The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Spring Part 06)


HEY GUYS! Sorry for delay! You all know about my hand nah! It takes me double time than previously to type this! So here we came to the stoppage of the spring part! ๐Ÿ™‚

Laksh: No?
Swara:No. I have not given anyone the right to hold my hand. I will not give this right. Our society will give.
Laksh- Society? Did your society allow you to come in a trip with me alone? Hold my hand throughout the day? Live in one hotel with me in the night?
Laksh: Yes!Swara why u came to spend ur night here? Why you came Agra with me?
Swara: I came here as I could not deny you.
Laksh laughed like mad.
Laksh:You are a woman. You all are same. You all attract a man first by your beauty. Then you all behave like innocent. Ate you trying to prove yourself great and me cheap?
Laksh: Listen more. After attracting a man you give him hope but never fulfill make the man carve for your touch. Your love is connected with your selfishness.
Swara: Do you think this about me?
Swara said in between her sobs and looked at Laksh who was very angry. He was looking at the opposite side. Laksh looked at her and his anger melted and he realized he had said wrong.
Laksh: I m sometimes Swara. I should not had said that but…. Where there is love,why to keep distance?

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main
Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main
Laksh saw her and was lost in her beauty. Swara came and hugged him. He too hugged her back. He was caressing her bare bark.
Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Laksh opened the doori of her blouse and kissed her bare back. Swara closed her eyes.
Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
Laksh started to run his fingers on her face,neck,cleavage.
Kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan
Aaja usey aaj anjaam dein
Tumhe bhuloon kaise main
Meri pehli khata tum ho
Laksh kissed her lips. She pulled him more towards her. He then kissed her neck. They then again kissed each other and broke the kiss as they were out of their breath.
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho..
Laksh opened the knot of her saree. He again kissed her neck grabbing her waist. He then pinned her to the wall and kissed near her earlobe.
Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke
He turned her back and kissed her shoulder. She was moaning in pleasure for the first time.
Dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja
Bada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage
Main gumshuda si raat hoon
Meri khushnuma subah tum ho
His hands roamed into her hairs. He then puts her on the bed and leaned over her. She began breathing heavily. She opened the button of his shirt and he threw it.
Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho..
Wajah tum ho..
She kissed his chest. He pushed himself in her. He covered them with a blanket after making love. Laksh pulled her more closer and they drifted off to sleep.
Laksh woke up first. His hands were on her waist. He saw Swara still sleeping. Tears had dried up leaving a mark on her face. Laksh was about to kiss her forehead.
Swara: Adarsh bhai. Leave me Adarsh bhai.
Laksh: Swara,get up its morning.
Swara opened her eyes and looked at Laksh
Swara:Oh Laksh! You?
Swara was still lying there.
Swara:When are you fixing our marriage? I cannot bear any delay.
Laksh: Marriage? Why are you asking this early morning?
Swara-Because I cannot become anyone else’s. There is no way. If you will not marry me then who will?
Laksh: Ohh! That’s the reason. Chill Swara.

