The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Spring Part 03)


Swara froze like a statue/ Without thinking a lot how can she answer a big question. Laksh looked at Swara. Swara searched for Adarsh bhai’s face i9n Laksh’s face. He had even once said this line-Swara! I love you. Swara was unable to find Adarsh bhai’s face in his. She saw Laksh was sitting infront of him not Adarsh bhai. If one day she have to marry someone,then why not Laksh? Even he had got permission from here baba.Afterall Laksh is an ideal husband for all women. Swara found no reason to deny. Laksh was looking at her.Swara searched for love in his eyes and found deep love. Swara thought more than money,respect,position,power a wife wants love from her hudband. And if Laksh is ready to give her that ,tjhen why can’t she love him. Without her knowledge she had developed a soft corner for Laksh in her heart. Laksh read Swara’s answer from her veyes and was happy. But then suddenly became sad as she had not said anything. Swara got up and went from there without answering him.

One day Sudipta did came to her hostel. Sudipta did was Swara’s elder sister and was married.
Swara:Did,you here? What a pleasant surprise?
Sudipta didi: Shona! Baba is very worried for your marriage. Many proposals have came but he wants your opinion.
Swara: You know very well my choice. Do I have to speak it up before baba?
Sudipta didi: Haan you have to say. Sudipta didi opened her bag and took out some photos. she showed it to her. Swara’s eyes were searchiong for Laksh’s photot. She could not find it. she checked every photo carefully. She cannot even say this to Sudipta didi. So she decided to postpone the topic of marriage.
Swara: Didid! Why is baba so worried about my marriage? I won’t marry till my M.Com is over.
Sudipta did was clever and she understood that Swara had not got the chpoice of her man from these photos. There is something which she wants to say but cannot.
Sudipta didi: Okay! I will say this to baba.
After Sudipta did went Swara was lost in her thoughts.Laksh had said baba had agreed him marrying her. Then why was his photo not here? I cannot even ask Laksh. Uttara had not even called me home. Why will I go without any reason? What will Laksh think? Even I had not answered his question. What should I do?
One day Swara had to go to Uttara’s house. She came to know from her friends that Uttara was suffering from typhoid. Swara decided to go to Uttara’s house.

Swara knocked the door of her house. Laksh opened it. After seeing her Laksh was happy then suddenly he became serious.
Laksh: You here? at this time?
Swara:Haan I came now from college. How is Uttara?
Laksh: she is better. She is sleeping in her room.
Swara went to Uttara’s room. Seeing her Uttara got up.
Swara: How are you?
Uttara: Better than yesterday. why have you came here without attending your classes?
Swara: Why had you not informed me?
Uttara: For this reason. You would had left your classes and came here.
Swara: Okay stop this formality. Say something.
Uttara: What?
Swara: your wish.
Uttara: Your too?
Swara: Okay!
Uttara: about bhai?
Swara: Those who are near to us, why to talk about them?
Uttara:When did bhai ca,e so close to you?
Swara: You know what I mean. accha listen yesterday Sudipta did had came.
Uttara: So?
She had shown me many photos for my marriage.

Uttara: Gave your opinion?
Swara: No!
Uttara: Why?
Swara: I will give in right time.
Uttara: Or after seeing right photo?
Swara: Shut up! Now say about you.
Now Uttara became silent. Swara too felt light after sharing her feelings with Uttara.Afterall they were best friends. And best friends are the only one who can reduce our stress.
Uttara: I had sent a letter to your baba in my papa’s name regaring your marriage with bhai. Nobody in our family knows expect bhai. Your baba have replied also.
Swara: What did he reply?
Uttara: But that letter first came in papa’s hand.
Swara: what?
Uttara took out the letter from under the pillow and handover it to Swara.
Swara opened it and read it-
“You have seen my Swara. No need of writing anything about her. I have got many proposal for her. Laksh is no less in any way. He is handsome, well educated and well behaved. But I have to ask Swara about her opinion. I cannot take such a big decision like this. But what about Laksh’s job? What is he doing after studies and what will he do in future. I need to know about this. After knowing this I can take a decision.
Swara closed the letter. she felt a bit relaxed. Her father knows about Laksh. He is not against the alliance, he just wants to know about his job. Every father thinks about this first. It is natural to think. She forwarded the letter back to Uttara.
Uttara: Bhai have got a job of lecturer in Banaras University. He will go in some days. Even without his wish he is preparing for bank job just for papa.
Swara: good.
Uttara: Ohh Go!! It 4. Swara please pass the medicine bottle. It’s time to take the medicine.
Swara: what it 4?? Which means I am sitting here for more than 2 hours. and Laksh had not came to this room. Not even once?? Why? Anger? Or he is feeling disrespected for not getting answer from me?

Uttara: What are you thinking? Give me the medidcine bottle.
Swara got up. she picked up the medicine bottle. She was lost in her own thoughts. The bottle was new. The cap was sealed. While opening it her hand cut.
Swara: Ahhh!!
Swara screamed in pain.
#to be continued!
Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII

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