RAIZADAS vs MAHESHWARI : Love to Marriage (Agent RZ -SWARA ) episode 2

Previous : RAGINI return back to India after two months business trip.., ASR, Aakash and NK receive her then Laksh and KUNJ having angered argument with Raizada being MAHESHWARI.. ,KUNJ and NK girlfriends marriage is fixed and they are heartbroken meanwhile Sanskar Maheshwari show his one of model his beast side making her runaway for life. She is his girlfriend from past six months. And then he finished the relationship!!
And now our journey started..


” What the f**k!!!!!! It’s not opening.. Don’t know what these fool stupid villagers would have done with my both sisters!!! blo*dy hell!!! “cursing, and shouting Aman Mathur have tried all the level to come out from one dark lock hut!!! As his both sisters are not at all would be in good terms
” Aman please just calm down.. Think with cool mind firstly how we will get the out from this so called looking f**kING hell room “shouted MADHU MATHUR really pissed off from her husband banging the door and hell angry with these nonsense villagers!!!
” sorry MADHU but I am too much scared with happening and I don’t know how to safe my both sisters.. Nor do I have my mobile that I can even contact with ASR for help! “said helpless Aman trying not to feel weak here when his family is in danger..
“Aman listen we can’t give up! And about getting mobile firstly we have to find out way from this dark room “determine MADHU was now fuming in anger seeing her husband helpless condition..
Aman nodded and started looking around very carefully to get something for breaking the door while MADHU was trying to open the window but of no use because of iron blade net covered the window. She is thinking of how on earth she agreed for this damm visit in her in laws villages only to get shocked knowing they are preparing LAVANYA and TWINKLE marriage with two villagers men. Both Aman grandma and grandpa are totally backwards century!!!! How pathetic!!!

“DAMM you Aman Mathur.. Now you are going to definitely fired!!! ” hissed ASR trying n number of times Aman number which he was rejecting every now and then according to ASR if he knows “Aman is totally missing him” while NK is also trying LAVANYA number which is gonna switch off.. Aakash and Ragini were trying hard to control NK they were in the way of HOSHIYAAR village well finding locations was two minutes work which Aakash has definitely done in next moment listening this forced marriage of his brother girlfriend as he knows what he must be going to through and now they are in speeding car Renault of ASR who is driving it like jet plane and if Ragini is not wrong them they will be there in one hour “she six hours journey in four hours “this is called ASR craziness for his siblings and now NK happiness is everything for him if he have to make Aman Mathur neck in his palm then be it!!!!

