RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to marriage episode 7 (Am I know you )


“bhaiyu Ragini again taken my doll!!! ”
^^i will get you new one shona but stop crying you are my strong baby sister ^^^

“bhaiyyu Papa and Mumma!!!! I want papa and Mumma!!! ”
^^^they are betrayed us shona and now they will never come back but you have me from now I am your papa and Mumma ^^^

“bhaiyyu I have gotten job in traveling to Greece and now I don’t want your one penny of money!!! ”
^^^^Shona you will regret but now I don’t want you to be in this house for one sec just get the hell out dammit ^^^^

Abhi mujh mein kahin
Baaqi thodi si hai zindagi
Jagi dhadkan nayi
Jaana zinda hoon main toh abhi
Kuch aisi lagan iss lamhe mein hai
Ye lamha kahaan tha mera
Ab hai saamne
Issey chhoo loon zaraa
Mar jaaoon ya jee loon zaraa
Khushiyaan choom loon
Yaa ro loo’n zaraa
Mar jaaun ya jee loon zaraa

Arnav Singh Raizada is still at the moment all those harsh memories flashing in his mind where he have lost everything most importantly his precious shona and now looking at her. He wanted to stand like this whole life only to see his sister again infront of him after damm four years.

Swara slide the mobile in side the bag, she is trying to stop her emotions, trying to get grip infront of her family her brother who was her Papa and Mumma. She didn’t want to break down and she will not. She Has learned to hide her emotions in these four years.

Gripping tightly on her bag and emotions Swara Singh Raizada take a step inside the mansion her eyes are devoid of any emotions and her face is just blank. Arnav Singh Raizada taken aback by this gesture and something is changed which he can easily guess but what? Her face is same but her face were expressive which he can read easily but not this time!

Swara look at her brother expressionless face which is covering his queries and confusion she understands it and now standing infront of him after four years is too much for her.
“Dadi ask me to be here for Ragini marriage “Swara stated her reason to be here and most importantly trying to be normal because she is not, it’s hurting her from inside not to cry and tell her mesieries to her brother.

Arnav blink to get reminded what she said it was like she is not wanting to be here. “Shona Dadii is inside! “he said in his ASR way trying hard not to be soft before knowing what she is hiding from him.

“it’s Sammie ASR not any Shona because she is long dead “and then she walk away without even once glancing at her brother shocked face.
Scene shift of temple
Giving last food packet to begger Ragini smile and walk downstairs. Recalling her Dadii asking for marriage and related with Maheshwari it didn’t go well with her but she knows her answer its “NO ” taking Pooja thal from shop keeper she goes inside the temple but stopped at the track seeing a familiar figure sitting at bench with a small girl. She unknowingly walk towards them and then recognizing Laksh Maheshwari face she stop but didn’t move away.

“why are you crying small baby? “ask cheerfully Laksh wiping tears strands of small girl.
“woh woh.. My Mummy left me, when I ask my Papa to call mummy he said she will never come back, why??? My friend mummy said that if we ask something from god he will fulfill it because he can never reject small children call but nothing happened. It’s been two days I have ask god to send my Mumma but no one came “hiccuping hard small girl clutch Laksh shirt tightly and hugged him.
“you know your mummy never gone far from you! “said Laksh breaking hug and wiping her tears “your mummy was good human that’s why she gone to god but who said she gone far away from you !!”
“what sachii bhaiyya where is she then why can’t I see her “looking here and there little girl now only want her mummy to see

“she will come to you in night as a star. You know the most twinkling stars would be your mummy who will always see you from far away. But you have to promise me that you will never cry for your mummy because your mummy will not like her little baby to see like this and then she also would be upset “helding her both small hand laksh caress her face and explain her patience
“I promise bhaiyya I will not cry anymore and also Tonight I will see my mummy because of you “smiling small girl kiss Laksh cheek clapping her hands in excitement
“OK baba now go to your papa he would be missing you! “Laksh kiss her for head and then little girl run away making Laksh laugh at her antics.

Ragini wipe her tears was about to leave but stopped by Laksh hand.
” Why are you crying? “Laksh ask in concern
“Why you will now try to make me happy with your philosophy! “Ragini snapped
“I don’t mind! Care to explain “sitting back on bench he waited for a most unbelievable conversation between two enemies
Ragini sat beside him “nothing just become emotional and you should be happy after all without doing much you make me cry! ”
“Yaa I know.. Miss Raizada if you were not my enemy then I would have marry you “looking straight in her eyes Laksh confess

“Wh..what! “Ragini look at him in disbelief
” Yes and most importantly tonight our families are going to meet for your alliance with my brother making me not to kill my own brother for enemy!! And I want you to say NO if you not wanting to be widow before marriage “clearing his inner turmoil Laksh look at sky not bothering to see shocking Ragini who is trembling in fear.
Composing herself “if I say YES then you will kill your own brother. Well I don’t have any problem if one of you siblings dead by my one YES. “smirking at his angry face RAGINI patt her back with mind blowing replied.

