RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to marriage episode 10 (only mine)


Swara – I betrayed you!!!!! bl**dy f**k it was you who ask me to leave!!!
Sanskar – so you just left!!!! Huh!!! It was you who was screaming in your mobile I love you K!!!!! what was that who the bl**dy K was that you didn’t thought for me once if I ever get that K!! I will kill that bastard!!

Khushi look on at her brother shocked while Arnav was fuming in anger clenching his fist while others were stunned and confused.

Swara stumbled whisper- you were jealous!

Sanskar shouted on top of his voice -Yes SWARA Singh RAIZADA I was jealous whatever happened between us it was because of you!!! I agree that firstly I act to be fallen in love with you but I didn’t know I will fall for you this much hard that your betrayal will shook me to hell and I was right middle class girl like you only knew how to spread your charm!! But now what !!!!if you were Raizada and daughter of rich family then why the hell you betrayed me!!!! Why Swara!!!????? If you were billionaire like me then why that middle class drama!!!! And most importantly why you lied ME that you love me!!!! I have told you that I never believed in that blo*dy “LOVE “but for your sake I changed my belief and when I came to tell you that I loved you what you did !!!! Made me a joke!!! Betrayed me then what you thought I will freed you like that!!! No body can go betraying and mocking on Sanskar Maheshwari!!! Did you get that Swara Singh…. RAIZADA !!!!!

A laugh, a painful laugh sounded in the whole mansion, and that laughing person is Swara Singh RAIZADA making Sanskar taken aback with her gesture.

Swara hissed – You are disgusting!! I felt like stabbing myself to once loving you!! You are fool SANSKAR MAHESHWARI!!! A scoundrel jerk!!!! And specially a coward!! Yes a coward who don’t have guts to confront his girlfriend clearing his insecurities!!!

Sanskar warned -‘SWARA!!! ”

Swara retorted back – Done???!!!!! One word more and you with your whole family will be thrown out of my mansion Mr MAHESHWARI!!!!!

SARAS, KUNJ and LAKSH who were until silence look angrily at Swara!

Khushi – Raizada be a civil!!! We are your family guest and I think you should know how to be civil with it! Don’t drag families between your small fight!

Swara look at her with red shot eyes – Just shut the hell up K!!! Don’t forget you are still standing under my mansion and do the pleasure to tell your bastard brother that you have a nickname “K” as Khushi Maheshwari!!!

And the realization hit hard to Sanskar who looked totally shocked “it’s meant Swara was talking to Khushi that day!!! Oh f**k!!! ”
NK cleared his throat – I think we should take it easy before any elder come here!
Arnav who now understand everything look at his sister fuming face and then Sanskar shocked face getting a grip he said -” it would be good if we start our dinner! ”
So as all of them started having dinner but Swara was still at her place gazing at Sanskar who look ashamed and gazing only his food!!! Turning she was about to go when Ragini hand stopped her.
Ragini – Swara have dinner, and don’t go like this Dadii will be angry..
Swara jerk off her hand bruthly greething her teeth – To hell with your dinner!!! And left the place
Everyone was shocked at her outburst !
Khushi who have enough of her without giving one heed follow her.
Arnav who looked at Sanskar said – it would be good for you SANSKAR MAHESHWARI that stay away from our sister otherwise… ASR don’t leave anyone when it comes to his family and you dare to hurt my sister!!!
Laksh – Whatever matter is between Sanskar Bhai and Miss Raizada, so we should left them.
Ragini – No!!! No blo*dy hell your this Casnova brother will go around my sister!!! Take it as a warning you Maheshwari!!!

Aakash – Ragini calm down and you Mr KUNJ MAHESHWARI call your talented sister who is gone to bother our Swara!!! NOW!!

Kunj – I know what should I have to say to my sister!! And next time think twice to say like this to Khushi!!! Don’t forget you have also two sisters.

“ENOUGH!!! ” roaring like lion ASR look at every one then turning to SARAS ” Make quite your siblings Now Saras!! And call Khushi!!!! ”
SARAS – let’s see where is Khushi she didn’t have her mobile. Saying this he stood up without having dinner well nobody is eating just playing with their food.

NK who was still silent suggests everyone -” I think we all should go upstairs where both K and Sammu are!! And elders will not be hearding our animals type scream!!!

And all nodded walking towards upstairs..

” I think Swara – Sanskar, Laksh – Ragini and Khushi – Arnav are perfect for each other “said chuckling Anuradha MAHESHWARI looking at her childhood friend Devyani Raizada who is smiling after witnessing all the happenings here.

Khushi open the door and left speechless, yes she is standing on fourth floor of Raizada mansion which is specially made for Swara by ASR!!! “Aggggg I should stop thinking about Arnav.. I mean ASR!! “glancing she look at open large swimming pool and surrounding by garden scenario like pond between forest so much lively and then her eyes fell on Swara who gulping bear bottle dig her legs in water splashing it around
“Raizada stop being drunken mess!! “said Khushi sitting beside her
Swara laugh and said – you know I don’t need a drink to hurt myself your blo*dy brother has done it!!! Mock me infront of my whole family and specially my bhaiyu.. My Arnav bhaiyya.. You know K what he did… (taking another sip she stiffened)
Khushi could see Swara was totally drunk.

Meanwhile Arnav, and Sanskar cane there while others were down because of elders..

Swara continue – that asshol dig out the past infront of my bhaiyu and then blame me as double timer.. You know K if I have not left the dining table then Sanskar Maheshwari would have saw his death!! I hate that bastard.. Who make me feel like sl*t!!! I hate him ..he never trust me and now asking me who is k!!!!! Go and tell him that fool that you are my K.. Khushi Maheshwari!!!!! K just leave me alone… Just go..

Khushi who wiped her tears silently sitted there.
Swara smile – you are stubborn K!!

ASR look beside ashamed Sanskar but then he saw a spark in his eyes – go and get her.
Sanskar taken aback by ARNAV words after listening Swara every word.

Khushi look behind and saw both Arnav and Sanskar. She silently walk out leaving Sanskar and Swara alone while Arnav who was feeding overwhelemed by his sister innocense..
Sanskar – Swara I… I… Am..
Swara glare at him and said – just get lose Mr MAHESHWARI otherwise I don’t remember that K is your sister and I will make sure whatever you did it happen with your sister… Same..
Sanskar stunned at her threatening.

Sanskar angrily reply – stop it Swara and I am sorry for saying all that to you and now listen carefully Miss Raizada you are going to marry me and it’s an order if you don’t want forced marriage then simple come down and say YES!!! get it. Because you are mine!!! Saying this he left leaving shocked Swara.

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