Well they were not alone behind their car and this super speed driving is happening by Laksh who is not at all in good mood by seeing his baby brother KUNJ gloomy face while SARAS was trying every now and then to contact with MADHU MATHUR whose Mobile replies is same as Aman Mathur but somewhere he knows that MADHU MATHUR is not irresponsible so it would be they are in trouble after all it’s force wedding anything can happen and right going HOSHIYAARpur village is the only thing they can do for their baby brother KUNJ!!
Entering inside the mansion in his Mercedes, he finally in his home where he got only solace. Parking it inside his section of parking lot where his every model bikes are park with one sports car he parked his black Mercedes and give the key to his one of servant and walk inside mansion only to be welcome by his mom frown face.
“looking like Dad didn’t taken my advice seriously! “murmmering Sanskar walk to his mom with his one of cute smile and kiss her cheek.”Hey why my queen is not smiling? “ask cheerfully .
ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI was not someone to be melted her anger easily but Sanskar is her so much closer that’s she can never be angry with him. “Where were you prince? You know right your queen can never have her evening tea without you and now Laksh, KUNJ is also boarded for New York flight. You should know I would be alone “said with fake anger and move away sitting on sofa.
Sanskar chuckle at his Mom moods which is really a queen size moods he sat beside her holding his ear bending his head saying ” I am sorry my queen Mom but I was in one meeting and also thought to be away for sometime so that my queen can get some time with her temper King and do some romance ”
” Hatt besharam !! You are talking about your mom and dad!! Smacking his head slightly Ap scold him for his famous shameless talking!!
Dp walk out from study room after doing pending presentation only to be get the glimpse of these fevicol and wood pair thinking ” inn dono maa bete ko mai kabhi dekhta hu ki nahi “!!!
” Annapurna humari chai dhandi hogayi hai ” making his voice authority he call his wife from her motherhood lala land with his -much-not-so-innocent-son both Ap and Sanskar try hard not to laugh at his jealous face.
“you both talk I will your fresh tea and my prince for you a capichinno “saying this ANNAPURNA left both father -son to talk!!
“Dad this is the file for Shyam bail and the Cop has reassured that all charges on our company and Shyam would be null till tomorrow. “finally Sanskar told what his dad wanted to listen after all his Dad love his company as first wife that’s why Mom called “SAUTAN “!!
Dp smile feeling better now after whole scenario but then he said “Laksh and KUNJ? They have already boarded the flight? ”
” Yaa but I have send voice mail to LAKSH when he will be land to New York City he will be known and then they both have two choices.. First one to return back to home like good and traditional boys or taking their that camera shoot some wild animals or wild beautiful “winking at his dad Sanskar smirk while Dp chuckle at his shameless son.
” Well I am glad that you and SARAS are interested in my business other wise I have to open a zoo in this mansion if my all son become photographers!! “joking at all his son interests is the past time of Dp mostly KUNJ and LAKSH!!
” dad!! They both love this profession and as I know you were the one who make them to live their life!! Live their dreams.. And they love you soo much they also wanted to study bussissnes but your restrictions!! You are best DAD!! feeling proud at his dad Sanskar said his heart out for him..
” you know son we always regret in our life. It is our nature first do the mistake then regret but we never tried to correct that mistake. Like that I never given chance to SARAS for his choice, He never complained to me but whenever I look at his hollow eyes I regret.. He wanted to be a football player.. And I have thrown my decision on him when I approached for his forgiveness he just stated simply to me that don’t this again with anyone but still that guiltyness can never be removed that I destroyed the dreams of my eldest son. Who make me feel the fatherhood feeling SANSKAR! “wiping alone tear Dp look lost while Sanskar held his dad don’t know what to say. Annapurna who heard everything know her husband conditions..
” Ye lije Aap dono ki tea and capichinno. “offering their drinks cheerfully Annapurna sat beside her husband. Turning to Sanskar she ask ” When Khushi is coming beta I really miss my princess!! Even her college is too weird they didn’t give vacation!!! Like she is maintaining that whole dance college “throwing her displeasure about her daughter collage is one of her day routine because of that Khushi just come for maximum ten days in one year.
” Mom chill OK.. I have talked to Khushi two days before she said she will give application for leave to her Dean Marry and then from next flight of Venice she would be here with for more than one month ” said with happily mood he himself don’t like that weird collage where Khushi not come more than few days and then she can even be in contact once a month but no one can protest after her stubbornness She is MAHESHWARI right!!
“That’s great I am just bore with you all boring people my daughter is indeed a real happiness of mine !!” getting his foul mood into happily mood hearding his daughter coming back Dp is in cloudnine !!

Like that three of them talked and laugh spending a good time not knowing what their Sons are doing and where their daughter is Now!!


“When they are coming?”ask in commanding harsh tone women wearing waitress outfit which is above her knees and doing her hair curl she look straight into the eyes of CLUB MANAGER who is just gulped down in fear..
” MAM I have gotten their call five minutes before they said they will be here in few minutes and.. MAM please see you just didn’t damage this club otherwise I will lost my job “trembling in fear manager plead AGENT ANJALI JAISWAL AKA AGENT AJ who just look in concern at him
” don’t worry we will just have to take information nothing else so no damage I will make sure of it and just be care full that nobody other then me and my colleague attend those Gangster!!! “completely stern voice she warned him with her hard face while Manager got his message.. He moved away from there..

