RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to Marriage (characters sketch ) episode 2

RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARIS – Two families who lost very much in their that Youth generations of the family lost their faith in LOVE!!! But what if God has another plan for them. What will happen if two people who don’t have faith in love comes across each other?? What will they do accept it as attraction or lust??? Let’s start this story of POWER, DOMINANT, TRADITION,PASSION,FAITH,TRUST,LOVE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE PURE BOND OF MARRIAGE.

!!!!! BURNING RAIZADAS !!!!!!!

SWARA M. RAIZADA – A 22 year old cruel and feisty Girl. She is insensitive and inhuman in nature whom doesn’t know to think of any emotions. She is a beauty queen with mastermind brain no one can never tell what is going on in her mind but she loves her Raizada family more than anything else nothing important more than her loved ones. She is a undercover agent RZ of interpole killing or shooting is in her head..no body can order on her leaving one person other than her elder brother ASR and Dadii DEVYANI RAIZADA . She hates wearing traditional clothes or doing Pooja stuff but she have a little faith in god. She never cried because in her point of view it is a biggest weakness. She is Raizadas small princess everybody love her with her feisty nature. She didn’t like to call by her real name “Swara ” no one knows that reason but after coming from training she is like this only!! She is all timer bike racer!!

ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA – almighty ASR. One word man and what he said it would be the end of discussion. He is 26years bussissnes tycoon. Third wealthiest man of world and the KING OF FASHION WORLD having 1800 branches of AR FASHION HOUSE all over the world and 6000 stores in every country. He is not just a freaking billionaire but a Greek God and eligible bachelor. He didn’t believe in any god, marriage or love for him they are bullshit. He known to write his own fate. He is ruthless and heartless business man but not for his family. His family is everything for him infront of them he is lovely brother and son. He used women as tissue paper only for s*x but didn’t force any woman he is not at all two timer .his favorite time pass is to take care of his plants which give him solace and cars racing.

NIKHIL SINGH RAIZADA – as EVERYONE called him NK he is most careless and carefree person of Raizada family in the age of 24 he became professional wildlife photographer from London top university he loves to irritate two people of his family “Nannav ” means ASR and “Sammu “means Swara but he is sensible person to whom anyone can trust he is selfish because of this is in Raizada blood. His favorite part of time is his job and biking.

AAKASH SINGH RAIZADA – he is not ASR but like to call as ASR as his Bhai, he is 25years old and CEO of AR INDUSTRY. He has got this post by his will and hard work and also by his buttering on Bhai because of working in AR last two years he is not workaholic like his Bhai “real ASR “but he loves to do it. He is soft nature and calm but also a very all time refree between his siblings who can get easily in fight because of egoistic nature! Love to speeding cars.

RAGINI SINGH RAIZADA – a beautiful and traditional girl have a faith in god and also loves to do everything to get blessing for her family whom she loves the most. She is 23 years old head fashion designer in AR industry. She loves to take care of everyone in her family . But she is also selfish in nature what is her she too much possessive about it like every Raizada!! Working with her elder brother she also become somewhat workaholic in nature but she is a all time crime partner of NK to irritate “Nannav ” and “Sammu” like NK she is also call them. But she is also a tigress in bussissnes world when it comes to her family. She didn’t like to biking a bit but loves cars.

DEVYANI SINGH RAIZADA – SHE IS HEAD OF RAIZADA FAMILY. traditional women she lost her elder son DEV and daughter in law MEERA before ten years leaving behind their children 16year old Arnav,13year old NK and 10 years old Swara and after that her younger Son Manohar and daughter in law Manorma taken responsibility of three children with their children Ragini and Aakash She knows her every grandchildren in and out, they also love her more than anything.

MANOHAR SINGH RAIZADA – good Man from heart loves his family and bussissnes man see other branches of AR fashion house mostly be out of country .

MANORMA SINGH RAIZADA -watching make- up kit.loves to speak English but can’t .adores her children. Her favorite child is Aakash and because of that Arnav, Swara, Ragini and NK sign in relief. But our Aakash like a good son trap!!! She is funny and entertaining person of Raizada family..



