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Sanskar – Swara I… I… Am..
Swara glare at him and said – just get lose Mr MAHESHWARI otherwise I don’t remember that K is your sister and I will make sure whatever you did it happen with your sister… Same..
Sanskar stunned at her threatening.

Sanskar angrily reply – stop it Swara and I am sorry for saying all that to you and now listen carefully Miss Raizada you are going to marry me and it’s an order if you don’t want forced marriage then simple come down and say YES!!! get it. Because you are mine!!! Saying this he left leaving shocked Swara.

Swara clench her fist said greething her teeth – like f**k I will say YES what you did with me now I will make you rot in hell bastard and now I am not old Swara who will listen your any bl**dy nonsense. It’s RZ.. Agent RZ and now I will make your breath like hell.
Taking out her iPhone 6 she call someone ” I need your help! “and she cut the call.
Living area..
Devyani Raizada and Anuradha MAHESHWARI looking at the youngsters smiling at them. When Swara came down all look at her direction.
Manorma Raizada – Swara bitiya come sit sit.
Swara sat beside her she felt sanskar heated gaze on her but she didn’t look at him.
Arnav whose eyes are not leaving Khushi who is also lost in his eyes .
Laksh give a smirk at Ragini who knew he is thinking about Temple talk.
Kunj, Saras, NK and Aakash were confused that what going to happen and whose marriage is going to happen!!

Dp – so Ragini and Sanskar what you both decided?
Ragini immediately said – NO!
Well she didn’t even thinking once to marry this Casnova type and when two swords are hanging around her neck one is of Swara and another is of Cyco hottie Man LAKSH!

Ap smile vanished but she still said sweetly – OK that’s fine Sanskar your decision?
Sanskar look at Swara said – YES! I wanted to marry Miss Raizada and if she didn’t like me then we can spend some time to know each other.
Well Manohar and Manorma Raizada along with Dp and Ap didn’t expected Sanskar “yes ” but Anuradha MAHESHWARI and DEVYANI Raizada know whom he is saying “yes ” .
Ragini look at Swara who don’t even react when Ragini elbow her to say something SWARA smile and said – Ragini Di I think you should give some time to know Sanskar Ji if you like him then he would be my JIJAJI!!
Well this was totally unexpected for Sanskar and even everybody too!!!
Sanskar fume in anger while Laksh didn’t get what this particular Raizada Doing ???!!!!
Arnav said in ASR tone – I think Ragini decesion is made and Swara he is no one JIJAJI so don’t relate him with anything!
SARAS mentally noted that ARNAV is siding Sanskar but he thinks Swara is right at her place so he said – there is no harm to relate anybody and Swara is totally right if Ragini spend time with Sanskar then she can understand him and after that we can decide!
Well this is serious blow for Swara too! Who don’t even expected SARAS to side her but she is happy!!
Devyani Raizada is totally amazed what is happening but she is satisfied that relationship are somewhat improve so she decided – Ragini and Sanskar should spend time with each other and we can talk about this next month! And listen their decision after that!

All elders agreed but younger were gazing each other.
“HELLO FAMILIES! “came a devil voice made them to turn towards entrance where none other than the hot shot successful lawyer Arjun Gadodia is standing with devilish smile.
Aakash stiffened hard looking at him while Sanskar clench fist in annoyed!
Arnav smile – Hey Arjun you here!
Arjun come towards them and see Swara who mouthed “thanks ” he smirk.
Arjun – Yaa I am here for meeting my girlfriend!
Well it made four Man to glare him with anger “Sanskar, Laksh, Aakash, even Arnav who is now thinking that he is Khushi boyfriend same with Laksh! ”
Ap – Girlfriend?
Swara said standing up – Yes Arjun proposed me six months before when we met accidentally and now when I am here I wanted to announce it officially.
Well now no one is having any reaction other then stunned.

Swara – Dadi if you don’t mind!
Devyani Raizada look at her granddaughter who played well because Sanskar is boiling in anger – Swara this not joke!
Arjun – this is not joke said sincerely.
Which made everyone silence.
SARAS, NK who were totally Swara side was now controlling their laugh while Ragini, Arnav, Laksh, Sanskar, Aakash, Kunj is totally wanted to kill Arjun at that second but devil is devil!!
Arjun hold Swara hand and said – I know I am alone in the world but from now Swara Singh Raizada would be my world I will not leave any stone to make MY SWARA happy. It’s my promise to you Swara!!
“promise my a*s!! ‘” the same thought came in Sanskar, Arnav, Khushi, Saras, Ragini, Laksh, KUNJ, NK and Aaksh !!!

