The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Spring Part 05)



Laksh writes letter from Banaras to Uttara. Tough it was written to Uttara but it was for Swara.
Uttara: why you both are making me post man?
Swara: Why are you bringing this letter to me? It is written to you so you reply it.
Uttara does that.Every letter starts on Swara and ends on Swara. Swara gets surprised. Why is Laksh not writing letter to her directly? Is he fearing? Is he feeling shame? Or do he want her to write first?
After her M>Com exam,it became difficult for her to avoid the topic of marriage. Finally she got a research scholarship in Delhi. After much difficulty she made her parents agrre to let her go Delhi. She was very happy because currently Uttara was staying in Delhi with her husband Rajat. They have marriage a couple of months ago.

Swara reached Delhi safely. Her desire to go to Uttara’s house after not seeing Uttara at the station. She had informed Uttara long ago that she was cominf Delhi. Is this expected from a friend like Uttara? Or have she changed after marriage?
Swara opened the iron gate of the huge black mansion. She saw Laksh sitting on a chair in the garden. He was reading a magazine.
Swara: Can I sit here?
Laksh: You came Delhi before 2days and you are coming here today??
Swara was shocked that Laksh was Laksh was shocked to see her. He behaved normally.
Swara: what are you doing here?
Laksh: Why should I not be here when you are coming….
Swara: How do you know that I was coming?
Laksh: When I helped you in getting seat in scholarship I should know first. I have many friends in selection borad. When I came to know that you were applying,how could I sit silent? Today in every work we need politics.
Swara: Thank you but…
Laksh: But?
Swara: I thought that I got it for my ability.
Laksh again tried to get lost in the magazine when he saw Uttara coming. Uttara came running and hugged Swara.

Uttara: Are you angry on me? Sorry I could not come to receive you.
Swara: You must be busy in some important work.
Uttara: Rajat had a party in office , I had to go unwillingly..
A car blew horn,Rajat got out of it.
Uttara: Rajat! see who have came!!! guess who is she??
Rajat: I think she is Swara, Uttara’s best friend and ….
Rajata looked at Laksh mockingly and smiled teasing him. Swara was silent.
Swara,Laksh,Uttara and Rajata sat an the lawn and talked about their old memories. After having dinner Swara was about to leave.
Rajat: Laksh bhai,please drop Swara home, I think the driver has gone out.
Swara wanted to protest but did not. Laksh opened the front door she sat inside. She thanked Rajat. Rajat requested her to come there frequently. The car was on the road.
Happy day’s flows like water but sad days are never ending. Swara’s days were flowing. Laksh’s love, Rajat and Uttara’s friendship appeared very beautiful to her. Life seemed very easy. Within few days she had came close to Laksh. Without Laksh there was no reason for her existence.
One day Swalak were sitting in the corner of a park hand in hand.
Laksh: Swara, let us go out somewhere. I am going back to Banaras in few days. I want to take with me some happy moments with you.
Swara did not answer anything.

Laksh: Have I asked something to be thought of so much?
Swara: If we create happy moments now, what will we do the rest life?
Laksh: Don’t you trust me Swara?
Swara: No, I didn’t mean to say that.
Laksh: No no, I won’t listen to you. If you don’t have trust on me, lets end our relation here.
Swara looked at Laksh shockingly and Laksh looked up at the sky.
Swara: LAKSH!
Laksh: Say!!!
Swara: If our relation had to end, it would had ended that day when you came to Banaras.
Laksh: So you are agreeing?
Swara: Yes!!!
Swara said yes unwillingly. Laksh came near Swara. He looked lovingly at her beautiful face. He cupped her face.

Laksh: Learn to trust me Swara.
Laksh tossed Swara’s hair behind her ear. He then kissed her forhead. Swara looked into Laksh’s eyes. Laksh came near her. Swara closed her eyes. In shyness? In fear? In happiness? Swara could not understand the feeling. Laksh kissed her cheeks.

Swara and Laksh got ready for their trip. She had a lot of trust on Laksh and even on her also. Rajat also offred his car to them for 2days.
Swara: Uttara,please come with us.
Rajat: You both go,why will she disturb you?

Swara: Disturb?? It will be of great fun, if she accompanies us.
Rajat: You both go. Please! You will never get this chance. You both need to know about each other. This trip will strengthen your bond. After marriage you will not get this chance again. Marriage life is different. Enjoy your freedom. Don’t add any 3rd person.
Everyone laughed while Swara, sat on the car. Laksh and Swara bid bye to everyone. Laksh started the car. The car was on a deserted road. Laksh increased the speed of the car. Laksh had an experience in driving car at this rate. But it was new for Swara.
Laksh had many dreams, many desires in his mind. Swara was also lost in thoughts. What was hse thinking?
Every husband gets a chance to go on a journey with their wife. But going with your lover is rare. Laksh considered himself as lucky.
Laksh stopped his car in front of Hotel Taj. The sight if Taj Mahal and Yamuna river was clear from that hotel. It was a perfect place for them. Laks and Swara visted Taj mahal together.
Laksh noticed Swara tired so her orederd the dinner to their room. After having dinner Swara started to go towards her room.
Laksh: Swara, why are you going so early? Let us talk.
Without waiting for her answer Laksh dragged Swara outside.
Laksh: Let us go outside and enjoy the sight of Taj Mahal.
Swarlak were standing in the balcony alone. They were enjoying the cold breeze. Both looked at each other.
Both wre lost in each other. Swara came to her senses when she felt Laksh’s warm breath on her face. The breath was slight hot.
Swara: What happened Laksh?
Laksh: I don’t know. I will become mad!
Swara held Laksh’s hand. It was a bit hot.

Swara: It is cold outside,let us go inside. I think you are having fever.
Swara dragged Laksh to his room. She made him sleep on the bed. She spread a blanket over him. She slowed the fan. she filled the jug with water. She switched on the lamp and switched off the room lights. She was behaving like apercet wife. Swara careesed his forehead.
Swara: Good night Laksh. I am going.
Laksh was unable to say anything. He opened his eyes and looked at her with desires. Swara brought back her hand but Laksh got hold of it.
Laksh: Where will you go leaving me alone?
Swara (harsh tone): Leave my hand Laksh.
But Laksh held her hand tighter.
Laksh: Why will I leave your hand? Why? Don’t I have the right to hold it?
Swara: No!!


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Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII

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