SANSKAR MAHESHWARI – like name he is not at all a sanskari!! He is 25 years old and a womanizer having a long list of girlfriends but also Stubborn and Arrogant beast of bussissnes world having a long chain of Maheshwari resort and hotels in all of over the world more 2000 branch and most successful branch in New York City. He is a handsome hunk who can make any woman on her knees. He is known as SHARK OF BUSSISSNES WORLD where he go he make his way anyhow!!! Means anyhow because in Maheshwari blood there is one thing common “STUBBORNNESS ” He loves his family too much and always gets free time to spend with them .he loves to play with emotion because it’s his favorite part of life on women .having passion in biking.

LAKSH MAHESHWARI – charming personality in the woman and very sweet person in nature, he loves his family too damm much and can go to any extent for them. He is a wild life photographer from London top university and also known as brilliant prankster of his family. But stubborn in nature. He is just 24 years old but also a heartthrob of women .he not at all trust in love but he respect his tradition very much. He didn’t trust any woman other than his family women. Very known car racer of London university.

SARAS MAHESHWARI – .he is also ruthless and heartless business man established his family bussissnes MAHESHWARI CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRY. Which is Europe top company he helped Sanskar for his business in the age of 28 years old he is the second weathliest man of world and damm hot for his own good and most stubborn like we know his blood he loves his family too much and also respect god and marriage but not any love. Love cars but mostly sports car.

KHUSHI MAHESHWARI – childish nature but also killing beauty stubbornness is her next hobby from birth. But also loves her tradition and god. Having book of boyfriends but never crossed limits well – cut the crap !!! She uses many of them but never have permanent!! Loves to live her life in her own like her brothers. She 21 years old and a professional hacker work in interpole as undercover agent from the basement not in field. She didn’t what the love is!! And not at all wanted. She loves her family more than anything!!! Love Cars like her siblings but not bikes .

KUNJ MAHESHWARI – younger but DAD OF HIS SIBLINGS in the matter of relationship because he is in love with a beautiful from his college time and very faithful towards her this thing is known by his all siblings who always teases him to the hell even after that he still love her but not more than his family!!! He is 21 years twin brother of Khushi but younger than her because of five minutes difference which he didn’t give a damm!! He is a photographer in Hollywood most talented loves his work too much. Having a pass out from London top university. Like LAKSH. Stubborn feeling is came from his blood which he can’t deny!!. Bike are his in mind always.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari – head of Maheshwari family loves his children Saras, Laksh and also his younger brother children Khushi, KUNJ and Sanskar. He is traditional man in his 50s who love his wife Annapurna very much while he lost his younger brother and his wife.

ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI – loves and adorable woman in MAHESHWARI family she treats her every children equally ,love them addore them wanted them always happy for that she can go to any extent!! She is obsessed with Sanskar more than anything, she loves to pamper Sanskar and never said “No ” for anything. More than anyone..

Anuradha MAHESHWARI – Dadii for all them who helped Dp in taking care her grandchildrens she is rocking Dadii for them not much traditional person.


ANJALI JAISWAL – good friend of Swara and Khushi. She is orphan lives with Raizada family. She is 24 years old and a brilliant sharp shooter work as undercover agent AJ in interpole very honest and sweet persona but not in her mission where she became like any inhuman!!

TWINKLE Mathur – secretary OF ASR from past two years and very good in job who can tolerate ASR wrath easily. Very polite and innocent girl in her 21 years age she dropped her college because of lost interest in study but she loves modeling and trying hard for two years but on her hard work. She is sister of Aman ..ASR PA

LAVANYA MATHUR – sister of Aman but like her bhabhi she work with Sanskar Maheshwari. She is very much traditional girl and know her limits never crossed it after working in company of CASNOVA but she knows them as they treat her like Khushi .she is Manager of Sanskar company.

Payal Gupta – girlfriend of Aakash Singh Raizada and very tantrum but loves him too much she lived with Khushi Maheshwari because of her family they are family friend. She is wildlife photographer from London top university.