“AJ you there “hearding Voice from her small microphone which is attached between her hairs not to be shown AJ replied “Yaa K they are coming in few minutes do you getting the view from hidden cameras? “asking her doubts to her colleague and best hacker or to say electronic devices genius of RAW (interpole agency) AGENT KHUSHI MAHESHWARI AKA AGENT K
” view is clear AJ but what about that Raizada?? “sternly asking Khushi knowing well what MAHESHWARI and RAIZADA relationship are she still somewhat better in terms with this Raizada
” Agent K dont forgot that we are in mission so called it Agent RZ not Raizada “replied harshly ANJALI making Khushi bit her lip on her foolishness. ” RZ would be preparing for stage performance and K what type of dress you given to RZ it was so damm revealed!!! “throwing her discomfort on performance dress for her another friend SAMMIE SINGH RAIZADA AKA AGENT RZ she complains it!!
“OH please AJ just stop it you know we can’t afford to lose those RUBBINERS if I wouldn’t have goddamned sprained in my ankle then I would be the one who will seduce RUBBINERS and tried to be with them until conversation is finished but now RZ have to do this and whatever mine and her equations is !!! It’s outside of mission and that is why I am telling you she would be best before it was her job only I have joined you two one year before so just cool down and about dress its a small Blue Jeans shorts and red skinny lace bra with short red net shruhb !! So what’s the problem?? “outbursting her inner turmoil KHUSHI blast on ANJALI..
” don’t you think it’s god damm BIKNI!!! other than sl*t dress ” replied back angrily shouted tons ANJALI really pissed off with fights and now Khushi bring it in mission it is height now..
” I just did -” KHUSHI was about to reply her back but cut off by third voice “STOP IT AJ AND K RIGHT NOW “retorted on both Swara also come in line ” not a word about this fight I want this mission to be successful so AJ look straight at entrance and K you on your laptop!!! And not a word mind it!!! Cutting the connection making both of them shut up they three of them again started concentrating on work

Disconnected the call Swara Singh Raizada look herself in mirror of green room sipping one shot dry votka making her neck pain she smirked “Show time AGENT RZ!! “glancing herself last time she left the place

ANJALI glanced at entrance only to see RUBBINERS gang approach around four young muscles man with machine guns and then three old aged grey man’s with shot guns and they all are following DARIN their leader going towards the table prepared for them .”ROBBINERS ARE HERE K AND RZ!!! “then she heard Swara “AJ ready!! “and after that Khushi “camera are fitted in your ice cubicle with microphone are checked once again just make sure AJ you keep that ice cubes bucket in the center of it otherwise if RZ was send back then we would be loss in back up!!
“RZ NEVER LOSS!! “ANJALI and KHUSHI both heard her barked and furry voice and they both know how much she hate this word “loss ”
Anjali ” ready guys other dealers are also approach around five men’s that means all around thirteen men’s but still no firing RZ it’s damm ORDER!!! and dare you to do anything opposed to it and remember K if you tried to provoke RZ then you both will gone “ordering both of them making them once again aware who is boss of them while SWARA and Khushi just shook thier as if they have heard something or not!!

RUBBINERS and other dealers greeted at each other.. ANJALI approach them with fake polite smile placing their drinks and mostly careful kept that ice cubes bucket in middle she heard Khushi “perfect AJ their views and voice are clearing listen “ANJALI was still there waiting for their order.. Darin (team leader) shoved his hand to leave.. ” if you need anything just call at once sir have nice night “saying in sugar coated voices ANJALI left the place but not so far while all the men were started discussing..

LIGHTS WENT OFF making everyone to stop their track and then spot light fall on center stage looking more then s*xy and hot woman as well as seductive.. Swara open her eyes only to be gazed by every men eyes.. They were gazing her like hungry animals..

