The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 05)

Adarsh Bhai: Swara,I know very well what I will get by marrying you. That cannot be explained in words. This is not explained to anyone.
Swara: What we get by marrying and what we should get by marrying is not known to me.But I know one gets happy after marriage. I love you very much like my own brother. But I don’t know whether I will be happy or not after marrying you. But this is true that you love me and so I don’t have any objections in marrying you.
Adarsh bhai: Swara I thought that your brain is very simple but it is not.Youare thinking so many things. You are thinking of good and bad. I can leave money,wealth,reputation,[parents,wife,friends for you but what can you leave for me?
Swara: Why are you asking this question? If you love me so much,if you are so desperate to marry me then let us go to my baba and say him everything.
Adarsh bhai: No Swara not now. Keep quiet for some days.
Swara: I cannot. Let us get married. Let us elope tonight.
Adarsh bhai stared at Swara. Instead of getting happy,he got tensed.He could not answer anything.
Swara: What happened? Why are you not saying anything?
Adarsh bhai: Eloping suddenly will not be good. You are a chuld you don’t know about its consequences.
Swara: You are so strange. You cannot bear the sound of my wedding trumphet,you cannot live without marrying cannot ask Parineeta bhabi to go. Then what can you do?
Adarsh bhai: Swara you calm down. What to do is my duty. Your duty is to only study.
Swara: I cannot be calm. There are many questions in my mind. I am thinking of going back home and say this to Sulagna bhabi,then only I will be relaxed.
Adarsh bhai: What is the need of saying this to Sulagna didi? Don’t say this to anyone. Just be quiet. everything will be fine if you just concentrate on studies.
Swara: Then Adarsh bhai tomorrow I would go back my home.. I can study well at home.. When will you think of anything,just inform me.
Adarsh bhai: Swara,why are you saying about going away from me? Am I so bad?
Swara: No! I love to be with you. But I am scared of the way you are staring at me now. Why are you looking at me like this?
Adsrsh bhai started laughing.
Adarsh bhai: Dumbo,this look is not for scaring you. You should get shy. You will understand everything after few days.
Swara could not understand anything. She felt irritated. Earlier Adarsh bhai used to explain her everything clearly. There was no hidden motive. But he is twisting everything now. Swara got up angrily. She smashed the door angrily. Adarsh bhai followed her.
Swara: I will go home tomorrow. I cannot study here.
Adarsh bhai: But Swara, your baba had said that it is my responsibility to teach you. who will help you in your studies there?
Swara: If you really want me to study well, secure 1st position in class then you will gave to come to our house sometimes and teach me.
Adarsh bhai: Are you really going?
Swara: Yes!

Adarsh bhai: You will go leaving me alone?
Swara: Yes! I would go tomorrow surely.
Adarsh bhai: But why?
Swara: I said nah once I want to go.
Adarsh bhai: Swara!
Adarsh bhai spoke a little harshly. Swara looked at Adarsh bhai. Tears started flowing down his two beautiful eyes. Adarsh bhai is so big and he is crying for this simple reason?
Swara’s young eyes became worried for Adarsh bhai whom she saw crying for the first time. Tough she knew why was Adarsh bhai crying but she felt different. Even tears formed in the corner of her eyes. Do Adarsh bhai love her so much?
Swara: Why are you crying Adarsh bhai?
Adarsh bhai: No nothing.
Adarsh bhai got up wiping his tears. Swara sat down quietly as if she had committed any mistake.
When Adarsh bhai returned that night,she did not knew.That day after eating instead of sleeping with Parineeta bhabi,she slept in her room. She had no courage to face Adarsh bhai. She thought that she will go home tomorrow before Adarsh bhai wakes up. She even told Parineeta bhai about going back home. Tough Swara fears darkness very much but that day she was not scared because her mind was filled with evening’s incident. Soon she drifted off to sleep.
Next morning Swara got up and started packing. She heard from Parineeta bhabi that Adarsh bhai have gone out somewhere for 3-4 days for business work.. Parineeta bhabi came and stood beside her. She was very sad.
Swara: Why are you so sad?
Parineeta bhabi: Why are you going Swara? Am I not taking proper care of you.
Swara: No. Who told this?
Parineeta bhabi: Your Adarsh bhai told. Even he argued with me yesterday night.
Swara: What?? Trust me bhabi I don’t have any problem with you. I know you love me very much. You care for me like your real sister.
Parineeta bhabi: Then why are you going?
Swara: I was going just like that. I was missing maa and baba. But now I won’t go. I cannot kick your love and care and go.
Parineeta bhabi: My sweet sister. If you face any problem, then do say me. Don’t conceal anything from me. We are like sisters and we are even friends.
Swara: Yes bhabi.

Being a daughter in law is very much difficult. You have to understand everyone’s feelings. You have to throw back your wish and fulfill everyone’s wish in the family. Parineeta bhabi was doing a lot to keep Adarsh bhai happy. Don’t wives have any other duty rather than keeping husbands happy?
Guys again sorry for short update. I was blank and I have typed this in a hurry.
Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII


  1. Meher

    I was just surfing d page n got your ff on d first page. Woww so fast update. Nyc. This part is also splendid. Hope Swara understands what is Adarsh upto!! 🙁

  2. Nice is there any hidden motive of adarsh thats why he is behaving like this?? Let it be it was a nice uodate but keep it little longer.


    superb but I’m still confused what is adarsh doing.his character oyherwise ur ff is awesome update soon

  4. mitti

    Hey m a new reader of u r ff. ..n unfortunately not able to understand anything sorry but it seems interesting. …I was looking for u r previous update but could not find it…so can u plzz provide d links of ur previous episode

  5. Jwala

    it is going really good dear.. r u a helly fan? I love helly so much.. i love your ff so much.. please make long updates

  6. Meher

    Guys!! Jyotii is unavailable today so she told me to post d next epi and reply. So I will reply to all of you on her behalf! 🙂

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