly voice making everyone aware that DEVYANI Singh RAIZADA is still head of family
” I am sorry Dadii but would you think what you are saying firstly you are talking about Marriage of Ragini even didn’t thought right to tell us.. And now most importantly groom family those blo*dy MAHESHWARI!!! They are our enemies Dadii you are forgotten!! “shouting at the top of the voice Arnav Singh Raizada was fuming in anger

“Arnav you don’t have to tell me what I supposed to do.. You have grown up as Man taking responsibility of family but it didn’t mean that you will shout on me and about Ragini marriage it was already made by your own Mother and father they wanted that groom would be from MAHESHWARI family, it was their last wish to see Ragini as a bride of Maheshwari family because DEV and MEERA always love Ragini more than anyone more than even their own daughter ” telling the whole thing DEVYANI made all family member eyes moist at the most mention of DEV and MEERA..

Manorma finally spoke ” hello hi bye bye Arnav bitwa and Sasuma please stop fighting and about this alliance we can’t be made it in sudden Sasuma you have to think about it! “said matter of fact “and RAGINI it’s her life Sasuma I didn’t tell this as mother but as daughter in law of Raizada… Because Maheshwari family and our relationship are not same ”

Ragini silently listen everything knowing well she have faith in her Dadii and Bhai decesion but she is still independent woman minded and lastly decesion would be her so she quietly listen all that

DEVYANI spoke ” it’s already made decesion and I am not imposing on Ragini if she didn’t like groom then there will be no marriage but chances would be fair and Chotte about Ragini sudden thought of marriage she is now 24 years eligible for marriage having her own career and life but still marriage is important part of life.. And talking about it with you then listen you didn’t have faith in marriage and like you SWARA Singh RAIZADA also didn’t have faith in marriage so I don’t think it is topic to discuss with you and your sister.. Aakash and NK are now even ready for marriage and am not given a Amrit from Devi mayya that I will be alive for thousands of years!!! “making way clear that how much dissapointed she is with both grandchild..

Arnav just walk away feeling hurt upstairs to his room not only having in marriage but also held responsible for his sister loss faith in marriage .

“Dadii you shouldn’t have to be say this “came anger voice of Aakash who is now hell angry on his Dadii making his Bhai hurt.. NK was already gone to Arnav room

” I know Aakash but until when Chotte will running from his inner turmoil.. I want to see my old Chotte back who laugh freely, smile all lost.. ” being upset about hurting her favorite grandson DEVYANI sit on sofa helpless

Aakash didn’t say word hearding his Dadii painful voice but now his Bhai needed him more than anyone he walk out giving last glance at his Dadii

” Dadii I know you want Bhai happiness but we should have faith in god and Dadii you knew that how will Bhai react about word “MARRIAGE ” and you even talk about alliance from Maheshwari family!! Then you shouldn’t have to be expected that Bhai will be calm “saying matter of fact Ragini sit beside her Dadii..
Manorma gave glass of water to DEVYANI and said “Sasuma why you bring shona bitiya in this?? No one knows why she changed totally not even Arnav bitwa and you are making him responsible for that!! ”

” I know Manorma but I can’t get over it that my one grandson was still leaving in past in those dark days and my another granddaughter also become somewhat shadow of my Chotte I can’t tolerate its been four years she never met us just some phone calls and video chat.. Here I am craving for my Swara.. I am frustrated.. I should ask Chotte forgiveness ” stooding up DEVYANI walk to upstairs..


Anuradha MAHESHWARI look at her family having peaceful breakfast..
” I Wanted to everyone ” gaining attention of her family while Sanskar, Laksh, SARAS and KUNJ look confused don’t have any idea about what?? Durga Prasad and ANNAPURNA know what is coming..continuing Anuradha MAHESHWARI spoke ” Today we are going to see alliance for Sanskar. ..bride is from Raizada family ” it was too much experienced bomb which blasted on dining table making four of them stare their Dadii shockingly..
” Dadii what are you saying? “getting his voice Sanskar utter in disbelief
” you listen at once you are going to see bride for you “said Anuradha MAHESHWARI
Laksh ” Dadii.. It’s marriage of Sanskar Bhai and most importantly bride from Raizada family!!! What you thinking? “ask totally disbelief

” Laksh behave !!”come Dp Voice making.
” but Dad firstly it’s SANSKAR life how you all just said suddenly about all this marriage and mostly those RAIZADA!! “said Saras seriously getting on temper after yesterday adventure

” I know when I have to talk you four have made your career everything then what’s problem with marriage and about Sanskar sudden marriage proposal it is not at all suddenly it was made by Ram and Sujata..(SANSKAR parents) My younger brother wanted his marriage with Raizada daughter and now as he is successful and their daughter also made her life DEVYANI Ji and Maa have spoken with each other and Sanskar it’s your parents last wish ” telling the truth Dp stood up and walk feeling too much loss of his younger brother same goes with Anuradha who eyes turn moist in no second ..
” No body will force you SANSKAR it would be yours decesion of marriage that’s it ” saying this Ap left them and walk towards her Sasuma who is trying Hard to be strong

KUNJ keep his hand on Sanskar shoulder making him know that he is here for Sanskar but the state of mind of Sanskar is totally messed up “his parents last wish.. He never given anything to his parents but today knowing this.. Is he can give it? “and then he knows what marriage means being faithful towards your better half but he is a Casnova.. And he didn’t ashamed of it but right now thinking how much his parents would be ashamed looking from far away to him like this would be HURTED them and then that one girl whose thoughts making him to go insane not helping him much feeling SWARA like shadow making him groan in frustration and pain from past four years!!! ”


London, hotel Sunshine.. Room no 131

“What do you think you are doing “ask angry ANJALI sitting on bed putting her luggage aside..