Swara flattered her eyes swinging her hips seductivly two common dancers were came from her left and right started dancing at her steps.. Moving towards the pole.. She danced rubbing her whole soft body on cold metal …

DARIN was spellbound and came in web of lust gazing Swara and then he saw others were also gazing at her with those desperate eyes.. He is a gangster but he respect women and that was his value being heartless gangster and when he saw Swara (he still don’t know her name ,so don’t be Confused) his heart slipped.. He wanted that woman whatever price he have to pay for it.. He wanted her beside him like ever ,he look around and signal manager.. It was noticed by ANJALI who is keeping eyes on their every move and Swara who still looking at leader with her corner and rather than doing more s*xily dance.. She knew one thing that her work is done and this man wanted her.. His desperate face telling her after all she have passed all types of man in her career and now reading facial expressions and body language is nothing infront of her.. “he wanted me.. Plan A is over now scape plan! “murmmering Swara not making anyone notice she is talking.. She carefully started more looking at Darin while ANJALI started towards their table where ice bucket was still there she place more drinks DARIN said to manager “I want that woman only for me.. Stop her dance and tell her to come to me and from she will be with you will get your payment!! “telling his decision he shoved manager to do the work while ANJALI shocked at his mood trying not to show her nervousness she left the place..
” What the f**k!!! Iss kutte ko Raizada chahiye pagal hai kya!! “cursing Darin khushi angrily speak to both Anjali and Swara.. Well SWARA didn’t say anything but ANJALI spoke “shut up K it’s height now and we are in mission and about taking him RZ it will never happening I am here OK.. You just constrate on your laptop NOW!!ordering KHUSHI.. She make her shut up meanwhile SWARA didn’t even react at this little bit conversation..

“come sit on my lap ” dominating tone Darin gaze Swara from head to toe while Swara follow his order he is caressing her waist and started their main plan discussion Swara concentration was totally on that but she didn’t show it add she started caressing Darin hair.. Making him totally confirm that she is just a sl*t by her actions ” This time I don’t want our drugs and smmugling things to be approached to cops.. This time I have decided we will export our drugs from UDAIPUR.. And villagers children will help us using them we will easily export those drugs to other countries I have got to know that from Chennai drugs will approach to UDAIPUR after two months. And my brother Shamus will take care of it if I will be out of reach for few months you all will contact with Shamus because interpole are behind me.. This is last time I am with you all “completing his plan he finally got making Swara hold tightly in his embrace they all greeted last time and the dealers were out “RZ you have to be free yourself now before anyone doubt on us “saying in low voice ANJALI told Swara.. While SWARA eyes are on ANJALI who is Same looking at her.. “get the ice cubes bucket now “muttering under breath making it audible voice to ANJALI SWARA more snuggle in Darin arms.. Anjali listen it and approched to the table taking ice cubes bucket ” Sir anything else? “ask ANJALI in her waitress behaviour .Darin look at Swara and said ” bring two red wine to the guest room upper stairs ASAP “saying this he held Swara hand taking her with while ordering his man to not distrub him !!!

“this time for some action Raizada..!! Darin ka bachaa toh gayaa!! “beaming in happiness Khushi said making Swara little bit smirk while ANJALI was now turned pale looking at manager beside her she said ” you will get your payment for guest room destruction!! “saying this she left with tray behind them leaving shocked Manager..

Swara was now totally pissed off and when he closed the door next second DARIN felt himself pinned on wall and felt cold metal in his stomach.. It’s GUN.. He look horrified and sweated.. Swara smirk at his condition ” What happened.. Scared. Let be it.. You should scared of me “saying this she punched in his lap with gun before he held her hand she already kicked him on bed “tsk tsk tughe main chahiye “smirking again she take a flower vase and smashed it on his face making him flinched in taking out knife from the drawer she stabbed in his lap “I will sit on your lap “greething her teeth she made DARIN felt a real hell he was shouting flinching in pain asking for mercy and at last she shot all six bullets in his stomach saying “no one can touch me with love OR desire.. Otherwise you can see yourself ..it’s RZ ”
ANJALI come inside only to find dead body of DARIN shooking her head she made call to head office informing about situation and given spare dress of Swara.. “Raizada tu toh cha gayi “beaming smile SWARA heard Khushi chuckling voice ” K shut up!!”will you ”

And that is Swara MEERA Singh RAIZADA who is now in its usual self drench in some blood her whole eyes are red and her skin are scratch because of glass pieces.. ” Next destination INDIA “announced on microphone their next mission making both Khushi and Swara silent “WHERE? ” ask Khushi.. Taking a deep breath ANJALI said “Mumbai!! It’s meant that for two months we don’t have any mission RZ and K it’s holiday after all we didn’t get it for more than three years and it’s order from headquarters.. So RZ don’t shout at me ”

Standing outside of HAVELI where marriage is held both RAIZADAS AND MAHESHWARIS are looking each other… Their gaze fall on men’s who were guns (like daaku type).. Being security there..

