The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Spring Part 02)


Whenever Uttara sees that boy, she says to Swara- See your Mr. Sweet is coming!
Swara blushes. she feels like her Mr. Sweet can read her mind. Sometimes she thinks that if the feeling which she posses for Mr. Sweet is love then it is an silent love! An untold love is the purest form of love! But the long we hide our feelings the more we fall for the other. Day by day Swara was falling more for her Mr. Sweet.
One day Swara was returning hostel from her college. she was a bit late. Almost all girls had left the college campus. While returning she noticed a group of boys smoking. Seeing her, they begined to pass weird comments and sing cheap songs. A boy blocked her way. Swara started trembling.
“Leave her”- a voice came from back. Swara looked back and saw it was her Mr. Sweet. Seeing him, the boys left her way. Swara went away tossing her hair behind her ears. The voice of her Mr. Sweet remained in her ears for many days-Leaves her!!

One day Swara and Uttara had gone to watch a movie. It started to rain heavily after the end of the movie. They could not even get and Auto. They were standing under the roof of one shop. Suddenly Uttara pinched Swara and said-See your Mr. Sweet. Mr. Sweet was too coming out of the hall. Seeing Swara and Uttara, he drenched in rain hired one auto for them. Sitting in the auto Swara looked back and saw Mr. Sweet being wet in rain and smiling. A smile too came on her face.
There was no sign of Mr. Sweet after the final exams. Swara became very sad. Sensitiveness?? But why? On which right? Why are her eyes searching for him? Do she have the importance in his life like he have in hers? Or do he thinks her one among the all? Then why will be she sad? In our life we come across many faces. He was one of them. If it is in fate they will meet again.
A child’s mind dances when h sees a variety of colorful toys in one shop. He becomes clueless and cannot decide which one to buy. He wants all. But do we always get what we want? those who get what they want dance in happiness. and those who don’t get becomes sad for sometimes and then eventually becomes normal. Time heals everything. Swara too thought it as a toy game.
One day she saw a photo in newspaper. It was the engagement of a couple. It was none other than her Mr. Sweet. She read the full article. It was of the engagement ceremony of Mr. Sanskar Maheswari with Miss. Ragini Jaysingh,the daughter of famous advocate Mr. Shekhar Jaysingh. Swara tore that newspaper into pieces. Eventually her heart became light.
Human mind is very uncertain. It always run behind impossible. Then it gets hurt and breaks dow2n. Swara tried to be happy. why be unnecessarily sad?

One day Swara had gone to Uttaar’s house.Swara and Uttara went to the terrace where Laksh was sitting on a chair and listening to songs. Uttara sat beside Laksh and Uttara sat in front of them. Swara felt a bit uncomfortable when Uttara went down leaving them alone. Just as Swara was about to get up, Laksh held her hands.
Laksh: Swara I want to say you something!
Swara: Yes say!!
Laksh: Actually I have a friend, my best friend. a very close friend in fact the most close friend. We are like one heart, one soul…
Swara: What happened to your friend?
Laksh: No no!! Nothing happened to him. Just he has sent a proposal for you.
Swara: Yes say!!
Laksh: So what is your opinion?
Swara started laughing like a rill which is just flowing from the mountain. Laksh was mesmerized to see her. Wind started blowing and her hairs fell on her eyes. Adjusting her hairs she noticed that Laksh was staring at her.
Laksh: What is the reason of laughing?
Swara: You are the reason.
Laksh: Me3?? Why??
Swara: I mean to say who is that friend? How he knows me? What proposal has he sent for me? You have not told all these. How can I give your opinion?
Laksh: Oh sorry I was absent minded. One of my friends wants to marry you.
Swara: for that you have to consult my father. His decision is final.
Laksh: This work is done! You father have agreed.
Swara: Really?
Laksh: If you don’t believe then see this lettere.
Laksh dived his hands into his pocket but Swara stopped him.
Swara: Wait, I don’t need proof. If baba have agrred then I am also okay.
Laksh: will you follow your baba’s deceision blindly?
Swara: Yes because I know my baba will always take a right deceison regarding me.
Laksh: But my friends want your opinion. You are well educated and you can take your own decisions. My friend does not want that you will marry blindly to anyone whom your father selects and just because you have married you have to forcefully love your husband.
Swara: then what does your friend want?
Laksh: My friend wants to select a partner in his life who will always be with him both in his rough as well as good times. He will love her more than his life and he too wants to be loved by her.
Swara: ohh!! Then your friend has not sent marriage proposal, he has sent love proposal and he wants my opinion.
Laksh: No Swara you are mistaken my friend wants to know that will you like to have him as your husband?
Swara: Will I have to see you and give my opinion without seeing him.?
Laksh: You want to know more about my friend?
Swara: Naturally!
Laksh: Naturally! My friend looks exactly like me- I mean same height,helath,colour and even same qualifications are same. We are classmates. Even our behavior, character and hobby are also same. We are like twin brothers.

