RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to marriage episode 9 (blast dinner )


“Arjun Gadodia -bedmate -Aggggg!!!!!!! ”
These both words are running in Sanskar mind from when he left the party looking nothing but his empty room he wanted to scream!!! From past three hours he was just thinking about those words which are piercing his whole existence! Swara Singh is his! Her body! Her soul! Even Her breathe is HIS! SWARA Singh is most MINE! ONLYmine!!!!
Moving towards his walking closet he look around that small room which he made before four years. No body is allowed in this room nither family not made, because in this room he feel her, he have made her his life, his sole purpose to live keeping her dresses, her used bangles, her fluffy bathrobe, her towel everything!! He have people can think he is insane but for him it is only reason he is able to breathe ,he wants her for living! And now he will get her! He don’t give damm if she blo*dy slept with any man now because from this second she belongs to Sanskar Maheshwari and very soon she will be here, very soon!
being in deep thought Sanskar look at his mobile ringing “Mom ” flashes on screen
Sighing Sanskar cut the call muttering “first I have to stop all those crap marriage! And for reject that Raizada lady ,Well sorry mommy and daddy because your son is not going to marry anyone as his life is back! “chuckling Sanskar start being ready! His eyes went towards window glass where thunderstorm making way and the anticipation of heavy rainfall was all is going to happen “look my Swara today only I met you and now this rain, it’s going to long night! ”

Speeding his car as reckless driving he is changing gear tenth times, making its speed at high his brown eyes are red not with tears but hurt from past two hours he is driving like this nothing is making him sense.
“it’s Swara ASR not Shona because she is long dead ”

“it’s Swara ASR not Shona because she is long dead ”

“it’s Swara ASR not Shona because she is long dead ”

“it’s Swara ASR not Shona because she is long dead ”

“it’s Swara ASR not Shona because she is long dead ”

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!screaming his heart out Arnav Singh Raizada halt the break with a jerk making him almost dead but safe banging the car door he walk out standing on deserted road far from the city and crowd where just he and his loniless is there nature is not doing anything! Slowly slowly raindrops fall on his face leaning on car his eyes are gazing stars. Closing his eyes he welcomed that rain fall on him Making him drench. “You failed Arnav !!! You failed!!look ASR won what more than worst you wanted your ASR facade killed two soul that both innocent soul Arnav and Shona!!!! You killed them “screaming he break down falling on his knees his eyes are moist “Maa your Arnav didn’t fulfill his promise ,he killed his own sister soul, he killed her!!!! ”
“ASR as you said here we got details of Miss Raizada after leaving this country she flight to Greece but their one rich bastard used her and throw out of her his life then nobody knows where she gone for one year but after that she joined moutaining campus in Venice that”s all ASR we can’t able to find who was that Man, “getting information from private detective before two hours Arnav Singh Raizada know what happened was only his mistake because of his ego his sister innocense snatched from her and now he is here mourning .
“What I have done!!!
Arnav was not at all in his sense but listening car speeding sound towards him made him out of his self hatred, he look up to find one white SUV car against tree crashed lefting smoke from engine and the fuel is dropping and he have horrified expression because in few this car would blast without thinking too much runs towards the car only to find a girl on driving seat her head hit on steering he can’t able to see her face as he tried to open the door it’s lock “f**k!!!! “rain is not helping him at all but then he a iron rod at one side of road as soon as possible he got of it he broke back window of car and make move to bring out girl, that girl who felt sparking touch making her heart jump and her whole body shiver slightly open her Hazel eyes only to be welcome by unknown chocolate brown eyes -love -care -passion -trust -protection -possession all those feelings possessed those brown eyes consuming her hazel eyes to go inside the depth of it like ocean, his eyes are like ocean in which she can be lock them forever.


That horrible sound make Hazel eyes to come out of her thoughts meanwhile Arnav Singh Raizada lost himself in that very moment when his painful eyes met with soothing hazel eyes making him to feel that everything would be alright and the blast only make him come back to sense!! Arnav have carried her to his car as making her sit on passenger seat he look behind her car has blasted .

“Tum theek ho? “unable to think about what would have happened if he didn’t save her making his death heart to cried, he is totally blown by her beauty and most importantly her mesmerizing Green Hazel eyes.