Laksh – I have already call commissioner their team would be here in Two hours!!

Ragini shook her head and said “but then marriage would be over Mr Great MAHESHWARI!!!

Laksh was about to reply her back when SARAS interrupted ” let’s us don’t fight for just two hours!! And now we have to think about plans we all here to stop wedding so it’s a deal “forwarding his hand towards Arnav he wanted to confirm..but Arnav just nodded in agreement..
All noticed this but don’t think to say this time..
NK and KUNJ were still miserable.. Aakash thought something and blurt out without thinking “KIDNAPPING THE BRIDES ”

All look at him shockingly “WHATTTT!!!!! ”
“just a advise “clearing himself Aakash take two step before he again become centre of attention

” IDEA is good ” agreeing with Aakash Laksh said making everyone amused
“Are you sick LAKSH.. It’s not any movie where we easily kidnapped the bride!! “said SARAS

” but we can try “voicing out RAGINI said to them making everyone really stunned Laksh look at Ragini but she ignored and turned to ASR “Bhai what you think? ”
” A BIG NO!!! “declared ASR who seriously think SARAS and he is only mature here!!

Ragini, Laksh and Aakash look at each other then at NK and KUNJ who were nodding their head in their side making a little dance of winning in mind …

“We should try to talk to them “said SARAS eyeing suspicious on all these yongers.. Well ASR was also suspected them “We can bribe them money “said ASR but the look of youngers are not going fit with both SARAS and ASR

And after half an hour Arnav and Saras were looking each other in villager cloths handling sweet boxes going towards brides room as per The plan!!!

Arnav muttered “they are smart!! ”
SARAS “too much making both of us standing here!! ”
“I will kill them “saying both at the same time moved inside the bride room

LAVANYA and TWINKLE were hugging and handling rat poison bottle.
LAVANYA “Apna khayal Rakhna twinkle!! “said in dramatic way
“Tum bhi agar god Ji NE Chacha to agle janam me tu hi meri begen banegi “said Twinkle

Arnav and Saras jaw dropped looking their drama queen!!!

Clearing throat Arnav take everyone attention on him.and that was big mistake..

“ASR!!!!!!!! SARAS SIR!!!!!!!!!!! “shouting at the top of the voice made both cover their ears ..and one GLARE FROM ASR it’s enough shut them up..
“we are here to take you out but where is MADHU? “ask SARAS concern about his pa..
Arnav also remember Aman he even saw his friend..
” these villagers lock them in one dark room of this HAVELI! “said LAVANYA who was too much happier !!
” let’s go then we have to Take care of these stupid villagers “said ASR making sure that he will not leave these villagers who have harm his friend Aman!!
Four of them started moving out side when SARAS saw one villager was about to punch them but he knocked out by one great kick of SARAS.. And by this around twenty villagers came infront of them making four of them to stop..
SARAS and ARNAV glance at each other..
SARAS take the charge of left side while Arnav of canter punching the villagers they both were literally looking a warriors LAVANYA have already call NK and KUNJ by ASR Mobile whom they have given..
SARAS – it’s time for some more action Raizada!! Said breathing heavily
Arnav – indeed Maheshwari but we are superman right !!chuckling
SARAS and Arnav froze at the spot hearding each other it’s been years they have talked like this but now it’s not time for thinking..
SARAS – Raizada they are coming more we can’t fight like this..
Arnav look around and saw back door – just knocked these five more and than escaping from behind..
SARAS nodded and they both hovered by ten goons at the same time but they both have punched them making all of them in fear …..villagers back off by looking ASR and SARAS who were literally kill anyone else now and then taking a chance they both grabbed LAVANYA and twinkle hands to runaway from back door villagers follow them but stopped looking police force aiming gun on them..

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