After Laksh went back Banaras Swara felt very lonely. Rather than Laksh she had no one to spend her time with. It was was2 months since Laksh had gone. Laksh had got a job in a govt. bank. He was posted in Shimla. Swara thought will he agree to marry before going?
Before going Shimla,he had came Delhi. He had called Swara and asked her to come to a certain park as he had some important talk with her.
Swara was waiting for Laksh since an hour. It was already already5 nd he had said he would come at at 4. Finally Laksh came.
Swara: What news will you give me?
Laksh: Sorry for being late.
Swara: Its okay. But what will you say me??
Laksh: Swara… My papa have fixed my marriage in next month.
Swara:Thats great!! We are marrying next month!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Laksh: Swara my father had fixed my marriage not ours. I am marrying someone else.
Swara was scattered from inside. She felt void.
Swara: How many thousands are you getting?
Laksh:Ninety Thousands.
Swara: My father would not had given even even 9 thousand.
Laksh felt insulted.
Swara-Money can buy everything right?
Laksh:No money cannot buy everything. Did Adarsh bhai wanted you for money?
Swara-Adarsh bhai?
Laksh-Yes! Whom you dreamed early morning while in my embrace.
Swara:You dont know anything about him. You can know that from Uttara.
Laksh:I have enquired everything about him from Uttara.
Swara:Then what is your opinion on him?
Laksh: I feel pity for him. You can make desire in many Adarsh bhai’s heart and then leave them.
Swara was shocked. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes.But she will not let them flow. No-This time she will not cry.
Swara:Why did you promise to marry me without thinking of the future?
She ran her fingers over her stomach. Laksh understood that she was pregnant.
Swara: Why you did this? Speak!
Laksh: You should have said me this earlier.
Laksh hugged Swara. Swara too reciprocated.
Laksh:This is early stage,there are many medicines available to abort the baby. Even we can go to any clinic to abort the child.
Swara separated herself from Laksh.
Swara -What are saying? You are saying to kill your own baby. How can you be so ruthless? I dont want to talk with you. I am going.
Laksh:Dont be so emotional Swara. Think about your future.
Swara turned and looked at Laksh. The fire in her eyes was enough to burn Laksh.
Swara:Laksh,our story ended here.
Laksh:But what will you do after this?
Swara:After this? I will go back to hostel. Fresh up,then take my dinner and then sleep peacefully.
Laksh:Swara,I am not joking. I dont want to say anything to you except one thing. It is true that I am marrying but I can never forget you. Now let us go.
Swara:Yes! Let us go but in different path.
Laksh:I will leave you at your hostel.
Swara:You have already left me. And if you cannot hold my hand throughout my life then why till hostel? You go… I want to sit here for some more time here for the last time.
Swara sat on the green grass under the mango tree. Laksh looked at Swara for the last time.
Swara did not roll even one tear. She did not hugged him,did not wet his chest by her tears and did not say him-I cannot leave without you.
Really she was very stubborn. She was egoistic. Can any man live happily with this proud girl? Laksh thought this before going.
After Laksh dissapeared from her eyes,tears rolled down her eyes. They were not stopping. She cried loudly. She wanted to show Laksh that she was very strong but she was weak from inside.
Swara:Come back Laksh. We need you.
She spread her hands over her stomach.
The Spring season was gradually waving bye to the world.

So we came to the stopage of spring. This was the end of spring part.
Love you all forever! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Credit to: JYOTII

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  1. Thamiazh Magan

    I thought Swara wil be strong in her terms. But shattered with what happened. Waiting for Autumn. Please post soon.

    1. Thanks. I will try my best to upload soon!โ˜บ

  2. it is too emotional kamina laksh .i doesn’t understand when boys at last ditched the girls than why they use them. i hate some boys because of it. nice and i am sure now that this is swasan ff right

    1. Its d sole truth of this society?
      No dear,its a swara ff not swalak nor swasan.

  3. oh no.. end of spring.. it end so early.. that cheap laksh.. disgusting fellow.. why did swara spend night with him? this was very painful part

    1. Swara had a blind trust on him after all she loved him?

  4. Very emotional feeling very bad for? Swara. but excited for autumn part. post next part soon waiting for sanskar’s entry.?

    1. Even m exci ted for autumn part but had not thought anything about it????

  5. Well it was expected. This shows how man thinks about women. Waiting for autumn. Not sure what you have kept for Swara n us.

    1. Yes! This is d very truth of did male dominated society??
      I have not planed anything about the next yet

  6. Fantasic yaar. Feeling very sad for Swara. ๐Ÿ™
    Start autumn part next soon!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Me too feeling bad!
      I need some tym to start further

  7. Haww!! What an episode! U know I didn’t read it while posting, voz I wanted to be honest,,if u would have posted this, then I would have read it now! Hai nah! So as a honest reader, I M reading it now,,!!
    Its awesome!! As usual!!! Super se upar!!????
    Well! I know a bit of autumn part…?


    1. This is why I love u?
      Kiddo ur honesty ๐Ÿ˜€
      Thankch a lot chotu!!
      You know u r my supporting hand.
      Love u

      1. Love uh too!! ?????

  8. Hate boys like Laksh. Cheap n despo boys. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ If I get a chance I would kill them all.
    And noddy this was too good. Waiting for autumn(Sanskar) ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. U revealed her secret big ears!! ??????

      1. Which secret? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    2. Lol! Angry woman. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Have patience our Sanky will come. ??
      Thanks a ton?

  9. This is d best ff for me. You sticked to ur title. As U had said it revolves around Swara who have to fight with three demons in her life. Nd this is what u wrote. Amazing. Hope Swara becomes strong. Waiting for d last demon.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Thanks a lot! But I don’t think that this is b best!??
      Thanks a lot for ur comment. ?

  10. I was a silent reader but broke my silent after reading this. How can Laksh do like that?? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
    Gonna kill him. You know while reading I was imagining the characters. It was like I was viewing a story nt reading.
    Hatss of to your talent.

