RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to marriage episode 6


RAIZADAS mansion, scene of pool side of Arnav room
“Arnav bhaiyya Dadii Ji is calling you to her room and Maheshwari family is coming in some time “repeating his word Hari prakash went from there after his master curt nod.

Arnav Singh Raizada clench his fist not in anger but disgust. Maheshwari are nothing more than disgusting!! But now his Dadii DEVYANI Raizada is absolutely adamant to make him lashed out his last sanity on her,he respect his Dadi more than anything which makes him to throw his own sister out of his mansion, he is still regret but never showed. He known his Dadi too well that what she is doing making Ragini emotional blackmail to carry on with MAHESHWARI family Son. As like he will make it possible not in her wild dreams. He known to be Heartless monster then let it be .if his Dadi wants to play with Ragini life.

Then two can play this game.

Banging the door behind ASR walk like a lion to his Dadii room.

Hotel Orchid., Mumbai
Auction for beauty of nature and Animals.

“this place is awesome Aku!! “repeating the same thing nth Time NK didn’t feel bored after having the blast in Raizada mansion between Dadii and Nannav.. And after knowing MAHESHWARI family arrival on dinner. He felt annoyed with his Dadii unpredictable decesion both families know the rivalry between them because of that past then why his grandma is hell bent on making Nannav angry is too much!! And for that peace of mind he silently came with Aakash to this auction. Which is now seems boring. But nothing can do.
” I know NK Bhai you are not interested in all these but Dadii wanted Bhai alone in Mansion with for some talk. So we have to left from there “stating the reason Aakash Singh Raizada silently observe his brother who is trying to be happy but remain tired. “Why don’t you come go to pool side area of this hotel. I will join in some time ” suggesting him to walk out from this place Aakash again continue with the auction paintings.

NK thought and then nodded ” I will be there “saying this he left the place asking waiter for the direction of pool side area.
Aakash again engrossed in one of famous painting of MF HUSAIN stating about shadow of darkness .He likes this type of painting where he can see the real meaning of darkness. Tracing his finger on painting trying best not to go back to past he started walking away from the painting but stopped by familiar hand. He knew the touch turning he look up black Gown drapped figure woman having brown hair left to make her beauty more than anything ” You are following me Payal Gupta? “sounding meschivous and naughty he ask his girlfriend.
“Payal Gupta don’t need to be get permission for stalking after a rich CEO of AR industry who is MINE! “replying in her playful mood Payal peck his lips and hug him.
” How was your Chennai trip? ” Aakash ask Payal while walking to the corner of hall escape from the eyes of people.

“it was suberp!! You know capturing beautifull moment in my camera is my sole passion !! And being professional photographer is like living your own dreams!! “sharing her happiness with Aakash is her best moment in her life more then her career which she will tell him once at right time .”and you know in two weeks there would be charity program for orphan children and our team has got the contract. Hey I have to tell this NK and Kunj “feeling stiff body of Aakash in her embrace she get it that mistakenly she blurted out her boyfriend rival name which he never wanted to listen “I mean Kunj and Laksh are also working with us .you know right I will be with NK. Please don’t be upset “trying very hard to control her sadness Payal hugged Aakash tightly. He is world for her and if he ask her to leave this project she will agree without any regrets but still she hopes
“Payal it’s alright I know how much this important for you and besides I will appreciate if you have told me before signing the contract “controlling his inner turmoil he calmly explained that he will not tolerate this again. Payal nodded getting his warning.
Aakash caresses her cheeks with his thumb driving her crazy benting low he whispered “you know how much I missed you “Payal understand that his boyfriend is in need of solace nodding her head she said ” I am ready !”and then he take her where he wanted.

All this was witnessed by Khushi Maheshwari who had landed in India before two hours with Anjali and Swara lefting them both she directly come here to meet her brother Sanskar Maheshwari after getting a message from KUNJ about alliance and most importantly bride from Raizada it shocked her but without saying one word in front of ANJALI and most importantly SWARA Singh RAIZADA. She hurriedly come here to meet Sanskar and has been waiting for him for ten minutes leaning on pillar but after surprising spotting her best friend Payal Gupta with Aakash Singh RAIZADA and very much dominated conversation from Aakash Singh Raizada side made her eyes in furry and anger. And then seeing her best friend blind so called love for this Man is totally turned her to do everything in her will power not to smash that dominated Man head with one of painting!!! Cooling down her patience she saw them walking towards reception area and taking room key. Well she is not someone to say inbetween her best friend life but she will talk, definitely.

Khushi closing her eyes muttered “seriously that Raizada is really belongs to these Aakash Singh Raizada sister, so much dominance and arrogant they have fill in their blood ”
“How is my happiness “someone whispers close to Khushi ears making her jumbed but then when she saw the person she smile ” I am fine Sanskar Bhai. How is your life ?”coming to the direct point is the result of RAW agent training and hundred of mission.

“Whoa no hug., no nothing direct on my collar well my happiness is mature now! “chuckling a little Sanskar sense Khushi unbother and hard expression ” Payal Gupta is not your responsibility KHUSHI and living a life on your terms is the Moto which we five siblings followed blindly. So you don’t have to think hard “saying seriously Sanskar side hug his sister.
” I know Sanskar Bhai and I am taking it as suggestions not to ask anything from Payal but what about you? I have got to know about you didn’t protesting against Dad or Dadii. Is there something wrong? “blurting out her anguish and curiosity Khushi waited for appropriate answer

“I want to be settled after seeing Mom and dad concerned on my personal life I have decided to go for it. And about RAIZADA bride, I don’t care if Dadii wanted this marriage then I am ready and most importantly it is last wish of our dead parents “clearing his throat he said it all when he look into his sister eyes who were now moist he didn’t say a word just hugged her tightly while she sobbed a little. ” and now please Happiness stop crying and tell me about your visit Here !! And now I will not tolerate your absence because of that foolish dance academy of Venice! And where is your friend Anjali? “diverting a topic Sanskar take his sister to sitting area
” Well Bhai I am here for two months!!! And about AJ she would be coming around but now tell me about the girl who we are going to see in evening!!?? “Khushi has already crossed her finger hoping it would be her Raizada name then she will be the most happiest sister in the world because whenever they have between the family Swara is her favorite cutting her flaws
“stop it Khushi and I don’t know her name and it doesn’t matter we were already going tonight so you can see her and ask her name!! But now let’s go for enjoyment happiness!! Here is Pool side party and one of top lawyer of Asia Arjun Gadodia is celebrating his birthday and I have gotten his invite so why not let’s enjoy!! ”
Khushi jump in happiness and shouted “Birthday boy here we come!! ”

Outside of Raizada mansion
Swara look at her mobile and then mansion accepting the call
“you are still alive lioness! “came a husky voice of her best buddy
Swara chuckle “Yaa I am devil and now standing infront of my house observing it ”
“f**k!!! what are you doing there!! Just get the hell out before your family look you!! “said frustrated Arjun
” well bad luck devil ASR is standing in front of me with his glory looking straight in my eyes trying to read me “came a dead reply of Swara Singh RAIZADA where her whole being twisted only by her elder brother Arnav Singh Raizada one look who is standing in front of her trying hard to know what is in her mind.
“it’s my birthday party so be here in an hour “cutting the call Arjun smile devilishly

PRECAP -swasan meeting

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