RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to marriage episode 8 (my hubby )


Hotel Orchid, pool side party
Arjun Gadodia stand few distant from his lioness and college friend they both are precious to him and now knowing something is between them didn’t make him too much time to brough them face to face and now having a fun. Where his college friend Sanskar Maheshwari is having broken lover face and his lioness is well done masking her real feelings from even his eyes, so she is unpredictable.

Sanskar taken aback by her statement “mere stranger “what the blo*dy hell!!!
Swara took a deep breath – thank you Mister for few seconds company! Now I should go to my bedmate! Saying this she turned away but stopped by his voice
“Is that because of my betrayal Swara! Listen I don’t know what you have done in this four years but after getting you I am not going to tolerate any Man around you because you are Sanskar Maheshwari everything! “declaring his right he look vulnerable and HURTED from core of his heart
“Mister as I said I don’t like strangers, so be in your f**kING limits! “trying very hard to control her anger Swara bit back saying anything else
“You know what limits are MINE from past four years I am finding you like a watching dog and you dispair like never existed, I was frustrated so I said all that in my anger but what you did without fighting back chose to leave me!! Alone!! I am egoistic nature and you know it very well and your slapping and rejection was big blow on my ego. “confession which he was holding from past four years made their way to her
” Stop it OK we both are not in your blo*dy bedroom and I have my reputation so stop your f**king drama before I slapped you black and blue and don’t you listen it I am Arjun gadodia bed mate .you know that meaning right he and me completely given each other every night and… “Swara know she is hurting this Man beyond limits but she don’t care even if this men die also because now nothing make her hurt especially not this particular Maheshwari!! So before she could complete her venom words Sanskar raised his hand indicating her to stop ,his eyes are dangerously red and his knuckles are white looking hurted lion
“This time you will not able to free from my clutches and your place will be only there where you always belong to! On my bed with your bare body covered with blue satin sheets and I am inside you or on you which will you decide is that clear !!whispering his words he left the place without even glancing her once.
Swara Singh Raizada blink her eyes trying hard to digest his words and honestly of his words. He is damm truthful and honest with his eyes and words and now she can see it .He is stubborn she knows it too well but what now, he will get her by hook or crook but he didn’t know one thing about her she is no more that naive and innocent Swara Singh whom he knows.
“BEDMATE!! woah my life one of biggest lies!! Smirking at her Arjun give her much needed drink but Swara refuse it and turned to face him
“Why you lied to me about this unpleasant meeting with this blo*dy rascal and why you make me face this blo*dy creature! “angrily jerking his hands Swara cross her arms infront of her chest waiting for appropriate explanation.
“you should be thankful to me that I made you met to your lover whom you miss like hell! “innocently said Arjun making Swara rolled her eyes “Now stop it and tell me about your meeting with your family and most importantly how you stopped for your holidays ?”
She didn’t say for some time trying to get over it what have happened..
“Happy Birthday bedmate see you soon may be! “enough of her words Swara left behind grinning Arjun gadodia. “so Swara Singh Raizada you are change but not that much to distance from me! And we will meet soon! And then he resumed to his party.
Lunch break means office staff only be at canteen so nobody would be there in office working side except SARAS MAHESHWARI cabin .who is lonely sitted in his Cabin doing his office works but his thoughts was still on his Dadii Anuradha MAHESHWARI decesion!! Why wouldn’t it he knows something is wrong because his family who is known as traditional family of Malwadi samaj is going to see younger brother marriage alliance before elder brother, it doesn’t mean he wanted to be married but this one thing struck in his mind and the relationship between family is not at all some things to forget !! Hearding a knock he look up surprised that no one be here in this hour but when his eyes caught the figure infront of him. A smile appear on his face !!holy freak how much he was miss her! !!
“Anju finally you Grace your Man with your presence !”said cheerfully Saras
While ANJALI just laugh and hug him tightly ” don’t think too much because your wife is also missing you like hell !!!!!hubby! ”