Again Swara started laughing.
Swara You mean by seeing you I have to imagine your friend? I mean without seeing how can I say anything?
Laksh: Yes no my friend is abroad. You can see ,e and give your opinion. He won’t object.
Swara:Then your friend won’t object if I marry you instead of him?
Laksh smiled and sai-You are very frank,whatever comes to your heart you open up it.Right? but thi is impossible.
Swara: I am frank even I want others to be frank.
Laksh: Swara,I love you. this is what I want to say you.

To be continued!

Guys! actually this is a feminist fff. Please don’t ask me to write romantic scenes.Romance is here but very low.!!
Love you all forever!

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  1. awesome n i love ur ff. upload next one when u will be free.

    1. Thank uh so much! I would try to upload it within this week! 🙂

  2. Interesting continue be regular

    1. Thank you. I ll try to be regular from next week!

  3. Plz make it swasan

    1. Dear! Its a pure Swara ff! Neither swasan nor swalak!

  4. Fantastic yaar. Update soon the part. Want to know Swara’s reaction.

    1. Thank you very much!

  5. fabulous dear!! proposal was damm cute………..loved it…..upload soon

    1. Thank you Aashi! I ll try to upload soon!!

  6. Amazing dii. I am extremely happy that you found tym in ur busy schedule n uploaded it. Yes we all know this a feminist ff so no romance but being a swasan fan it is ur duty to level up a little romance in between them. Just a bit. 😉

    1. Okay!! I ll try to make some romantic scenes between them! Thanks a ton! 😉

  7. Yup finally Laksh proposed Swara. I guess Swara ll agree n Lucky ll betray her.
    See how smart I am!!! Main v writer ban sakti hun bass tum bicharo writes ka kya hoga uske baad! Yahi soch k I quit being writer!!!!!! 😉 😉
    Just kidding. You r doing a fabulous job. I can never compete wid u. 🙂

    1. Yaar! I also used to be a swalak fan! But I cannot imagine swalak! Afterall Swara is only Sanskar’s!
      No worries you can also be a writer. Just pen down uhr feelings. Just express uhr feelings in words.
      Thank uh! 🙂

  8. Wow awesum..pls dr update nxt part asap..

    1. Ty dear.

  9. Wowww. The way Laksh proposed Swara was really different nd nice. Fantastic part. Waiting for next.

    1. Thank you very much!

  10. Eeeeee!! My jyotii is backkkk!! So good to see you back. When I saw ur ff I was like-Sabse hoke befikar nachu main aaj cham cham cham. Wowww wowww kya part hai. Its too good. Swara and Laksh. Awww it made me go back to those days of Swaragini when the duo used to love each other. I used to be a great fan of Swalak. Somewhere this part is connected to my heart. Love this.
    Ek baat kahun kya izzazat hai!! Tere ff ki mujhko aadat hai!! 😉

    N gurl the prolouge of uhr next ff is with me. If u won’t post it I would post it n credit will be mine!! 😉
    That ff is damn good. Post yaar after this.
    Love you girl. My noddy….!!!

    1. Big ears! Thank you so much for uhr love!
      So uh had no idea right that I was posting??AWWW!! I ll kil uh! Uh called me 7in d morning n shouted on me to post quickly!!
      Dramebaaz!!! N yes uh can post that ff witg uhr credit! I dont have any problem! 😉

  11. Awesome. Post next as soon as possible.

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  12. Finally o read all missing chapters…..

    Amazing jyotii….. loved it a lot….??

    1. Thanks a lot Anjali!! 🙂 🙂

  13. is dis a swalak ff

    1. No yarr! This is a swara ff!
      no pairs

  14. Splendid. Post next.

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  15. Awesome. Love it. I had missed d last part. Read it just now. Its too good.

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  16. Mind blowing. Super se upar.

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