Swara eyes turn moist – I know about it and I trust you!
“SERIOUSLY!!! “except elders all youngers thought!!
Manorma Raizada said emotional – yes from me Swara bitiya and Arjun beta you both always together like this. For next seven birth!!
” offcource where Lioness there Devil ” that was thought of Swara and Arjun who were giving devilish grin to other making their temper above high!
Dp didn’t like what happened he wanted Swara as his daughter in law more than anything!! From one glimpse of Swara he knows that she is the only one who can make MAHESHWARI bussissnes at top more than SARAS and Sanskar! Because she is looking minded and have charm of DEV RAIZADA her Dad!! Tone of her mother MEERA Raizada!! So he thought something.
Dp – I think RAGINI should live in our house with SWARA then we can make both of them I mean Sanskar and Ragini to make a good decision!
” love you dad ” cane a evil smile on Sanskar and Laksh.
“well played “this was both Dadii thought!!
Swara look at Mr MAHESHWARI with frown but before she say something.
Devyani Raizada smile – no we don’t have any problem!
Manohar said – if you don’t mind then I want Khushi bitiya hand for our son.
Well this ARNAV and KHUSHI to get blown and now Swara knew what she have to do!!
Swara smirk and said – yeah Aakash and Khushi looking made for each other!!
” it’s say tit for tat!!”came devil thought of Swara and Arjun just wanted to hugged for this favor as because he now explain Payal Gupta!! What she is doing!!
Khushi look horrified because somewhere she wanted it as Arnav but she knows Raizada (Swara) that she have played!!
Arnav is controlled his anger not to lash out at Swara dirty game same goes with Aakash!!
Ap smile – we don’t have any problem after all getting your daughter is something which I always wanted as mother in law!! Said excitedly!
Dp also didn’t hesitate – yes we don’t have any problem (well for making Swara as his daughter in law he can do anything!)

Khushi gulped and said – but..
It was SARAS who said – but what Khushi.. You don’t have any one and Aakash is also single since then you both should spend sometime!
Devyani Raizada and Anuradha MAHESHWARI don’t have words to describe that what their grandchildren are!!! They look at them with disbelief!
Dp – then we should going but we will wait for Swara and Ragini beta!
Arjun said – Why don’t we go to my farmhouse at outskirts of city to enjoy the one we all youngsters and elders and by this we can spend time with each other and then take decesion!
“Idea is good! “it was everyone thought!!
After some time MAHESHWARI left RAIZADA mansion.
Swara take Arjun to her floor while NK also come with them!
NK – you are making him jealous!
Swara – no teaching him lesson then I would marry him!
Well it was shocked for them.
Arjun said in disbelief – marriage but I thought you are taking your revenge!!
Swara shrugged off – I love him and always do and getting a possessed husband and entertaining maternal house is not problem! But before that I will teach them lessons starting from Sanskar, Arnav bhaiyya, Aakash, Ragini, Laksh, Kunj!!
NK – bug what’s the problem with others?
Swara – simple ARNAV Bhai made me to leave this house in ego which was supported by Aakash and Dadi! Well Ragini never tried to talk to ARNAV Bhai about this matter and taken my place in AR industry! And well Laksh and Kunj are those idiots who will not leave me alone without spoiling my plan That ‘so it!



  1. Rosey

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    wow yar what a dhamaka i loved it plz pload next faster i was missing ur ff now plz try to upload regularly pllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Madhu

    😂😂😂😂😂😂wow hats off dr……
    I liked this swara more than anything😉😉😉😉😉 she is awesome…..
    And arjun too😉😉😉😉😉
    After long time you came with mind blowing part dr…..just awesome….👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Waiting fr farmhouse drama…..💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
    If u can plz update it asap dr…..👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. aalia

    Wow yar awesome it was…really nice the cover pic of Asr is totally making me flat n it’s the best…..see u soon….take care….

  4. Sanji

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    I hate u….u r such a hertless person…..how could u make me wait all this days…..I should punish u……bt what can. I do????I love u nd ur ff a lot…..plz don’t do that again with me:-) 🙂 .

  5. Niku

    |Registered Member

    U know what …this is BESTEST n EPIC one ff of your’s …ty to not giving me heart problem in this ff😁😁 but as it’s u thn sometime it may comes but I can handle it….
    Luv u dear n ur ff … Eagerly waiting for next one…..

  6. Tooba

    Ohh God mystery queen how much you made me wait…… Missed you sooooooooo much😘😘😘 plsssssss don’t do that again and I love today’s episode hahaha Swarjun played nice game….. Of course our Shona with marry the beast only (Sanky)😘😘😘😘 plsssssss post soon

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