Hotel orchid ,pool side party
Payal Gupta walk towards the pool side party as given by instructions of Aakash Singh Raizada changing her outfit as per his taste, he cope up with his conference meeting after a wild passionate after noon and what she supposed to do trying hard not to cry and gulped it as a pleasure. But the reality is she wanted to scream in pain, her legs are given up to walk for a second and she still didn’t feel it’s the mistake of Aakash because she knows it is his reality which he only came infront of her and from past two years she is paying for loving him insanely and no regrets. Passing out of crowd she was about to fall when a soft touch hold her hand “Are you OK? “Payal turn to look at lady who is asking about her wearing blue designer dress and looking beautiful. Nodding her she smiles at her gratitude. “I don’t think you are OK!! and if you don’t mind you can skip this party nothing is important more than your health! “suggesting her that beautiful lady make her sit nearby chair. Payal Gupta was just absorbing her selfless act. Taking a glass of water from the lady Payal gulped it down while the lady sit beside her a bit disturbed. “you also not looking fine! “stating the fact Payal look at discomfort face which quickly covered by blank expression it shocked Payal how could someone changes her emotions so quickly. “Nothing its just I don’t like parties “lady said

“Hey PJ !!!!!”both NK and Khushi exclaimed from behind making Payal and the lady look at them
“Sammu!! ”
“Raizada!! ”
Both NK and Khushi look shockingly and confused.. Well Khushi was 100% sure about Swara going for Shimla while NK was totally taken aback by his sister (no one knows that Swara live with Anjali and Khushi as per everyone knows that Anjali is in touch with SWARA so she always meet her)
Swara look keenly at his brother who is seems shocked if it was her old self she would have jump on him but now this Swara is conscious.
“Hi NK Bhai and K! “said in calm and cool voice eyeing at Khushi who was not looking good at seeing Payal and her mind knows something is fishy.
NK hugged her tightly ” Sammu I missed you Man!!! We all missed!! You have taken your all anger on us!! ”
Hugging him back Swara whisper” NK Bhai we can talk about it later! ”
NK break the hug understanding and then he look up Payal who seem confused “PJ you don’t her she is my sister Swara Singh Raizada and Sammu she is Payal Gupta my friend and Aakash girlfriend “introducing the two woman NK step back but he didn’t notice the tension between three ladies who were staring at each other.
“I think no body is going to introduce me here! “smirking at them Arjun gadodia appear from nowhere making environment lighten. “Hello Miss Gupta! “that sarcasm of Arjun Voice made Payal off guard while NK look confused by the Arjun tone but thinking of his one lawyer antics he said “Here we have our birthday Man!! Dude this party seem boring! And you are nowhere with us buddy! ”
Arjun eyes who were still on particular Payal Gupta didn’t listen a word from NK but Payal discomfort under his gaze didn’t wanted to be here more coughing hard due to water she broke his heated from her.
Khushi “Payal you OK? I think Payal should rest for some time and I am also exhausted by journey so now birthday Man we will meet again soon and bye NK and Raizada! “holding Payal hand Khushi silently exit from there making a good excuse.
Swara mentally note to not talk about this matter!! But the look of NK and Arjun made her to cut the crap out discussion about this small uncomfortable meeting which link Payal Gupta -Arjun gadodia -KHUSHI Maheshwari -Aakash Singh Raizada!!
“I will be back guys with drinks “Arjun left from there not wanting any comment from Swara.
NK now look at Swara “so how is your life? “ask with sadness
Swara shook her head after a long time she is having some civil talk without any emotions and betrayal. “it’s great NK Bhai.and every time I travel different places which makes me feel my dreams for which I left you all “it was her casual tone.
“you know Sammu if I would be here I didn’t allow you to go but completing my degree in London and coming back only to surprise you all I have came one week before but when I enter in Mansion it was my day of shocked that you left me or say Nannav that easily. I still don’t believe how can you and Nannav hate each other and no body tell me what went wrong? Behind my and Ragini back! We both were out of India. Aakash always left the topic .Nannav has his anger not wanting to talk and our elders never say a word!! ”
Sighing Swara say calmly “NK Bhai it was past and now we all are happily living our life let’s not go there. And I still didn’t met with Aakash Bhai and Ragini Di? ”
“and what about your bhaiyu? “ask NK in pain expression
“it’s ASR NK Bhai for me it was always ASR! “biting out her anger she look at shocked NK “I think we should look for Aakash Bhai, what say!”saying this she goes towards reception area living shocked NK thinking “she is changed and totally matured!! She is not my Sammu! ”


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