The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 06)


Hey Guys! Sorry for not commenting on the last part. Actually I had some work. So here is the last part Rain. After this spring part will start.

Adarsh bhai returned after 4days. He directly went to his room and laid on the bed. His body was as hot as boiling water..
Parineeta bhabi: Swara, You go and sit near your Adarsh bhai. He is suffering from high fever. Go and change the water cloth on his head. He will feel better. I am just coming from the kitchen.
Swara silently went to his room. Adarsh bhai was sleeping on the bed at that time. She went near him and placed her head on his forehead. It was very hot. Swara changed the water cloth. Adarsh bhai did not open his eyes.
Swara: Is it paining?
Adarsh bhai: Swara?
Swara: Yes.
Adarsh bhai: Have you not gone?
Swara: No!
Adarsh bhai: But why?
Swara: Why should I go?
Adarsh bhai: Why should you not go?
Swara: My wish.
Adarsh bhai: Not wish, sympathy.
Swara: Sympathy? Huh! Why you scolded Parineeta bhabi unnecessarily? Why you argued with her? You know very well why was I going?
Adarsh bhai: Were you waiting to fight with me?
Swara: Yes!
Adarsh bhai: Now go.
Swara: No, I will not go. Who are you to say me to go?
Adarsh bhai: This is my house.
Swara: Adarsh bhai.
Adarsh bhai: Yes this is my house and I am saying you to go.
Swara: I will go and you will again fight with my innocent Parineeta bhabi?
Adarsh bhai: Oh! Then you are not going for Parineeta?
Swara: Yes! I am not like you. I cannot kick your love and go.
Adarsh bhai: What about my love?
Swara: Stop! Don’t argue. Fever is increasing.
Adarsh bhai: Let it increase.
Swara: why?
Adarsh bhai: I want to die.
Swara sat silently.
Adarsh bhai: Will you not ask why?
Swara: I know the reason.
Adarsh bhai: You are very clever.
Swara: Yes! Now eat this fruits.

After 2-3 days Adarsh bhai was completely fine. All because of Parineeta bhabi. she stayed awake late night in spite of being pregnant for Adarsh bhai. She did all his work. Do Swara too have to do all this work??
That day Parineeta bhabi’s labor pain had stated. Adarsh bhai took her to the hospital. Swara was alone in the house waiting for good news. Adarsh bhai returned in the evening with a smiling face.

Adarsh bhai: Parineeta gave birth to a boy.
Swara: Congrats. I need sweet. You became father for the first time.
Adarsh bhai: Give me tea. My head is paining.
Swara brought tea and snacks for him.
Adarsh bhai: Press my head. It’s paining a lot.
Swara: Parineeta bhabi had said to call Sulagna bhabi. Why didn’t you inform her?
Adarsh bhai: I am here with you. Am I an animal who will eat you up?
Swara: No! I am okay when will Parineeta bhabi come?
Adarsh bhai: after 3-4 days.
Adarsh bhai saw Swara. she was wearing a salwar. Her dupata had slid a little down. Adarsh bhai kept staring her body. Adarsh bhai got up and hugged Swara pressing her body on his chest. Then he placed his hot lips on her soft lips and Swara pushed Adarsh bhai away.
Swara: What are you doing Adarsh bhai? Will you kill me?
Adarsh bhai: You wanted to eat sweet nah? I am feeding you sweet.
Adarsh bhai took his steps towards Swara. Swara’s body started to tremble. Even she beginned to cry.
Adarsh bhai: why did you asked for sweets?
Swara: Because you became the father of your first child.
Adarsh bhai: If you will also become the mother of your first child… then… it will be great.
Adarsh bhai’s hand begined to move towards her waist. He encirciled his hands around her waist and grabbed her close. His warm breath fell on the nape of her neck. Adarsh bhai begined to move his hands on her neck. Swara stated crying and pleading him to let her go.Adarsh bhai made her sleep on the bed forcefully and pressed her hands. He wanted to push his body inside hers. Swara’s eyes widened.
Swara: Why are you doing this?
Adarsh bhai: I will make you the mother of my child. I will make you mine.
Adarsh bhai’s eyes became red in passion. He wanted to touch every part of her body. He bigmed to touch her arms.
Swara: Afdarsh bhai,please leave me.
Adarsh bhai: If you wil become mother nobody can sepate you from me. You will be mine.
He said the last line in the devilish tone.
Swara: EnoughAdarsh bhai.
Swara slapped Adarsh bhai and pushed him off the bed and opened the door and went out.
Swara was runnig alone on the dark deserted road alone. She started ho hate adsrh bhai. The girl who feared darkness was running on the road confidently. The only fear she had was-Is Adarsh bhai following me?
She turned and saw no on.e She understood that Adarsh bhai did not wanted her love. He only carved for her body Faking his love he wanted to achieve her body. Swara stooped when she saw the big gate of her hostel.What will she say the reason of her arrival? Shall she say them about adsrh bhai? No!
She adjusted her hairs and knocked the gate.
Watchman: who is there?
Swara: Me! Swara.
Watchman: Oh Swara! You here at lso late night?
Swara:actually Parineeta bhabi had given birth to ababy boy and Adarsh bhai is at hospital so I came here.
Watch man: Congrats I need Sweets.
The wor”Sweet” from the mouth of a man made her heart pund. she ran quickly to her room. she closed the door and cried her heart out.Then she wiped her face and stood in front of the mirror.
She felt that she had gained maturity. Swara,like the fickle rain died thatnight. The shabby spring entered in her life!!
End of Rain part!
Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII

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  12. Ohh wow. ..It really touched my heart dear. …its an amazing ff. …s*xual harassment of girls is soo heaping now a days …no one thinks of the girls condition….n sadly 90% are of the family members only…

    1. Yaar I m inspired from current situation!
      n yes thanks!

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    1. Tanya!! Kill?? Itni si cute ladki ka murder?? 🙁 Telly update walo dekho iss rude ladki ko jo mujhe dhamka rahi hai!! 😉 Anyways I am safe! Cuz m not in Cuttack! Out of station for some college work! IT buzz! I ll return after 3weeks! Next post after 4weeks cuz 1week ka rest!! 😉 🙂 😉 🙂
      N haan I ll not continue that ff!! Nonono!!

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  33. Jyotii, i was really very busy. Hence couodnt read or comment. Just now I read all the missing chapters and I should say its such a wonderful story. I can remembrr a poem BREAKING OUT after reading this part. She gained maturity. Its like innocence lost. You rocked it so wonderfully! Even handled the bashers with care. I love this part. And this part is a very good social message. Really we tell our daughters to keep away from from outside devils. But sometimes that devil is inside your own home, among your close peopke only. Finally Swara could strongly fight her fears and the devil inside Adarsh and emerge strong and found herself mature. TONS OF APPLAUDES DEAR. You have written this with so much perfectness and realistic. I too felt stronger with Swara. Each turn of the story made me turn and feel the feelings of Swara. Keep writing girl and start the spring soon.

    1. Woowww! Thank you!! You readers are the one who make me write! Without you all I am nothing! Thanks a lot of ton!! 😉
      I ll update the next after 4weeks cuz m busy in college work!! 🙂

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