” tughe kya lagta kya kar rhi hu “came sarcastic reply from Swara who was packing her luggage with sweeter,jeans and Scarfs

Khushi giggle at Anjali frustrated look passing another set of dress in her luggage she lastly pack up and threw herself on couch ” Why are you being angry AJ we are going to India then what’s the problem!! ”

” yes we are going to India I know but I also know you are going to Mumbai to meet your family and I am going to Raizada family to stay there but what about this madam!! “angry said ANJALI glaring at Swara who didn’t say or react anything ” Will you say a word RZ!!! Urf Sammie!!!”lastly frustrating with the silent

” ANJALI Di tu Kyu itna drama kr rhi hai!!! Mai Shimla ja rhi!! =BAS sunliya ” finally retording back Swara say it.

” Raizada again tracking?? “said amused Khushi making dumbfounded face
” K just stop making those faces! It’s just mountaineering what’s wrong in that and I don’t owne explaination to anyone ” giving a cold reply Swara finally over with her packing.
“but what about going back home!! “said anger ANJALI
” I will talk to them on phone..” Swara told matter of fact .
“I am going to Check out “saying this Khushi walk out leaving both of them with much needed space
” it’s been four years Sammie!! FOUR DAMM YEARS!!! even I have met with Chotte, Dadii, Chachi, Chacha, Ladoo, NK and Aakash.. They all miss you too hell. I always go to them in every six months or four months stay with then telling about you ..and a lie that you are happy.. And you not give this much courtesy to your family to go them once!! Even Khushi is meet her family once in a year then what is your problem!! Why are you giving punishment to your family because of that blo*dy Man!!! “outburst of ANJALI made Swara eyes shut in pain trying hard not to say back anything to ANJALI she look at Vase and then throw on led TV which shattered into pieces
Swara -I am not giving pain to them they are happy without me and it’s good, Now they know how to live without me, last four years made them learnt how to live without this Raizada!!! Shouting at the top of the voice
ANJALI – listen Sammie if you are still living in past then tell me the name of Bastard who made you hate yourself!! Tell me and then he will not be in this world!!
Swara shook her head – no ANJALI Di.. If I want him to die then he would be dead thousands times by me but No it was not his mistakes.. It was mine!!! I was the one who break the boundaries of my family, I was the one who fight with my own family for freaking out freedom before four years, I was the one who thought world is a fairy tale not like what Arnav Bhai said!!!!, I was the one who slapped that blo*dy bastard for kissing me not making a case of harrass or telling this to my brother,,,,, what I was thinking that I can manage myself having three elders brothers and reputed family.. I made my fate go wrong!! And you know what I didn’t hate that bastard he just shown me truth that what real world is!!! And now for betraying my family you think I will go back to them or can proudly look into their eyes!!! Barking back her misery she silently sat on bed her eyes were blank.. But her face was humiliated..
Anjali – I can’t change anything Sammie but atleast meet them once only for one day.. Just one day!!
Swara – let’s leave AJ I have to catch Shimla flight too declaring her decision that NO MEANS NO she grabbed her back.. And left the room
Khushi who come back look at both ANJALI and Swara..
Khushi – let’s leave!! Our flight is in half an hour


scene shift of Mumbai
gazing again in pool water staring at his reflection he didn’t think straight anymore.. His both brothers tried to make him open the door of his room but one shout and they are gone his Dadii came but he said he is OK.. She ask forgiveness, but who was he to forgive anyone, it’s been two hours and he just here staring at water.. Ragini came to tell him that she will see the groom if he didn’t have problem.. He didn’t say anything just nodded .he finally look at his mobile and the number then name “SWARA ” his small little sister, it’s been four years he never talks to her.. Whatever happens before four years he didn’t try to meet her once not even she come back to him they both are egoistic.. He always talk to Anjali Di knowing her whereabouts just asking one thing she is fine? And he got answer. He didn’t take any further information what she does and all??!!! But his family have taken and from them he came to know that she mountaineer climber!! It was shocked for everyone.. They all know that Swara is mad about mountain from her childhood but after Mom and dad death she lost that interest never talk about it and then her interest came in traveling job…!! For which she left this house and his money angrily .BUT now he wanted to talk to her just once he damm missed her not just what his Dadii said but because he is tired of all this egos between him and SWARA.glancing at his phone he call her.. “SWITCHED OFF “he just heard this.. Is he late for his sister ?NO Arnav Singh Raizada can never be loss not his sister who is his part of life, he have to meet her!! Just then he listens from his door HP who told him about arrival of Maheshwari well it would be NO from both the sides.

PRECAP – “meeting of Swasan “

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