MADHUMATI MISHRA – A OLD LADY Payal Gupta BUA she is loving and strict woman, love Payal a lot because of her own selfishness, she didn’t have any children of her. Payal lives with her in Mumbai as her family in Lucknow .she is spending her life with her death husband pansion .AND also gives her big apartment for paying guest. And now MATHUR family is living in that apartment with her.

Aman Mathur – PA of ASR know his in and out very well and also friend of Ragini who can manage both brother and sister very hardly also good angel for NK and Aakash very much to his sister twinkle!! To save them from ASR.

Madhu Mathur – wife of Aman and best person for him after his family death. She works with Saras MAHESHWARI as his PA.. AND loves her job too much!!!



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  1. I have a doubt in 1st ep swara was swara sharma but in today’s ep her name is swara raizada
    And she was also betrayed bu sanskar

    1. Vaishnavimishra

      Well in first episode I didn’t give her full name I just wrote SWARA Singh as her full name is SWARA Singh RAIZADA. And I didn’t understand what you ask at last!! Thanks for reading it

      1. Jiya

        Whoa! Sorry to interrupt!
        But am i daydreaming?
        I’m over the moon
        And I’m sure as hell that u know the reasons why I’m there
        U must be thinking that I’m crazy!
        I wasn’t but seeing ur comment, I’m becoming a crazy’

      2. Jiya

        I promise I’ll read when I’ll be free. Its Ji’s promise! ?:’)

  2. Nice it’s not revenge ff last episode plz

  3. Mica

    omg, the concept of story soooooo tempting..really eager to read next chappy, pleeeaseeee

  4. Intresting

  5. Hadi

    ah good characters but basically not understanding as I am habitual of other characters but plz describe the new characters role n ya plz plz yr post it’s not revenge it’s love n also tell us that when will u upload rivals mom her name is swara n also dulha mil gaya as am craving for ur updates plz post all ff parts plz at least tell us when will u post ur rest of ff epis

    1. Hadi

      Plz rly dear

      1. Vaishnavimishra

        As about characters you will get it in my story and I will surely try not to confuse you all and about my other ff I may be right them soon as per demand!! Thanks for reading it

  6. God so brief intro.

  7. I have a confusion.. Is it the same story being continued after 4 year leap as mentioned in episode 1.. Where swara has been ditched by sanskar after revenge taken from him for slaping him and rejecting him..??? There she was pleading like hell for accepting her.. Now its given she is arrogant and all.. Will u pls clear the confusions we are having..

    1. Vaishnavimishra

      Well it is same story and after continuation of that betrayal. She became someone she never thought her whole life becomes a joke and now after four years she is become SWARA Singh RAIZADA a lioness from That bubbly, chirpy and little bit feisty SWARA who was too much innocent.

  8. There r so much characters

  9. Awesome story line and too much long cast waiting for next

  10. Awsome…plzz update next soon

  11. Wow character sketch ws suprb.. ws living in IPKKND…post nxt part..nd im missing hello hi bye bye…

  12. Sumeeta

    Lovely sketch.egarly waiting for leap.but tu k bakwas connection error k wajha se prolouge nahi par paya

  13. Kaynatk01

    wiw it was beyond aweso e my all fav characters kunj sanskaar khushi arnav swara i just love it

  14. Abirsha

    Awesome very nice…. Always u come up with very good ideas…. Ur story itself has lot of suspense…. Whether this story tok has suspense???? Then want to know who plays character devayani raizada, anuradha maheshwari,aman mathur, madhu mathur, saras maheswari, anjali jaiswal….

  15. Niku

    Hello….yrr their r so much character’s I m confused….but I know as d story goes u make me learn them…..hehe…..Waiting for next one…..
    Wait I have ques….
    What does ‘m’ means in swara intro….
    Hehe….u must be thinking abhi toh character sketch diya h aur tumne ques. Bhi karne shuru kr diye….but kya kru curiosity ……

  16. Pbutt894

    Its awsome

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