The Rain,The Spring,The Autumn (Rain-Part 04)



Swara could not concentrate in studies. Will Adarsh bhai really marry her ? He had never said this. What will Swara do after marriage? Parineeta bhabi does all the work like cokking,c;eaning,washing and even she does all the work of Adarsh bhai. she even loves Adsrh bhai,cares for him. She waits for him hungry at late night. Whenever adsrh bhai doesnot eat,she does not eat too. Parineeta bhabi stays awake at late night for him. And in the morning she starts working. Evrytime she have a smile on her face, she talks softly. Even if Adarsh bhai shouts at her she keeps mum. She bears everything. She keeps a lot of fats for him. Swara cannot do this much. She cannot stay hungry waiting for him,she cannot be awake at late nightShe canot bear anything. Then why does Adarsh bhaiw an ts to marry her?
Swara’s head start roating. She could not understand todays’s behavior of Adsrh bhai,his language,his love. she felt it very different. She could not understand anything. Whom shall she ask?

Yes!! Parineeta bhabi. She is the most close and trustworthy friend of hers. Parineeta bhabi was pregnant. Sometimes her waist and stomach pains. That day also it was paining. Swara was pressing it.
Swara: Marrying is so good nah?
Parineeta bhabi: Why? Do you want to marry?
Swara: No,no! I donnot want to marry but someone wants to marry me.
Parineeta bhabi: Really?? Who is he? What is his name? who is capable of marrying our shone?
Swara: No I cannot sday his name. It is a surprise.
Parineeta bhabia: If you will not say me,I will inform this to your Adsrh bhai.
Swara: No. Don’t say anything to him. He will kill me.
Parineeta bhabi: Then say who is the person who wants to snatch my Swara from me?
Swara: I will say but answer my question.
Parineeta bhabi: Ask
SWaRA: Marrying is so fun?
Parineeta bhabi: Haan,but you have to make your heart stone.
Swara: My heart is not of stone,You know how soft I am.I will always be with yo0u like a shadow. Will you not love me?
Parineeta bhabi:Yes,I would had loved you if I would had a devar. But now you will marry someone else. Who is that prince charming?
Swara: He is not prince charming. He is my Adarsh bhai.

Parineeta bhabi sat on the floor laughing. Her cheeks and stomach begain to pain because of laugh but she could not control it. She even begined to cry because of laughing. Swara stood like a stiff wood log. She could not understand why Parineeta bhabi was laughing so much.
Parineeta bhabi: You folled me. I thought you have fallen in love.
Suddenly Adsrh bhai entered.
Adarsh bhai: What happened Parineeta? Why are you laughing so much?
Parineeta bhabi: You know Swara….
Parineeta bhabi told everything to adsrh bhai. even he too joined her in laughing.
Adarsh bhai: So Swara folled you also?
Parineeta bhabai:Have you ever joked with her that you will marry her?
Adarsh bhai: No,are you mad. She is a kid.
Parineeta bhabi: Kid? She is of 15. Girls at the age of 15 are very much matured. And our Swara is very beautiful. Who knows your men’s mind?
Adarsh bhai: Parineeta! You know very well that Swara is living in our house for studies.
Adarsh bhai looked at Swara she went outside,but she was peeping through the windows.
Adasrh bhai: Swara is Sulagna didi’s sister in law. I don’t want any joke on her.
Parineeta bhabi: but..

Adarsh bhai’s kiss shut Parineeta bhabi’s mouth. Swara was watching everything from window.She closed the window and went to her room. Why Adasrh bhai lied to Parineeta bhabi? Why Parineeta bhabi considered her talk as a joke? Is Adarsh bhai joking with her?Why she promised him to marry him? No! She will not live here anymore.IS she a toy to be played with? Swara was very angry on Adarsh bhai.

Whern she drifter of to sleep,she did not knew. She got up when she felt a hand caressing her face. She saw Adarsh bhai when she opened her eyes. She was sleeping on his lap. Swara got up instantly but Adarsh bhai made her sleep forcefully. Adarsh bhai pressed her soft lips.
Adarsh bhai: Are you angry?
Swara said no while pushing his hands away.
Adasrh bhai: My promise?
Swara: Why you lied to Parineeta bhabi? Are you joking with me?
Adarsh bhai: Listen Swara,whatever I say to you is only the sole truth, whatever I say to others are lie.
Swara: Then why could not Parineeta bhai believe that we are marrying?
Adarsh bhai: Parineeta trusts me only.
Swara: That’s why You proved me a lier infront of her.
Adasrh bhai: Situation makes a man lie. Nobody loves to lie.
Swara: Which situation made you lie?
Adarsh bhai: You cannot understand. Only our marriage can save my life.
Swara: Adarsh bhai,can I ask you a question. You are saying that I am a child, do you consider me a child in your mind? No! Else not you would never asked me to marry you.
Adarsh bhai: You are very selfish.
Swara: You have to answer my question. You married to Parineeta bhabi on your own choice. Parineeta bhabi is doing everything to make you happy. She is very beautiful,talented and obedient. Then what else do you want? Why do you want to marry me by losing your life? What happiness can I give you which is unfulfilled by Parineeta bhabi?

#To be continued!
Love you all forever!

Credit to: JYOTII

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