“Huh? “she was so much shocked for her that she didn’t listen him but when she saw him concerned face and worried eyes she comes back to sense ” Has woh bus my forhead is little paining! ”
Arnav eyes to her head where blood is oozing and the rain is becoming more heavily looking dangerous whether “the whether is not good and I don’t have any first aid kit ,we have to go somewhere firstly moving out from this place! “looking at her confused eyes he ask “OH! I am Arnav and you? ”
She smiled a little bit replying “Khushi and will you please just drop me off my friend place! ”
Arnav hesistatly agreed not knowing why he didn’t like the way she is asking him to left her and there Arnav Singh Raizada didn’t know when he got a strength and peace to make everything right ……his happiness.
After one hour.. RAIZADAS mansion
Standing infront of Raizada Mansion again made Durga Prasad Maheshwari to again get splash of past and now going to face those people is not making any good sense but he have to complete his brother last wish and then he have his wife Annapurna besides him,his mother Anuradha MAHESHWARI and his childrens -Saras, Sanskar, Laksh, Khushi, Kunj who were beside him .
As they were welcomed by Devyani Raizada and her son Manohar Raizada with his wife Manorma Raizada there was a strange awkward but still. Leading to living room everyone settled down.
Ragini, NK and Aakash were in coming downstairs after getting to know about arrival of Maheshwari family.
Devyani Raizada look at Ragini – “Ragini come here”
Ragini hesistatly sit beside her Dadii smiling sheeply but then her eyes went to Laksh who is looking straight in her eyes with warning. But she just wink at him making him clench his fist.
Manohar look around -Aakash beta where Chotte?
“CHOTTE!! “there comes a loud voice of Khushi
“Am sorry uncle but who is Chotte here? “said confused Khushi.
While Kunj and Sanskar are too confused leaving Laksh and Saras who already knew.
“My brother Arnav Singh Raizada as you can call him ASR “replied arrogantly Ragini making Khushi look amused
“OH! I thought some kid! Strange “coming back with her mocking tone Khushi made it clear that first war is started .
All boys look at two girls giving cold shoulder to each other infront of families.
ANNAPURNA glare at Khushi while said “Ragini beta you have already met Sanskar in some bussissnes party so you both should talk to each other ”
Ragini smile a little “yes Auntie but we didn’t talk much so I just know about his business! ”
Sanskar shook his head ” Yes Mom we really didn’t get to know each other as personal! ”
Anuradha MAHESHWARI – So why don’t you both go and see the mansion with your siblings and get to know each other!
Well this was what both Raizada and Maheshwari wanted to get alone without any elders.
“then we should wait for Nannav “said NK looking at everyone’s fighting mode.
And just then Arnav Singh Raizada walk downstairs holding his mobile and barking order on poor Aman Mathur “dammit I know it’s been years but find out, I am not giving you money for lame excuses and book your flight for Greece ! What the!!! Aman you are fired!! “hanging up the call Arnav felt many eyes on him as he turned only to be welcome by some scaring and hatred eyes while warmth eyes too! “not bad ASR you shown your office skills infront of your and other family!! “thinking sarcastically .he walk towards only to be clashed with shocked Hazel eyes which made him it’s shocked.
Aakash said” Bhai you OK? ”
Arnav nodded absently looking shocked whispering “Khushi? “under his breathe.
NK look at his friend staring his brother confusingly he said “oh Nannav she is Khushi Maheshwari and here Miss Maheshwari he is my our Chotte I mean ASR! ”
And they both were dumbfounded but immediately composed themselves.
Manorma Raizada” Now if you all are done and Arnav bitwa is also here so go and see mansion.!! ”
Arnav who was fuming in anger didn’t say anything.
“Bhai woh let’s go Dadii and elder ask us to go for sight seeing the mansion with them “said Aakash making it clear
Arnav nodded not wanting to create any problem infront of elders.
Kunj “then let’s go!! “trying to create enthusiasm while NK also join him “Yes it would be fun!! ”
Swara who was standing at entrance heard all this and simply walk inside only to be stopped by DEVYANI Raizada
“SWARA stop! “said her Dadii
While Sanskar look at her shockingly but then smile
Swara rolled her eyes in frustration.
“She is my youngest granddaughter Swara Singh Raizada! ”
And then Sanskar Maheshwari just look on with the biggest truth of his life.
SARAS was the one who ask “but we never saw her in the city? ”
Swara look at him with interest replying “Dadii who is the groom of Ragini Di? ‘
Khushi who already know about Swara Singh Raizada coming question replied “Raizada it’s my elder brother Sanskar Maheshwari ”
Swara silently nodded but then said ” have a nice dinner! “saying this she walk out not giving any heed.
Arnav ” I have some work ”
DEVYANI Raizada halt and command her both grandchild “Arnav and Swara we have guest and I will appreciate if you both come for dinner Now! ”
Swara stopped at the track while Arnav also didn’t say anything.
Manohar Raizada look at everything happening and then glance at Durga Prasad Maheshwari who himself was irritated with their children “Why don’t we have dinner first then we all can sit in lawn! ‘
Well it was decesion more than suggestions.

At dining hall…
After settling there. There was silence before storm like! As the elders were in living area itself saying to join in some time yongers were looking at each other at one side Maheshwari were settled another side Raizada
Khushi was the one who break the silence – thank you Mr Raizada for saving my life!
All look surprised and confused
Arnav just nodded curtly
Laksh – KHUSHI what you mean? Saving life?
Khushi – Laksh Bhai Mr Raizada has saved from accident before few hours if he were few moments late then I would have gone and please all bro don’t start panicking I am alright now!
SARAS – thanks!
Arnav was shocked listening SARAS but just said- it’s OK make sure you teach your sister to drive car next time!
Khushi look at him fuming in anger – What did you say!!! I know how to drive OK!! It was just accident .
Arnav replied in his ASR Tone – Yaa Right it was your f**kING driving that in few seconds you would have blasted with your good for nothing car! And don’t dare to use that tone !
Khushi -OH you are some kind of governer that I honored you and you have cheated me by saying just your name Arnav!!!! Where the hell your Singh Raizada gone!!
All siblings look amused by this fight.
Sanskar – let it be Khush these RAIZADA always like to stop there name at Singh !!
Swara who didn’t was saying anything until now give angry glare at Sanskar – Why Mr casnova MAHESHWARI any problem with our not giving surname!! But we are not betrayal like you Maheshwari!!
Sanskar – don’t dig out past!! It was your mistake!
Banging the table Swara stood up and said – My mistake you blo*dy scoundrel jerk asshol!!!! You betrayed me and it was mine mistake !!!! And here you are claiming to marry my sister!!! How dare you bastard!!!
Sanskar – language Miss so called RAIZADA it was you who betrayed me and I just give you tit for tat!! Said stooding up
Swara – I betrayed you!!!!! blo*dy f**k it was you who ask me to leave!!!
Sanskar – so you just left!!!! Huh!!! It was you who was screaming in your mobile I love you K!!!!! what was that who the blo*dy K was that you didn’t thought for me once if I ever get that K!! I will kill that bastard!!

Khushi look on at her brother shocked

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