The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Spring part 01)


The memories of spring is eternal,yet is temporary.

Mysterious spring-Dangerous spring!

Adarsh bhai spoiled the rain in her life. Adarsh bhai is an important chapter in Swara’s life.She knew many man in her life. But only one man carved for her and he was Adarsh bhai. Today, she see only one face in every man’s face and that is Adarsh bhai. she turn her face in hatred, anger. Because of Adarsh bhai the sweet,innocent Swara have turned into hard Swara.
Swara was studying in MkGandhi college on Mumbai. she was in 11th commerce. Swara had only one friend. A close friend. She knew everything about Swara. The reason for being harsh. She was –Uttara!
Every girl was jealous of Swara because of her beauty! They use to say

-Swara proud!
-Swara egoistic!
-Swara rude!
Uttara loved Swara very much. they shared a great bond of friendship. She was more than her friend. They argued many times, but they never part their ways.. Swara used to live in hostel but Uttara lived in her house. One day Uttara and Swara were sitting in her hostel room.
Uttara: Swara, what is the aim of your life?
Swara: Mine??
Uttara: Haan!
Swara: First you say yours!
Uttara: To be an IAS officer! I think you’re is to be an artist?
Swara: why?
Uttara: Because you have that quality 100%.
Swara: How do you know? I have never acted!
Uttara: Acting is later! First is beauty which you have.
Swara: No! This is not my dream!
Uttara: then?
Swara: I want to do something new!
Uttara: Will you get involved in politics?
Swara: No!!
Uttara: why do you want to do something new? You are so beautiful. You can easily become the queen in anyone’s heart.
Swara: I don’t want someone to fake his love for me. I want someone who will love me whole heartedly. True love!
Swara had a unique thinking. she hated those boys who helped without she wanting them to help her. she thought that they just want to touch her,feel her body. Swara and Uttara were chalk and cheese buddies.They shared everything.
Uttara: Why don’t you marry my brother Laksh?
Swara: Please! Laksh is your brother which means he is my brother too.
Uttara: Don’t make brother universally!! Once you will see my brother nah you will fall in love with him.
Swara: Let that day come.

Finally that day came. Swara met Laksh. After the first meeting Swara assumed Laksh as a well mannered,educated boy. Laksh had done his M.Com in Banaras University. But what Laksh thought of Swara was unknown to both Swara and Uttara. Laksh always talk less. He was reserved. after certain meeting Swara thought him to be heartless. Whenever they meet,Laksh talked about his college life,gave her tips to study well. This made Swara feel that Laksh is different from other boys. Uttara leave them alone many times. Swara notice this and laugh in her heart. Laksh was never attracted towards Swara’s beauty.Whenever they were alone, Laksh gives Swara a magazine to study and he himself get lost in pile of books. Laksh was a book worm.

Uttara: How was my brother?
Swara: Sweet!
Uttara: I told you.
Once Uttara caught Swara staring at her brother.
Uttara: I had said you, you cannot take off your eyes from my brother. He is so handsome.
Swara: But he is heartless.
Uttara: How do you know he is heartless?? oh!! Because he don’t praise your beauty like others?
Swara: this proves he is extra ordinary.

Both the friends deceided to change the topic as it can create a rift in their friendship. Whenever this type of situation comes,they change the topic. Afterall they were best friends and they didn’t wanted and type of conflict in their friendship. Eventually Swara understood that Laksh was a good amn. An ideal husband for any woman.
In the 2years of college life,Swara had got many proposals. But she adored only one man. Whenever she sees that boy she feels something strange in her heart. She could never understand what was it. she have meet him many time4s in college. He is fair complexed tall boy. Whenever Swara sees him, she stops, she starts to blush. even he also smile seeing her and then passes by her.
Swara didn’t knew anything about her. she just knew that he was her senior. Whenever she sees his face,she feels like she knows him for ages. What is his name? Whom should she ask? Always her eyes search for him. Whenever she sees him,she feels like that day is lucky for her. And whenever she doesnot find him,she becomes sad. Is this love? If this is love,will this love be succesfull?
One day gathering all her courage Swara went near Uttara.

Swara: Uttara, Do you know that boy in white shirt?
Uttara: why? why do you need his identity?
Swara: No! I don’t need his identity,it just seems like a familiar face.
Uttara: even I do think the same. even when he looks at you I think he knows you.
Swara: I feel good when I see him. He is very sweet. He have magical eyes.
Uttara starts laughing.
Uttara: Sweet?? magical eyes?? Oh!! Love??
Swara: Uttara!
Uttara: Your eyes became red . Because of anger or shyness?
Swara: what do you feel?
Uttara: What to think! It is very clear. Love starts like this!
Swara: you are impossible!

So this was the first part of Spring! Howas it? and who is that man whom Swara like?? Gues !!! It will be reveled in next part!

Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII

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