“you know what Now I will make anything possible to make you mine! Because you are meant to be mine!! Take care sweetheart! ! Saying LAKSH left the place while Ragini grinning stupidly thinking “if you are going to make me your then I don’t have any problem because I am already attracted to you Mr stubborn ”

After two hours
Hotel orchid, pool side party
Khushi reached the bar area only to be greeted by young man looking sinful handsome like NRI ,he smile looking at her. She is also not backward winking at him she sit beside taking red wine.
“You should try Vodka beautiful! “flirting with his husky voice he said in friendly gesture
“Hmm but I like red wine !it make me feel suberp!! “said Khushi smiling at him
“by the way I never saw you here. “ask taking another sip of drink
“Well I am here after one year. And now I would like to introduce myself Khushi! “said forwarding her hand towards him.

Man smile ” hello Khushi, nice name. Myself Nikhil and friends call me NK! And now we are friends right! “shaking his hand with her
“OK Mister NIKHIL Singh Raizada if your drama is over then pay for my drink!! “bursting into laughter Khushi and NK look at each other then the retreating figure of Sanskar who was about to come here but stopped by the urgent phone call..

“Khush !! When you return and why this drama? “ask confused NK to his friend
” Abey NK if my brother has saw you and me together then I would have gone and you know right we have to hide our friendship with other families!! “stating a fact they both enjoying their drinks
“OK now where is Anjali Di? I really miss her!! “cheering his friend from family drama he ask
” I don’t know, she would already left for your house and now tell me what is the new matter my Bhai and your sister marriage? “ask gritted Khushi trying hard to be cool. “and which sister of yours!”
“OH! That let it be Khush. I really pissed off with this new decesion Dadii is making Nannav and Ladoo both angry don’t know why? And now Anjali Di is here but she can do least. Only one person can make Dadii decesion cancelled! ”
“Swara Singh Raizada! But whatever I have known from you and AJ it is clear that Raizada would kill herself but don’t dare to go to Raizada mansion again! And this your matter. I can’t say a word. “giving up on her words Khushi look around the party where everyone enjoying in alcohol
” whatever it takes. This marriage would never happen and it would be final tonight! “said NK matter of fact

Sanskar smirk at his sister drama who is now openly laughing and talking with her last eight years of friend NK. Well he knows his sister in and out. And their friendship specially the bond between Khushi, NK, Anjali and Lavanya. These four are inseparable. Shooking his head he gaze around looking for Arjun gadodia and then he spot him near pool wearing black jeans and white sweat shirt with red scarf hugging a woman he can’t properly see her face but the woman is made for his eyes pleasure. Wearing blue miniskirt upto her knees and her bare legs are too much for handling then his eyes fell on her foot which covered in black heels and the desire to see those milky foot has aroused in him, his eyes traveled up on her long brown highlighted hair with black, how he badly wanted to touch those strands his palm hitched, her curves from behind are perfect. How her waist would be feel when he touch her with lips. And then now he wanted to see her more than anything!!! WHAT!! How could think like that for mere a woman .when he even not see her face!! All this type of desire is only cane for Swara Singh!! Then what now he is doing!!! Ahhhhh again that frustrating desire!!! Taking a deep breath he is now behind this utterly beautiful woman.
“Excuse me, Mr gadodia! “came a bussissnes tone word from Sanskar trying hard not grabbed this woman and make her turn to him.

Arjun smirk at the condition of his both friends “Mr Maheshwari I am just coming in minute if you don’t mind can you give company to my bedmate! “saying this Arjun gadodia turned and left Sanskar shocked and hurt face. And when the woman turned to face his whole world crushed in this one moment, feeling like betrayed and shattered come to his face and when somewhere he felt like breaking thing in chest! That good for nothing pumping organ is like broken!!!, his hands are sweating like never before, his eyes are moist wanting to cried his heart out and those word “bedmate “is echoing in whole existence making him stamble on week knees and only one he could say in whisper “Why Swara? ”

And Swara Singh Raizada felt like slapping this Man thousand times but seeing his eyes moist and face emotions ,she didn’t thought to meet him again in her life. So she said what came in her mind “Am I know you Mister? And Yaa my bedmate I mean Arjun.. Is too much weird! Left me with a mere stranger! ”


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