    1. Thanks!!
      Readers connect ing themselves with the reel character of a story!! Woww!! What more a writer wants!!????
      Yes. Thank u for breaking ur silence. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. In this ff sanskar already married to ragini ryt??? Sanskar was swara first crush..

    1. Swara read Ragini Sanskar engagement announcement in news paper… But they r not engaged or not…that yet to be revealed..

      1. Seethu dii on right track ??

    2. Yes. Swara read d news of ragini n sanky’s engagement. But it is yet to show dat they r engaged or notโ˜บ

  12. Uff. What a tragic end. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    It brought tears in my eyes. ๐Ÿ™„
    Hope next part would be better. 8-0
    Post next soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for being emotionally connected with my story!
      Will try to post next soon?

  13. Literally I have no words dear. Write next soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks dear?

  14. Wow..jyoti.. What an episode yaar…I expect this he will cheat Swara…but I didn’t expect she will lost on him…I know she did this bz her trust on him…Everytime boys use these type of emotional drama to convince girlzzz…huff..
    U narrated it well Dr…awesome… U r very honest in ur story other than a typical swalak swasan story…
    Its swara’s story… Don’t know whether Sanskar turn to be positive or negative… Hope for the best….
    You know loved swalak part…in prev epi…
    Love u jyoti.. U r amazing…

    1. hey sethu me too didnt expect swara lost herself… I just hate this type of cheap boys…

      1. Nive!! I agree wid u?

    2. Seethu!?
      Swara did that under pressure. You must have marked that she was not ready but Laksh trapped her in his goodness!!?
      Well about Sanskar, I have not thought of anything now??

  15. Wow didi. Its superb. But painfull. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    Take care of ur hand didi. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks my Shona! ?
      I all take care of my hand

  16. JYOTIII!!! Girl! You killed me. But right from tge day when Laksh n Swara talked about her marriage n he proposed her, I sensed something really really fishy. Swara too did a mistake by believing Laksh blindly. Only if Swara had askwd her father once, she would have known the truth. And she had fallen in such a situation. But truly that slight romance sizzled everything dear. You rocked in that.

    And Laksh. Man to kar raha hai ki usko slow poison karwake maru. Because if I just stab him or shoot him, he will b finished in a go. Treacheruos people like him need bigger punishments than that. But one question. Why doesnt Swara take help of law to fight back the injustice done to her? Kya aise hi sehti rahegi? Wo log to free ghumenge? And Swara will face every situation?! She will b broken down?

    Anyways, you are really super strong to take an attempt like this. No doubt your best effort with all success dear. Its simply above my compliments.

    Last but not the least, how is your hand? Is it a bit okay now? Hope you get well soon and come back to your active form. And realky hats off to your professionalism. U wrote it with such a condition of yours!! But do take care and we can wait dear! Wow! That rhymes!! ๐Ÿ˜€ lol. โ™ฅโ™ฅ

    1. Bishu!!! How can I kill u??????
      Who ll write yellow rose then??? ??
      This is d longest cmnt I had ever got??
      Thanks for appreciating my attempt!
      Yes my hand is a bit okay now but it all take more 20 days to open d plaster?

      1. Let me tell you. I am so so much mad that I jeep ranting to fav authors in their comments. I know tgey would sleep reading it.but once I srart I dont stop at all. :-O

        Hope u get well very very soon.

  17. its too emotional yaar… Is sanky s demon or angel of her life…? waiting for autmn..!!

    1. Thanks! But I cannot say anything now??

  18. Girl u nailed it. ๐Ÿ˜€ waiting for d autumn part..!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ hope she ll live happily now! ๐Ÿ™

    1. Thanks Never???
      I will post next soon!?

  19. Woah dii. It so so awesome.??
    I just hate boys like Laksh ??
    My shona??
    She’s heartbroken from inside??
    But she showed her strong??
    This is d spirit?
    Take care dii ?

    1. Priyu! Baccha thanks! ???

  20. No words????
    Brilliant effort

    1. Thanks Laksh??

  21. amazng..loved it..:)

    1. Kumu,thanks dear

  22. Had saw ur name in many analysis. I read every work of urs. Fantastic job. I love every work of urs. You deserve place in every analysis.
    And this ff I want every girl to read this. This is an inspiration for many. I will show this to my teacher. She will be glad to read this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank u for reading all my writings. You readers make a writer worthy??

  23. Guys! Now m going! But will come back soon n reply all??โค

  24. Laksh is disgusting

    1. Yes! Boys like Laksh are disgusting?

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